Teddy Bridgewater Suffers Torn ACL

WEDNESDAY, 4:21pm: Minnesota placed Bridgewater on season-ending IR.

TUESDAY, 7:20pm: Vikings head trainer Eric Sugarman has released a statement indicating that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has suffered a torn ACL. Although the statement did not confirm a timetable, Bridgewater is still expected to miss the 2016 season.Teddy Bridgewater (vertical)

“Teddy Bridgewater suffered a non-contact injury today at practice,” said Sugarman. “The injury was quickly identified as a dislocated knee. The injury was stabilized, and he was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and evaluation. After undergoing an MRI, it was determined that Teddy suffered a complete tear to his ACL and other structural damage.

Fortunately, there appears to be no nerve or arterial damage. Surgical repair will be scheduled within the next few days. Although the recovery time will be significant, we expect Teddy to make a full recovery. I would like to thank all of the medical professionals and our athletic training staff for all of their help today. Teddy has already displayed the attitude needed to overcome this injury and attack his rehab.”

As it currently stands, the Vikings have veteran Shaun Hill on the depth chart. Hill offers experience, but he is an uninspiring starting option for a team with playoff aspirations. He also has never started more than 10 games in any given season. Other than Hill, the Vikings have Wisconsin product Joel Stave on the depth chart. Fellow signal-callerTaylor Heinicke has been placed on the NFI list with an injury.

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18 comments on “Teddy Bridgewater Suffers Torn ACL

  1. madmanTX

    I’m sorry to hear this. I wish the Vikings well and hope they can still manage to put together an exciting season for their fans. Speedy recovery to Teddy.

  2. Ravens_Last_Place

    It will be interesting to see how they replace him. He should recover easily, he’s small for a QB. That probably doesn’t matter, but I always have thought small, agile guys recover quicker than the big guys.

    Bridgewater is 0-1 in the playoffs so all of the “Vikings to the Super Bowl” was complete nonsense. Now a backup QB will be the year long starter. AP is past his prime and just getting older. The WR corps leaves a lot to be desired. I think Chicago will be horrible so MIN will probably get 3rd in the NFC North. The way I see it is 1. GB, 2. DET, then the last two spots are up for grabs. Even with a healthy Bridgewater, MIN would not be able to overcome GB.

    Wonder if they look into trading for Sanchez? Or trading for some one else? Nick Foles, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Josh McCown, Landry Jones, Kaepernick, just to name a few QBs who could probably easily be had with a late pick.

    • bernaldo

      Complete nonsense? Hardly! The Vikings won the division last season and nothing happened to either team (until Bridgewater went down) to suggest they the Vikings had declined significantly or the Packers had improved significantly. That Bridgewater had played in only one playoff game (in an outdoor stadium in bitter sub-zero weather) in his second season made the Vikings chance at a Super Bowl “nonsense” is truly nonsense.

  3. crupe424

    Would they dare call the Bengals and ask about McCarron? I bet cincy would listen

    • Bruce

      Sorry, Jimmy G. isn’t going anywhere, unless they offer a 1st rd. Next year plus more. The kid can play better than most starters IMO.

  4. ffjsisk

    Not even a Vikes fan but I hate to see this. I remember when Vick went down in the preseason against the Ravens and it devastated me. The season may be lost but Teddy will be back, probably with a good draft pick next year and hopefully one more good year of AP.

  5. March

    Whoa there bud Teddy Is Zero and one in the playoffs because of a kicker. So that argument is invalid. Being from Minnesota this is devastating. Secondly we were division champs beating the Packers. The Packers regained a lot of weapons but we still had a shot at beating them this year as we also improved defensively and offensively. Now I’ll admit Minnesota sports are so conservative to the point I question if we want to win. Starting Shaun Hill is a death sentence. It’s us giving up the season without a fight. I’d like to get Vick or Kapernick. While both on the decline at least they wouldn’t have to sit in the pocket and could provide at least a watchable scramble time performance for a year. Knowing us we give up right away especially because Shaun will win us 6 games and we will be like yea we can live with that but I don’t want to settle lets go grab some talent and make things happen!

    • March

      Also Stefan diggs had just emerged as a great threat receiver wise. We have the options to throw we are Miami Dolphins type receiving core right now skinny and nimble with addition of big body tread well

  6. Thronson5

    Really sad stuff. Feel terrible for both Teddy and that team. Really sucks. I hate seeing stuff like this.

  7. Polish Hammer

    Philly should be begging them to take Chase Daniel and his bloated contract off their hands.

  8. Wing-T

    This is one of those things that just sucks. Like all around just blows. Feel awful for the guy.

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