Dolphins Rumors: Miller, Guards, Matthews

With five days left until pending free agents can sign with new teams, and just three days until 2016’s legal tampering period begins, the Dolphins continue to work on re-signing running back Lamar Miller, writes Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. However, according to Jackson, $5MM seems to be a tipping point of sorts in those negotiations.

The question, according to Jackson is whether the Dolphins will concede to paying Miller more than $5MM annually, or if he would settle for $5MM (or slightly less) per year. If the two sides can’t find a middle ground, it seems reasonable to assume that the 24-year-old will see if there’s another team out there next week willing to go higher than $5MM.

Here are a few more Dolphins notes and rumors, via Jackson:

  • The Dolphins have made it clear that they’ll be looking to upgrade the guard position this offseason, making it one of their top three priorities, along with defensive end and cornerback. Jackson suggests the team will try to add at least one veteran guard, and perhaps two, in free agency.
  • While the Dolphins would love to sign Kelechi Osemele, he may end up being out of the club’s price range. Alex Boone and Geoff Schwartz appear to be more realistic targets, according to Jackson, who writes that both players would have interest in Miami. A team source tells Jackson that the Dolphins “held an exploratory conversation” regarding Schwartz and is interested in him, but wants to take a look at some other options as well.
  • Even though they’d like to bring him back, the Dolphins have told people there’s a good chance that wide receiver Rishard Matthews will get a bigger offer in free agency than what they can comfortably put on the table.
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4 comments on “Dolphins Rumors: Miller, Guards, Matthews

  1. Phil

    Matthew was great last year, but in sports you earn your position. We all know the #1 slot is already taken by Landry and the #2 maybe taken by Parker, so if Matthew wants to stay he can fight parker for #2 or be the # 3 receiver as he should be able to beat Stills, Jennings, and Hazel.
    As for Lamar, $5 Mil sounds great or even too much since we have Ajayi who’s pretty good. If Lamar leaves for more money it’s ok, go after a free agent RB for a lot less to back up AJAYI.
    For the Guard position we need to improve big times cause if we can’t protect Ryan all these good receivers will be irrelavant.

  2. Phil

    I think Gase should take a risk and try a 3 team trade with Washington and maybe Hiuston or somebody were we can send Ryan somewhere else, get RGIII and somebody send a draft oick or a player to washington and start fresh with a different QB with a new Coach. Just a thought

    • Tyler

      A terrible thought. I thought RG3 was great, but it seems like his time is over. There are a lot of other priorities than worrying about a new QB even if it appears we need one.

      • Chris

        That depends entirely on who you ask. To some, there is one and only one priority for Miami: get rid of Tannehill. It doesn’t matter who you replace him with, or who else is on the team. No Tannehill plus 52 undrafted free agents you found at the local Gold’s Gym = Super Bowl!

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