NFC Notes: Kaep, Sowell, D. Young, Packers

Let’s take a look at a few notes from around the league as Easter Sunday comes to a close…

  • Colin Kaepernick‘s $11.9MM 2016 salary becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, but a league source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that the 49ers might still be on the hook for that total even if they cut Kaepernick before April begins. Kaepernick’s base salary is currently guaranteed for injury only, and because he’s undergone three offseason surgeries, the NFLPA would argue that the San Francisco signal-caller is entitled to his pay even if he’s released. Of course, the 49ers have said they’ll keep Kaepernick on the roster if he’s not dealt, and a source tells Florio that that sentiment is not a facade.
  • Because Russell Okung looked destined to leave Seattle, the Seahawks appealed to free agent tackle Bradley Sowell because they offered the possibility of playing on the blind side, as Sowell explained to 710 ESPN“They showed a lot of interest. They called me right away,” Sowell said. “For a guy who hasn’t started a ton over the last couple of years, that’s a little bit rare to get that kind of interest quick. Usually a guy like me would have to wait a little longer, but they were really quick, so obviously they had done film study on me and stuff. They were really quick and called me, and when I got here, they basically kept making me an offer.”
  • Washington‘s offense will be phasing out fullbacks in favor of tight ends, said former Washington fullback Darrel Young, which is the key reason that he didn’t re-sign with the club, he told Alex Marvez on SiriusXM Radio (Twitter link).
  • The Packers and general manager Ted Thompson refuse to negotiate against themselves and are content with slow-playing free agency, a strategy that has worked well for them in the past, writes Weston Hodkiewicz of
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4 comments on “NFC Notes: Kaep, Sowell, D. Young, Packers

  1. Sam Robinson

    I suppose worked well is appropriate for the Packers’ build-from-within strategy, but Aaron Rodgers covers up a lot of their deficiencies. Not being active in free agency puts a lot of pressure on smart drafts and crucial negotiations with must-keep UFAs. Thompson being a bit more active in March may have given Green Bay some critical talent to help push them to another Super Bowl. With the Pack losing three straight OT playoff games in the playoffs, those teams surely could have used a bit of help from outside.

    • CheeseBeerBrats

      … Some help or perhaps a little discipline on defense! Your point about Number 12 covering-up offensive deficiencies is very well placed. There were obvious breakdowns in other areas however, mostly mental breakdowns, which prevented themselves from advancing. By exercising patience, as in the cases of Julius Peppers and Charles Woodson, Ted gets to somewhat dictate the price on a “talented retread”, and keep some in the bank for re-signing next year’s FA’s.

      • Z-A

        There are still some guys out there in FA to be had. But, they only have 12 M in cap space. They would have needed to restructure Rodgers or cut Peppers to get some more space to go after any “big name”. They have a need at ILB, TE, and DL as well as OL depth. They can address theses through the draft – Jaylon Smith, Jarran Reed, and Hunter Henry come to mind. But there still are some bridge-to-the-guy FAs out there and June 1st cuts on the way. TE – Daniels, Davis, Chandler; ILB – Dansby, Ryans, NT – Knighton.

  2. Z-A

    Broncos would have to move Clady to have enough cap space for Kaepernick. I think Clady’s value is higher (2nd or 3rd rounder) than Kaepernicks (4th or 5th) at this point though so a 1 for 1 may not make sense for the Broncos. Maybe like Kaepernick and a 3rd for Clady and a 4th.


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