NFL Spending By Team Over Last Four Seasons

The NFLPA has released the official data on team spending over the last four seasons. The Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that each team must utilize 89% of the salary cap over two four-year periods, 2013-16 and 2017-20. As previously reported, the Raiders are the only team that has yet to satisfy that requirement for the closing period. The CBA also requires the league, as a whole, to spend 95% of the cap, in cash, for the same period. That requirement has been easily met.

Here is the full rundown of every team’s spending in declining order:

Philadelphia Eagles – $613,928,134
Denver Broncos – $587,712,791
Seattle Seahawks – $584,305,975
Green Bay Packers – $583,138,740
Miami Dolphins – $577,975,260
Kansas City Chiefs – $575,541,332
Buffalo Bills – $573,647,850
Chicago Bears – $568,301,610
Cincinnati Bengals – $567,289,411
Baltimore Ravens – $562,425,698
San Diego Chargers – $562,232,116
Indianapolis Colts – $556,335,689
Atlanta Falcons – $550,614,572
New York Giants – $543,787,033
Arizona Cardinals – $543,327,538
Los Angeles Rams – $541,957,711
New Orleans Saints – $539,836,498
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $539,736,102
Minnesota Vikings – $539,162,454
New York Jets – $533,151,519
Washington Redskins – $532,545,662
Pittsburgh Steelers – $530,698,171
Detroit Lions – $530,210,549
Tennessee Titans – $524,505,256
Dallas Cowboys – $523,033,036
Houston Texans – $517,212,166
Jacksonville Jaguars – $516,908,734
Cleveland Browns – $516,158,864
San Francisco 49ers – $514,488,198
New England Patriots – $500,083,836
Carolina Panthers – $495,149,346
Oakland Raiders – $491,433,408

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6 comments on “NFL Spending By Team Over Last Four Seasons

  1. Polish Hammer

    Philly at the top and Patriots near the bottom….hmmmm. Guess you don’t always get what you pay for.

    • ChiSoxCity

      It’s a salary capped league, so there’s not much deviation in terms of spending. Scouting, player development and coaching staffs are more impactful than money spent.

  2. Elvis34

    The pats are at the bottom because cap money and real money are 2 very different things. They tell all their fans they spend the max. A big lie. They are the cheapest team in the league. The raiders will pay Carr and Mack and will clear the penalty easily.

    • WhenWillRangersWinWS

      They will be lucky if they can extend both!
      I do not see Mack extending. He will want to test the waters and go for Miller money

  3. cleo

    Wows, these numbers are just player salaries? How many players are on a team, 50? I would imaging there is a league minimum salary as well, but If the Quarterback makes $20M, the Offensive Line makes $100M..quickly becomes mind boggling.

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