Broncos Submit New Proposal To Von Miller

Following a day full of updates on Friday — during which time the Broncos and general manager John Elway reportedly upped their offer to franchise player Von Miller — Denver has once again increased the compensation in its latest proposal to their star linebacker, reports Mike Klis of 9NEWS. The two sides have largely agreed on the framework of a six-year, $114.5MM deal, but Miller and his camp have voiced concerns about the structure and guarantees put forth in the contract.Von Miller (Vertical)

Earlier reports had indicated that the Broncos agreed to move the date of the full guarantee trigger of Miller’s 2019 proposed base salary up, and Klis adds more details to that subsection of the story, reporting that Denver would transfer that date from 2018 to March of 2017. In other words, Miller’s $19MM base salary in 2019 would become fully guaranteed when the 2017 league year begins, and because it’s extremely unlikely that the club would release Miller before that date, that $19MM would be considered part of an “effective” guarantee.

Miller and his team have traded counteroffers with Broncos management, and he and his agent, Joby Branion, haven’t accepted or rejected the team’s latest proposal, which came on Friday afternoon and included another sweetening of the pot. According to Klis, Miller used last night to consider the proposition, and will further discuss terms with Elway today.

Miller has not been amenable to signing the Broncos’ $14.129MM exclusive franchise tender to this point and could sit out the season in lieu of accepting it. First, though, next Friday’s deadline will have to pass without an agreement between him and the team. Elway, however, has signed each of the three Broncos previously tagged under his watch — Matt Prater (2012), Ryan Clady (2013) and Demaryius Thomas (2015) — and is now aiming to do the same with Miller.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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