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Colin Kaepernick is still without an NFL job and there is no sign of that changing in the immediate future. Apparently, teams are concerned about more than just his polarizing political views. Some teams are unsure about his commitment to football and are concerned about his vegan diet, Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area tweets. NFL: San Diego Chargers at San Francisco 49ers

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As Albert Breer of The MMQB alluded to earlier this month, Kaepernick was under his usual playing weight last season due to his meatless diet. The quarterback weighed in around 218 pounds, down from his usual 235-240 range. As a result, Niners coaches felt they were limited in how they could use him. With less weight on his body, they felt that he could not absorb the big hits that come from designed QB runs. For what it’s worth, Maiocco (Twitter link) hears that Kaep is back to his pre-injury weight, which might mean that he’s at about 225 pounds.

One report from earlier this week indicated that Kaepernick is pushing for a chance to start and a salary of $9MM or more. Soon after, there was conflicting word on that front. Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to see Kaepernick getting starter consideration or money. So far this offseason, we have yet to hear of any NFL team with interest.

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31 comments on “Latest On Colin Kaepernick


    In other news….Lynch, though never asking for release from team, mentioning to his agent and asking NFL for reinstate papers is clearly trying to become a Raider….lol….it’s like the same stories with new twists


    I think if he ate 100 cows today he would still be jobless…he SUCKS is the reason why he’s not employed

  3. thughand

    David Carter seems to be OK keeping weight on with a vegan diet. Seems like an easy way to say you don’t want him without just saying you don’t want him…

  4. Steve

    That’s an awful comment. Yes Kaep can keep weight on, about 215 pounds worth, which is about 20 pounds less than teams would prefer. Did you read the article?

  5. Chris

    He’s clearly being blackballed. You can’t say that he isn’t based upon Josh McCown getting paid having a terrible W-L record for his career. Meanwhile Kaep has been to the Super Bowl and 2 NFC Championship games. His TD/int mark was great, and he is coming off a career high in yards per carry. Let’s just tell it how it is

    • beautified

      Career high in yards per carry. Maybe he needs to switch to running back.

    • Jason

      Kap had a great OL, RB, TE and D and still was 31st in passing O. That’s pathetic. He’s not that good.

    • He didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. Alex Smith won the games and he he rode the horse the rest of the way in. I’m sorry I have always said Kap is a good athlete but he was never a true quarter back or even a good one. Kap lost me when he became the starter over Alex Smith. They should never have let Alex Smith go.

      • OCTraveler

        He has as much respect for his country as anyone else – more in fact – because he respects the rights his country has given him to display his opinion peacefully

      • William Jasper

        If folks were half as worried about the abuses minorities experience at the hands of law enforcement as they are about the man not standing for the national anthem, he would’ve never had a reason to protest to begin with.

    • sixpacktwo

      Look, he can;t pass, and wants 9 million and start. that is a no go. he will most likely make it back as a injury backup replacement.

  6. Mike

    I want to badmouth him and write him off but he threw 16 tds and only 4 ints last season.

  7. BayAreaSportsFan

    People act like a few stats are telling the whole story. Wow kaepernick didn’t throw a lot of interceptions! And? Anyone who has been watching this clown since he took over for alex smith knows he isn’t the answer for any team. He was gimmicky, and once teams figured him out he failed miserably. Teams let him pass because they know he can’t throw, so stop the run and bank on his terrible arm to miss. Kaepernick is a clown, and the morons trying to keep up the political narrative aren’t convincing anyone. I know, white men are all racist bigots who hate anyone with an ounce of color… grow up.

    • Haha very true Alexandermaunu there isn’t much of a story if they go off the pure facts that he sucks terribly. What is a better story to publish and report on is how Kap a black qb in the NFL is being blacked balled by the white NFL coaches and owners. Crazy how society is now a days. But that’s the world we live in now. Sucks.

    • cuban1

      True story: hell even the bills players said as much after beating the 9ers last year, they sold out to stop the run, to make him pass to beat them, knowing that he couldn’t.

  8. David

    Huh…..16 tds 4 ints last year…. Better thsn atleast half the starters.

    • cuban1

      Can people quit acting as if 16/4 means anything, those stats are indicative of nothing. Nick Foles had 27/2 in only 10 starts in his 1st season under Chip Kelly, so get off of your uninformed high horse please.

    • cuban1

      Brady, tannehil, taylor, luck, bortles, mariota, dalton, flacco, roethlisberger, smith, carr, rivers, prescott, cousins, manning, wentz

      Rodgers, bradford, stafford, ryan, winston, newton, brees, palmer, wilson

      Every single one of them is better. Tyrod taylor is essentially the same guy, and bortles take as many sacks but is still a better passer, and thats not saying much. Your statement about him being better than half the starters just isnt even close to being even remotely true.

  9. Cleo

    We all know he really isn’t signed! His resume and his potential are second to none, compared to all the free agent quarterbacks signed or unsigned! Jay Cutler aside!

  10. John read

    If he was a great Quarterback he could kneel every game and teams would be lining up to sign him. There is no Blackball.

  11. Cleo

    Never said Great and BLACKBALL is an understatement when you look at this list of Free Angent quarterbacks and the amount of money they’ve received! He had no one to throw to either! Everyone wants to address the kneel and not help address the problem! This list of signed quarterbacks is a spit in his face and a fu##king joke !!!⬇⬇⬇

    link to

    • cuban1

      All the qbs being signed are backups and for limited dollars, which im sure Kap wont take. On top of that, hes limited in what type of scheme he can run. And enough of he had no receivers bs, even the year he took over from smith he completed only 62%, which is a career best, do you know what Smiths completion percentage was that same year with the same receivers, 70. The guy just isnt that good, how about instead of blaming everyone elses lack of talent, blame his for once.

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