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Talks between the Broncos and 49ers regarding quarterback Colin Kaepernick have gone dormant in recent weeks, but the door isn’t yet closed on Kaepernick ending up in Denver before next season. Even after reporting to the 49ers’ voluntary workouts earlier this month, Kaepernick still doesn’t want to continue his career with the club and the feeling is mutual from ownership, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports.

The acrimony between Kaepernick and 49ers brass is why the Broncos haven’t budged in trade talks, per La Canfora, who Colin Kaepernickwrites that Denver is holding out hope that the quarterback will reach an injury settlement with San Francisco and become a free agent. Kaepernick underwent left shoulder surgery in November and should be able to resume football activities in May.

Going forward, Kaepernick has five years left on his contract and is due a guaranteed $11.9MM in 2016. As of two weeks ago, the Broncos were reportedly hoping to push that $11.9MM number down to $7MM and have Kaepernick also take pay cuts in the other years of his deal. However, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reported then that Kaepernick’s camp was committed to either keeping the salaries intact or changing the contract to allow him to hit free agency next offseason, when his controlling team could cut him before his salary becomes guaranteed for 2017.

A resolution on the Kaepernick situation is possible before or during the upcoming draft, which is when La Canfora expects trade talks to intensify again. The 49ers hold the seventh pick and could potentially draft Kaepernick’s replacement – though both Cal’s Jared Goff and North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz should be off the board by then – thus helping to usher No. 7 out of town. The Broncos are set to pick 31st and could put the notion of acquiring Kaepernick to bed by selecting a signal-caller with that choice. Otherwise, if Kaepernick isn’t a Bronco by the end of the first round, he’d look like a rather appealing option compared to Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian, Denver’s current top two QBs.

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10 comments on “Latest On Colin Kaepernick

  1. cptbronco

    I don’t see a greater upside to Kaepernick to Sanchez. Kap lost a super bowl and an nfc championship. Sanchez lost two afc championships. They both had great defenses and good running games. Kap does no like it under center, Sanchez thrives under center. Kap has a hard time relating to teammates, Sanchez has always been said to be a good leader. They can both run the play action and bootleg. But Kap would have to do it under center. Kap is a run first qb, whereas Sanchez is a pass first. Sanchez cost a 7th rd pick and 4 mil. Kap would demand a lot more then that. I really hope the Broncos DON’T get Kap. I will be happy with Sanchez and a draft pick.

  2. Tinman

    I’m hoping niners trade him to Cleveland and maybe a couple other picks for there #2. If house is already agreeing in a **** off attitude, then I’m hoping they can use our abundance of draft picks to help our organization.

  3. Scott S

    I agree Sanchez rode the coatails of Alex Smith and his league best QBR at the time and sunk his own battleship. Sanchez took the Jets to new heights and could thrive under low expectations again

  4. Scott S

    Keeping in mind that Smith 1 year earlier only missed the Superbowl because of that botched kick return and now has the Cheifs sitting pretty

  5. wreckage

    Won’t go draft day is my guess. Butting of heads and possibly by deadline. Niners try to recoup anything they can. Or next offseason to the first team to offer more than a can of beans. Or he falls for Chip and his offensive scheme and has a great year and the Niners get a huge haul after next year. Basically anything is possible at this time.

  6. SharpArrow

    A lot can happen between now and the opening of Training Camp. It may be that the 49ers draft a QB like Connor Cook in the 2nd Round, and save their 1st Pick for a “super” defensive player to play alongside Bowman. A Cook-type QB could be developed over 1 or 2 years (behind Gabbert), and then Kap would likely be traded for another Draft Pick or two…

  7. BayAreaSportsFan

    I don’t see any point in discussing it until draft day. If Kaepernick isn’t part of a trade package on draft day he will probably stay a 49er.

  8. Bear Lip

    Perfect scenario for the Niners is to trade Kap and #37 to Denver for #31 and a 5th rounder. That way they can both say they “won” the trade deal. Not only did they get Kap but only give up a 5th rounder whereas the Niners can say they got a 5th rounder and moved up into the 1st round to take Cook or Lynch or whoever.

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