Jets Notes: Wilkerson, Fitzpatrick, Richardson

Muhammad Wilkerson hasn’t said much about his contract standoff with the Jets, but he has decided to finally break his silence. Wilkerson stands as one of the league’s best defensive tackles but, for some reason, his own team hasn’t expressed a real interest in keeping him beyond 2016. Muhammad Wilkerson (vertical)

It’s shocking. It’s frustrating,” Wilkerson told Brian Costello of The New York Post. “Because I feel like I’ve earned it and I deserve it. It would be different if I was just a mediocre player. I feel like each and every week I’m dominating and it’s showing. The stats speak for themselves. Basically, what more do I need to do? You know what I mean?

This week, the Eagles reached agreement on a six-year, $103MM extension with star defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. Wilkerson, naturally, took notice, and is now seeking a deal that is equal “or better.” Publicly, Jets coach Todd Bowles and GM Mike Maccagnan have both said that they want to keep Wilkerson for the long haul, but Wilkerson doesn’t believe that the team is prepared to give him a similar multi-year deal.

Do I feel that they want me back? As of right now, no. I don’t feel like they want me,” the 26-year-old said. “I’m a talented guy. Everybody knows that. I feel like they’re going to get the best they can out of me and just let me go. That’s how I feel. Do I like that feeling? No. I’m a New Jersey guy, born and raised and would love to raise my family here.”

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