49ers Rumors: Baalke, Kelly, Kaepernick, Davis

Here’s the latest out of San Francisco:

  • Despite reports to the contrary, 49ers GM Trent Baalke insists that he is on good terms with head coach Chip Kelly, as Cam Inman of The Mercury News writes. “I can tell you emphatically that is total B.S,” Baalke said. “That’s all I can say. We’ve had absolutely a wonderful start to this relationship. There’s really nothing else to say. He’s coaching ball. And we’re up there in the draft room going to work. It couldn’t be better.” Baalke will be presiding over his seventh draft with the 49ers next week. Kelly, hired this offseason, is his fourth coach in San Francisco.
  • The 49ers have yet to sit down with Colin Kaepernick to discuss a potential trade, as Inman writes. “I have not talked to him personally. Face-to face, no,” Baalke said Wednesday in a media session. “He’s been in Aspen or Vail or one of those Colorado areas rehabbing. So, no. I plan to sit down as soon as this thing (the draft) is over with, just like I am with a lot of these players. I haven’t seen 85 percent of these guys.” However, the GM has talked with Kaepernick over the phone. Meanwhile, a source tells Inman that while Kaepernick is not thrilled with the team’s front office, he has no issues with Kelly.
  • 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis has yet to apply for reinstatement but Baalke says that even if he did, it would not impact the 49ers’ draft strategy (via Inman).
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    Kelly needs a mobile but accurate… so maybe Jeff Driskel as a sleeper?


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