Eric Berry: “Definitely” Won’t Play Under Tag

Last offseason, the Chiefs were unable to strike a long-term deal with Eric Berry and they delayed things by using the franchise tag. The Chiefs could theoretically tag him again at an increased rate, but the safety says he won’t play along if that’s the route KC chooses. He says he’s “definitely not” playing on the franchise tender in 2017 (Twitter link via Ian Rapoport of Eric Berry

Berry earned $10.86MM on the one-year tender last year, a surprising outcome for many in the football world who looked at a long-term accord as a sure thing. Berry also dragged his feet before putting pen-to-paper, giving the impression that things were a bit frosty between the two sides. In August,’s Adam Teicher told PFR that he did not envision a multi-year deal for Berry and the Chiefs.

It’s difficult to see that at this point. If the Chiefs weren’t willing to satisfy him with a long-term offer [in 2016], why would they do it [in 2017]?,” Teicher said.

This time around, it would cost the Chiefs $12.967MM to use the franchise tag for a second time. With limited cap space, the Chiefs might not be prepared to give Berry the type of accord he’s looking for. The Chiefs have the right to tag Berry twice, but Josh Norman managed to pout his way out of Carolina last year when faced with the prospect of a tag. Berry has a very different personality than Norman, but he seems equally unsatisfied with the specter of a franchise tender.

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21 comments on “Eric Berry: “Definitely” Won’t Play Under Tag

  1. rbibaseball

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Chris Ballard doesn’t make a move and brings him to Indy.

  2. Vegasraider

    Music to my ears. The Chiefs will be a little bit weaker next year. Go Raiders!!

  3. Polish Hammer

    Yeah there is no way I’m being forced to take the chump change of $12,967,000.00. how do they expect me to survive on that?

    • JT19

      It’s not so much how much he’s getting paid but more security. Constantly being tagged gives the players no long term security as the team can easily cut bait after a bad/injured season.

  4. Senioreditor

    Why do players who have NO leverage act as if they have all of it? If he’s tagged he’ll play because he’s not holding out and losing a season or retiring. This game gets really old quickly. Just say you’re not happy with the situation, won’t be happy if they tag you and will play out your contract and leave when the season is over. That’s the only real leverage he has.

    • Austin0723

      How’s he supposed to leave when the seasons over if he keeps getting tagged lol

      • pads fan1980

        Easy because you can only tag a player twice and this would be the second time they tag him

    • Mikel Grady

      I don’t understand it either. Of course a player plays terrible after a big contract team can’t pout and quit paying them. I like berry and would love to see him as a Cowboy.

    • JT19

      But he can’t leave unless he plays terrible/gets injured which severely limits his market the next year. Players are upset about being tagged because it affords them no long term security.

      • Mikel Grady

        Long term security? He has enough $ to feed family steak every night. That is how the system is those. Not saying it’s fair but it is what it is.

        • mvottop

          I think if you think about it from his perspective, it makes more sense. I think he knows better than anyone that his career could be over at any moment. The guy got diagnosed with cancer so that might make you think differently about things. I don’t blame him for wanting a long term contract

  5. Dretorade

    yo john lynch there’s our next safety, we got boatloads of money to spend in san fran, sign berry and cut bethea lost if he signs. I can hope at least haha

  6. He’s a great safety that’s worth a long term contract. Would Love to see him in a Bears uniform!!! Draft Adams at #3 and Berry next to him….

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