49ers To Sign Brian Hoyer

The 49ers will sign Brian Hoyer, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter). Hoyer’s role is not immediately clear, but it’s at least possible that he may be San Francisco’s starter in 2017. It’s a two-year deal, tweets Albert Breer of TheMMQB.com. The pact contains base salaries of $6MM in each season and $10MM in guarantees, per Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. With potential incentives factored in, Hoyer could make up to $9MM per year (Twitter link). "<strong

The Jets also had interest in Hoyer, but it seems that his relationship with coach Kyle Shanahan helped push him to San Francisco. The incumbent Bears and the Bills also had some level of interest in him. The Bears probably backed off as their pursuit of Mike Glennon gained steam and the Bills came off the board when they worked out a restructured deal with Tyrod Taylor.

Hoyer and Shanahan worked together on the 2014 Browns, who finished with the moribund franchise’s best record since 2007. Hoyer’s per-pass numbers were better with the Texans and Bears, respectively, but his longest audition as a starter came for a Cleveland team that didn’t have Josh Gordon‘s services, for the most part. The Cleveland-area native threw for more than 3,000 yards for the only time in his career and tossed 12 touchdown passes.

In Chicago, Hoyer threw four 300-yard games last season before suffering a season-ending injury, and he guided the Texans to the playoffs in 2015 despite being embroiled in a strange quarterback controversy with Ryan Mallett for part of the year. His arrival in San Francisco could signal the 49ers leaning toward taking a quarterback in the draft. Numerous passers — headlined by Kirk Cousins — were believed to be on the 49ers’ radar, but Hoyer looks to be a bridge starter in the meantime. Washington slapped the exclusive franchise tag on Cousins, so a trade would be the only scenario in which San Francisco could acquire him this year. But Cousins could be a 2018 UFA, and a Hoyer deal would line up with a possible Shanahan pursuit of another former pupil next year.

Hoyer went 1-4 in five Bears starts last year but 5-4 with the ’15 Texans and guided the Browns to all seven of their wins a year prior.

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12 comments on “49ers To Sign Brian Hoyer

  1. jkbuckets

    Can’t believe the bears let him leave. Great veteran presence if they draft a developmental qb this draft which is almost certain. Bears must be 100% sure glennon is their qb for the future and/or they will draft a future franchise qb in the draft this year. Still I just don’t get it. Hoyer would have came a lot cheaper then glennon and the qb draft class next year is supposed to be amazing. Opposed to this year which is historically one of the worst

    • CriminalMethod

      There’s no point in signing Glennon and Hoyer. They just signed Connor Shaw last week to be the third string QB. They have to draft a QB as the backup and see what they have. Probably looking at Mahomes or Kaaya in the second.

      • LAAJR

        Hoyer contract is 4 $6M per sns. Glennon wants>$14M, go figure. 2018 draft will havemuch better QBs. The Niners should go ALL out after USC QB Sam Darnold>best CFB QB bar none.

  2. Eckesg1

    In a way, I’m kind of glad Jets didn’t get him. Jets need a veteran backup because they are essentially tanking this year

  3. jeremy navarro

    not a bad move i think kyle knows how to get the most out of people and who knows if he will start or not. either way it a nice sign and shows 49ers arent messing around

  4. Thronson5

    I like him as a backup and that’s all he will be. Shanahan said he views him as their back up for now. I am not a big fan of Hoyer as a starter unless it’s a few games here and there but I definitely think he is a solid back up. I like these moves they’ve made today. I still would like to see them go get another WR but if they don’t sign one they can draft one. They need to get some help on the O Line and then turn attention to defense. I think they are making smart moves so far though. Keep it up, 9ers! I am really happy we have people capable of running a team finally.

  5. Z-A

    Good “Bridge QB” if they draft Trubisky. Why overpay Glennon? No one else worth a look except maybe Sanchez as a bridge guy too.

    • LAAJR

      Trubisky is a waste of time and money. Most experts say he should have stayed in college for another year. Furthermore I saw play against Stanford(post season bowl) and he looked like a deer in the headlights. Stanford defense mostly Solomon Thomas made him looked like puppy running for his life. If I recall correctly he threw 2 Ints. The point is if he looked that bad against a CFB defense, how is going to deal against an NFL defense? If Cousins is NOT signed get another vet QB and go ALL out in next year’s draft after USC QB Sam Darnold, CFB best QB bar none.

  6. Hoyer’s signing is really about comfort for Shannahan. Many may not remember but Hoyer was the senior qb for Michigan State and played ahead of Cousins until he graduated and Cousins got his shot. Hoyer is a steady solid qb that makes smart decisions and will be a great 1 year starter. It paves the way for next year to slide Cousins in as a free agent addition and allows SF to draft based on BPA right now instead of taking a qb. Adding Garçon is also a clear sign of SF intentions to add players with a comfort level with Cousins.

    I’m a lifelong Lions fan and they’ve had a great start to the offseason but this is still the best move any team has made. Lynch and Co. surprised me and I may have to reconsider my initial opinion on the coast.

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