Redskins Sign Terrelle Pryor

The Redskins have signed Terrelle Pryor, He’ll get a one-year deal worth up to $8MM in 2017, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter) and Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). The full breakdown is less a little less favorable: he gets a $3MM signing bonus and a $3MM base salary ($6MM in effective guarantees), plus $2MM in bonuses, a source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Florio hears those are “easily attainable” bonuses while Jason La Canfora of CBSSports (on Twitter) hears they are not likely to be earned."<strong

Washington lost both DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, with their pair of 1,000-yard receivers agreeing to join the Buccaneers and 49ers, respectively. Washington became the first team in NFL history to lose two 1,000-yard wide receivers in the same offseason. Today, they softened the blow by adding another 1,000+ yard receiver.

Pryor emerged as one of 2016’s top breakout players, going for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns on a team with arguably the worst quarterback situation in football.

Heading into free agency, the expectation was that Pryor would cash in on a multi-year deal. Instead, he has settled for a one-year prove-it contract. Agent Drew Rosenhaus tried to push the Browns to pay Pryor like a star, but the Browns held their ground. They instead signed Kenny Britt to a multi-year free agent deal and left Pryor with a softer market.

This week, we’ve seen wide receivers largely fall flat on what was hyped up to be a booming market at the top. Alshon Jeffery signed a one-year, $14MM deal with the Eagles and Kenny Stills re-upped with the Dolphins on a four-year, $32MM pact. Heading into this week, there was buzz of Stills getting $12MM annually and Pryor not being far behind. Instead, this year’s best WRs had to settle for less. The only top receiver that met or perhaps exceeded expectations was Britt.

The agreement was first reported by JP Finlay of CSNWashington (on Twitter). 

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 comments on “Redskins Sign Terrelle Pryor

    • mackows2

      Damn it! Really Ted? you couldn’t pay him $8mill for 1 year to come play with Aaron Rodgers?
      A team with no GM is making more moves than you old man!!!

  1. TDKnies

    No freakin way. How in the hell did he not crack double (millions) digits?! And one year? Typically you pay MORE per year for short term contracts not less! Doesn’t make any damn sense from Pryor’s perspective.

    • browns

      Blame his agents. They were pissed that Cleveland didn’t franchise tag him for almost 16m, so they were going to do all they could to make sure he didn’t go back to the Browns. This is the best they could do. Guaranteed if the Browns signed Britt for 32.5m, they had an offer of the same or more to Pryor. So, blame the agents.

      • TDKnies

        Dude should fire them immediately. I mean I had plenty of questions before FA about how good Pryor really was but this deal seems insanely low based on what others have gotten.

        • realfootballfan

          It’s really not. Jackson schemed almost exclusively to him in the passing game. It wasn’t like he was a technician on his route running. For perspective, he got targeted almost twice as many times as he caught the ball. That’s not going to happen on most teams.

          • TDKnies

            With the recent report of Alshon Jeffrey’s contract not being worth nearly as much as first thought (in actually achievable money anyway), I’m now less surprised.

      • realfootballfan

        Yep, this is the classic example of not knowing your client’s worth. I guess they thought because he was the only guy with production on a bad team who was up for a contract, they thought he could call his number. As I’ve been saying since before FA started, Jackson schemed a lot of plays to him that most offenses won’t do. I would expect 40 or 50 catches to be his ceiling in most functional offenses.

  2. Z-A

    Britt will likely average 700 yds and 3TDs or less of his contract. Pryor has a legitimate QB, and is the 1/1a option. Print 1100 – 8 TDs.

    • realfootballfan

      They had the same stats last year, and his QBs were just as bad. Pryor got the same offer more than likely and thought he was worth more. Obviously the rest of the league didn’t agree.

      • Z-A

        We just saw Britt’s career year – 71 starts. I doubt he ever posts close to 1k yards again. Pryor’s ceiling looks much higher, he’s only had 1 full season at the position.

        • realfootballfan

          And he’s been playing with bad QBs his whole career. The one year he had a decen one, he got hurt after leading the league in receiving the first couple of weeks with Matt Hasselbeck. Same age, same hws mismatch. Pryor will be like many other guys who withered away from Jackson keying on them in his scheme (Marcel Reese, Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, etc). People thought they were on the rise too and you see how their careers ended up when they didn’t have a playcalller who catered to them calling the shots. Just watch and see how it goes. Seen this story before with players with big holes in their game (Pryor’s being his route running just like Moore and Ford) that work under Jackson after they leave him.

  3. sufferfortribe

    With him only getting this much, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe Cleveland considered him a cancer they would only keep on the cheap?

      • realfootballfan

        Hue likes him. He drafted him with Al Davis in Oakland, so if anything, he’s been a champion for him. He got him brought in when he was the OC in Cincy and also in Cleveland last year and finally helped him get something out of his athletic gifts. However, just because you like somebody doesnt mean you let them get overpaid when you’re trying to build a squad. The 4 years for $32 mil and $17 mil guaranteed that his camp has confirmed he turned down pretty much was more than fair for somebody who is an unpolished route runner and who was overtargeted in that scheme last year because the cupboard was so bare. With Coleman coming back in his 2nd year, the offensive line improvements, and a number of other factors, he wasn’t going to get 150 balls thrown to him again next year, so he would have actually been making more than he probably warranted but couldn’t accept it.

    • realfootballfan

      Don’t thin they saw him as a cancer. They gave him more than a decent offer, and he messsssed up by thinking he could get more. They’ve all but confirmed that the money they gave Britt, he turned down, and he ended up with a way worse deal and with none of the teams that were supposedly hot on his tail never making a move to even meet with him. This is classic not knowing your worth.

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