Bills GM Refuses To Commit To Tyrod Taylor

The Bills have a big decision to make at the quarterback position this offseason. When asked about whether the team will retain Tyrod Taylor for 2017, GM Doug Whaley told WGR 550 that no decision has been made (Twitter link via’s Mike Rodak). He added that he will sit down with coaches and ownership after the season to make the call. Tyrod Taylor

He’s got four more games to write this chapter. Then after this season, like everybody on the team, we’re going to do an evaluation and then we’ll go from there,” Whaley said.

The Bills have a tough call to make. On one hand, quarterbacks aren’t easy to find. On the other hand, the Bills currently have the league’s worst passing offense. Taylor had a strong 2015, but keeping him beyond this year will mean kickstarting a new five-year, $80MM+ deal. If the contract is exercised, the Bills would be on the hook for a whopping $30.75MM fully guaranteed at signing.

All in all, Taylor’s deal was drawn up to be a team-friendly pact if he built on his trajectory from 2015. But, given that he has been up-and-down this year (and mostly down as of late), the decision has become much more complicated. Further muddling the situation is the questionable job security of Whaley and Rex Ryan. Whaley says that he will make the call with Ryan and the Pegula family, but the GM and coach may not be at the table if the Bills cannot qualify for the playoffs.

The Bills are now 6-6 after an ugly implosion against the Raiders. Buffalo likely has to run the table to get to the postseason and that means they’ll have to beat the Steelers on Sunday and the Dolphins on Dec. 24. On the plus side, their other two games come against the Browns (Dec. 18) and the Jets (Jan. 1).

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5 comments on “Bills GM Refuses To Commit To Tyrod Taylor

  1. Kia Sportage Off-roader

    He stinks. But I bet the Ravens are wishing they committed to him instead of Flacco’s ridiculous contract.

  2. stryk3istrukuout

    He’s not that bad. He’s definitely unique, though. Look at the receiving corps he’s had this season. Just about everyone’s been hurt at some point. That being said, maybe a true QB would be a better fit.

  3. joefriday14

    He is the best quarterback in the history of the Buffalo Bills except Jumpin Joe Ferguson

  4. jason wightman

    They shouldn’t commit. Maybe that will light a fire up his ass and he’ll play better. If we commit now and he knows he’s getting paid next year he’ll probably play worse. So far this year it’s been a bust. Below average quarterback play with flashes of brilliance. I’ll take and I think everyone else will take just consistently good play. Even then, that’s not worth 90 million dollars.


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