Bears To Make Major Push For Mike Glennon

The Bears are expected to make a major push for free agent quarterback Mike Glennon when the legal tampering period opens on Tuesday, Ian Rapoport of tweets. The interest is mutual, apparently, as Chicago is his preferred destination. Mike Glennon (vertical)

We currently have Glennon ranked as the top quarterback on this year’s market and our Top 50 Free Agents list (to be updated later on today) has the Bucs QB ranked 19th based on earning power. The 49ers have Glennon on their radar, but it doesn’t sound like they’re pursuing him quite as hard as the Bears right now. The Jets have also been linked to Glennon, but a report on Monday said word of their interest has been exaggerated. The buzz now is that Glennon’s next deal could see him make $14-$15MM annually, a price that’s probably too high for the Jets or incumbent Bucs to match.

For now, Glennon stands as the king of the QBs, but we could see guys like Tyrod Taylor, Tony Romo, and Jay Cutler added to the free agent mix in the coming days. Some teams may prefer one of those three vets over Glennon or, at minimum, prefer them from a value perspective. After the Brock Osweiler deal backfired on the Texans, teams may be cautious about committing major money to Glennon.

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27 comments on “Bears To Make Major Push For Mike Glennon

  1. bigjonliljon

    For my money, I’d rather see the bears go after Tyrod Tayler. His ceiling is higher, body of work better and probably cheaper

    • CriminalMethod

      I thought so too at first. But the last thing the Bears need to do is fall in love with a middle of the pack or even lower tier QB. Let them sign Glennon as a bridge and draft someone either this year or next year. Next years QB draft class is going to be good.

      • bigjonliljon

        Glendon going to get to expensive I here. 15 million a year. Bidding war situation. Tayler should come cheaper. So I go that direction because the on field results will be similar

        • bigjonliljon

          I also like Hoyer signing as a back up plan. Draft BPA at 3. Most likely defensive. QB at 2nd round depending on how the board falls. Kizer there would be sweet. Just depends on how the picks fall for the weak QB class. If teams don’t reach for one of the 3, we could get lucky. Hoyer, Taylor, the other kid(name escapes me) we resigned and Kizer can battle it out

        • pullhitter445

          15 million a years isn’t expensive for a QB in the NFL. Last year 23 NFL QB’s made 15 million or more.

          • jkbuckets

            I will admit I have never seen Glennon actually play. So I’m a little biased. The bears next multi year qb has to be a franchise one. That said I believe we should either target aj mccarron in a trade or sign Brian hoyer to a 1-2 year deal and draft a developmental qb this year or wait until next year and draft baker mayfield. That kid reminds me so much of Aaron Rodgers. He will be a star

          • justinept

            My thoughts exactly. I don’t think they win with Glennon, but this $15 mil per year talk is overblown. If the Bears think he can move the offense and not put their defense in a bad spot, then he’s worth $15 million in this market. Now, that really puts the onus on the defense to make plays… but if they can add Gilmore and Jefferson (both strong possibilities) and then they hit on the third pick with a defensive player (Allen or Adams), the defense could be good enough to make the Bears competitive in 2017.

            TL/DR – $15 million for Glennon isn’t premium capital. Using the 3 pick on Trubisky is premium capital. Neither excites me, and I’d rather the Bears not use premium capital on a guy that’s not a difference maker.

    • Matthew Madsen

      I’m a big fan of Taylor’s but in my opinion his upside is lower than Glennon. You know what you have in Tyrod

  2. Morgan Lantz

    This guy can’t be that bad if Tampa is willing to pay him EIGHT MILLER to be a back up! Give the guy a chance what has Cutler done in eight years ZERO!

  3. It’s the guaranteed money that should worry if he will be a bridge quarterback, think Houston. The Bears
    could be paying 14 million for someone sitting on the bench next year!

    • rocky7

      Agreed S.F
      Paying 14-15 million for a back up is generally bad for your health….see Osweiler
      And, to the comment that he can’t be that bad if the Bucs paid him 8 million to be a back-up, well there’s a reason he’s a back-up and not THE GUY for somebody! And I know they drafted Winston which is why they probably threw ridiculous money at him just in case Winston fell flat on his face.

  4. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Scott Mitchell is sitting at his beach house, laughing at the idea of someone paying Mike Glennon $15 M a year.

    • justinept

      And Gale Sayers is seething at the idea of anyone being paid for more that $250k per year. Can’t compare eras when it comes to money. There is more of it now.

  5. Joely08

    really hope this falls through in some way. I’d much rather draft a QB, bring back House and have him start, and have Shaw as a backup. I don’t understand getting rid of an expensive QB like Cutler and bringing in another overvalued, underperforming QB to replace him.

    • justinept

      But what QB? Glennon is reportedly going to make $15 mil at a time when 22 other QBs are making more. It’s a huge number out of context, but it’s relatively low for the position.

      • Joely08

        Hoyer would be cheaper than Glennon is the assumption I’m making. And Shaw is cheaper for sure along with a rookie QB.

  6. Chisthehitman

    Spending that kind of money for a bridge quarterback is ridiculous. Save money stick with Hoyer invest elsewhere

  7. Strauss

    If he goes anywhere but the Bears, he will be a success. If the Bears sign him , it’ll be wasted time and money. I have No confidence in Pace

      • I was wondering the same thing. What does Pace have to do with how he would play on the field

  8. Z-A

    I don’t see how this method has worked out well before.

    Matt Flynn
    Matt Cassel – 2 above average seasons in 9 seasons
    Brock Osweiler

    Just off the top of my head… all misfires. All back-up QBs that had a glimpse of success then offered big deals elsewhere to fall flat.

  9. ChiSoxCity

    The Bears should be looking at Tyrod Taylor and Kap, but they’re not an organization of innovative thinkers. They’ll keep signing the same type of QB, with the same results until the team is sold.

    One cannot ignore the race factor with the Chicago Bears, either. This team clings to outdated myths and old ways of thinking like no other sports franchise in America. The city is appallingly segregated, so the fans won’t challenge this perception.

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