Broncos’ Von Miller Threatens Holdout

Von Miller is doubling down on his threat to hold out for the 2016 season if he does not get the multi-year contract he is seeking. Moments ago, Miller posted the following to Instagram (sic): Von Miller (vertical)

I love my Teammates, Coaches, and My Fans but there is “No Chance” I play the 2016 season under the Franchise tag,” Miller wrote.

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If Miller opts to sit out the 2016 season, the Broncos will only be able to use the non-exclusive franchise tag on him and will not have the exclusive franchise tag at their disposal. Typically, a team that is able to pry a player away on the non-exclusive tag would have to forfeit two first-round picks to the former team. Furthermore, if Miller were to sit out, the compensation price would drop from two first-round picks to a first and a third. At least a few teams would consider forfeiting two first-round choices to land Miller but that field will expand further if the price drops to a first- and third-round choice. Of course, signing Miller in this scenario would still require the forfeiture of valuable picks on top of giving him a $100MM+ deal with significant guarantees.

Earlier this month, word leaked out that Miller turned down a proposed six-year, $114.5MM deal from the Broncos. Of course, when it comes to NFL contracts, it’s the true guarantees and cash flow in the first three years that matter more than anything. While the deal would seem to be more valuable that the one given to Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the reality is that the contract is not as appealing as it may sound at first.

Of course, Miller gained more ammunition for his cause this week when Fletcher Cox inked a fresh six-year, $103MM deal with the Eagles. The deal carries a hefty average annual value and it also gives him $36.299MM fully guaranteed. On top of that, because of the way the contract is structured, he’s unlikely to see anything less than $55.549MM in total when all is said and done.

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7 comments on “Broncos’ Von Miller Threatens Holdout

  1. weekapaug09

    I side with the players 95% of the time in contract disputes. They’re the ones taking the punishment and risking their health for us to enjoy the game.

    But Norman and Miller have me siding with the teams this offseason. You’re being offered elite money for one season before getting your sure-to-be record-breaking contract. Don’t be a diva.

    • lyle

      Panthers rescinded Norman’s franchise tag. Not his fault for for signing with another team. There is no guarantee of Miller getting big contract next year when the Broncos can just as easily franchise him again.

      • weekapaug09

        They rescinded his tag because (initially) he wouldn’t sign it. I’m happy for him that he gambled and won. I’ll never knock a guy for being overpaid. If a team offers you a ridiculous contract, sign it.

        It’s just annoying from a fans perspective. He’s being offered more money than I’ll ever see in my life (more than most NFL players will see). The team isn’t doing anything shady. They’re operating within the confines of the current NFL pay scale.

        It would just be a shame to lose a prime season of Miller dominating offensive lines because he scoffed at the prospect of playing for *only* 14mil.

    • JT19

      I agree with you, but there’s no guarantee they get their record-breaking contract…which is why they hold out. Yeah they could sign their franchise tag, but if they suffer a season ending injury, a guy like Von Miller is no longer looking at a 5-6 year contract worth upwards of $16 million a year and a hefty guarantee. Instead, he might be looking at a one year, prove it type of deal with a lot of incentives.

  2. Thronson5

    He’s proven that he has grown up on and off the field and he’s a difference maker on that team. Gotta pay him. After losing your starting QB and other defensive players you have to pay this guy or this team will be hurting. In the end he will get the contract he wants but it would be interesting to see if he ends up forcing them to trade him.

  3. Todd

    At what point is it ever enough?
    Yes, they deserve to get paid fairly for the harsh sport that they play but what everyone is getting paid is well beyond fair already. Yes, they are taking risks regarding their health for the rest of their lives. They also have common sense and the ability to listen when their bodies tell them enough is enough.
    Yes, I also wouldn’t want to play on a one year contract when tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.
    Yes, I would ask for as much guaranteed money as I can get.
    But the last couple things shouldn’t be big issues when you’ve been around a little while and have already made far more than you could ever need. And that’s need… not want.
    What most players get paid in a year, the average person will not see in their lifetime.
    Sports figures, celebrities and the like get paid like they are the heroes in life. Yeah, compare their income to some of the the real heroes out there. How much money up front do people who are serving our country get?
    And of course, who gets to pay for ridiculous salaries? Yeah, we the fans do. Sadly, many real fans can’t even afford to attend a game.


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