Cowboys To Re-Sign Terrance Williams

The Cowboys have reached a four-year agreement to re-sign wide receiver Terrance Williams, tweets Adam Caplan of ESPN. The pact is worth $17MM, according to Ian Rapoport of, while Caplan adds that it carries a max value of $22MM (Twitter links). It contains $9.5MM in guarantees, Todd Archer of writes.


Williams, 27, has spent his entire four-year career with the Cowboys and is now in position to remain in Dallas for the foreseeable future. The team went into free agency bracing for his departure, but it will instead keep the No. 2 wideout and Dez Bryant complement in the fold. Since going in the third round of the 2013 draft, Williams has played in all 64 of the Cowboys’ regular-season games, made 52 starts and averaged 44 catches, 698 yards and five touchdowns per year.

The 6-foot-2, 208-pound Williams is the latest wideout off the board in a class of available receivers that’s quickly losing its appeal. Among PFR’s 15 highest-ranked receivers entering free agency, only Cordarrelle Patterson, Michael Floyd, Kamar Aiken and Victor Cruz remain. All of those players come with obvious flaws, which made it that much more important for the Cowboys to keep the steady Williams from exiting.

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15 comments on “Cowboys To Re-Sign Terrance Williams

  1. Breezy

    Hell of a steal for a solid WR who already has a rapport with the players/coaches in that locker room. Solid signing.

  2. Andy1988

    I’d say this is a great deal since the Cowboys need to retain SOME free agents but why would you prefer keeping a third receiver over Barry Church or any other defensive player we lost. You just signed Brice Butler to a new deal.. Williams drops more balls than any receiver I’ve ever watched. He honestly doesn’t even know how to catch. He catches most passes off of his pads. Yes I know he’s a pro.. but he’s a pro that never learned how to catch and I don’t know how and or why that has not been remedied. With the running game we have and the O-line; why would receiver be the priority. Especially when we have the least amount of cap space in the league

      • Andy1988

        Apparently you didn’t read the sentence where I said the Cowboys have the least amount of cap space in the league? The reason is $$? Can you imagine what TW will get just this year?! I’d say 3-5MM. The Cowboys could use that cap space

        • Breezy

          Yes, the answer is $. They simply don’t have the funds to give out. You answered you’re own question. Their guys that are leaving/ even worth resigning are in positions to get a far better payday elsewhere than what Dallas can offer. Plain and simple. Church, maybe Wilcox/Mcclain are 3 guys on defense that were worth re signing. Carr and Claiborne are not worth paying the little bit of money that they have.

  3. Justin Allen Sr.

    Look, I’m as big a fan of Terrance Williams as there is, but we did not need this. We have few funds, and a depleted defense. TW does not get used properly in our offense due to all the playmakers we have. You could’ve slotted Brice Butler in the 2 for the year and spent some money on a D-Lineman. As a fan, I like him, but as far as constructing the team, I don’t get it.

    • CursedRangers

      Agreed. Hence why we just signed a DE who can’t even start on the Browns. Our D needs a ton of help.

    • Andy1988

      Look up ^ at my post @CursedRangers, I feel we are on the same page. Except for the fact that you think TW is a #2. I mean I guess you think he’s a #2 because he is the prototypical #2 physically, but if you’re a #2 you should know how to catch. (

      see previous post) That spot has been taken by Cole. Obviously Cole is a #3, slot receiver in most offenses, but in the eyes of Prescott I believe he’s the number one no matter the talent Dez possesses. In my eyes, based on watching Prescott, Cole is numero uno #Trump, Dez is #2, Witten is #3 and whoever you plug in the 4 spot, in my opinion, is useless except as a decoy who may catch a few passes

  4. crazysull

    The problem is that they are short on money. If they had money to spend then they would be making moves but they don’t have some so they have to go with what they got. They are going to build though the draft the next 2 years while Romos contract comes off the books then they will have more money to spend in Free agency and the Cowboys are becoming a younger team so waiting a few years to start making big splashes agin shouldn’t matter

    • Andy1988

      What big splashes are you talking about? Greg Hardy? Cause that worked out so well.. the Cowboys will always have a high payroll. Cowboys are never big in FA. Last time we got a big time FA was Brandon Carr. I like him even though he doesn’t create turnovers

  5. RockHard

    Looking at what the other receivers got on the open market makes Williams deal almost look like a hometown discount.. Good deal for the Cowboys

    • dto730

      It is a good deal based on market, but I don’t think its necessary why pay him 4-5 million annually when you can draft someone with higher upside for cheaper. Then they lost 3-4 key players on defense that are a lot harder to replace than TWill would have been.

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