Five Teams In On Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor is days away from free agency and, as expected, he’ll have a healthy market for his services. The wide receiver is drawing interest from the Giants, 49ers, Eagles, and Titans on the eve of the legal tampering period, sources tell Mary Kay Cabot of More teams could get involved and, of course, the Browns are working hard to re-sign him. Terrelle Pryor

At this point, the Browns and Pryor are far apart in negotiations, Cabot hears. agent Drew Rosenhaus is looking for Pryor to get paid like one of the top receivers in the NFL. After Rosenhaus blew the ceiling off of the WR market with Antonio Brown‘s new deal, there could be a domino effect that aids the Ohio State product. Still, a deal that puts Pryor in the top five at his position in terms of compensation would be a shocker.

Pryor is firmly in the top tier of available receivers this offseason, along with Alshon Jeffery of the Bears and Kenny Stills of the Dolphins. Our most recent rankings have Pryor as the second-best WR on the market, behind Jeffery and ahead of Stills. Despite Rosenhaus’ ambitions, I still see Stills as having more earning power than Pryor.

The Giants are in the market for a receiver after parting ways with Victor Cruz and a player like Pryor would help deflect attention from star Odell Beckham Jr. Still, I’d be surprised if they were able to keep up with the bidding on him. The Eagles and Titans are logical landing spots since both clubs are also in on Jeffery and a possible Brandin Cooks deal. The 49ers, like the Browns, have lots of cap space to work with.

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25 comments on “Five Teams In On Terrelle Pryor

  1. spartyon

    Titans are the best fit for him I think. I would love to see them get him, they are a good offseason away from becoming a powerhouse. They have the resources to do it as well.

  2. browns

    Possible that the Browns and his agents are going to let the market set his cost and then if the Browns deem it to be too much, let him walk. If not, they would in essence get a right-of-first-refusal and be able to match any offer made. Bit of a gamble not tagging him, but understandable. One year of production doesn’t equal $12-15 million per year.

    • browns

      OK, just saw the other article about franchise tag values. WR is $15.682 million, so it’s even a little higher than I thought

  3. sufferfortribe

    If he doesn’t re-sign with the Browns…….we’ll hate him. Not Art Modell-type hate, but still hate.

    • browns

      No doubt, especially with all of his comments about telling his agents he only wants to re-sign with Cleveland, wants to be a Brown, etc.

  4. Polish Hammer

    Out of the price range for Philly. Also can’t afford to take a chance on a guy isn’t an established WR. They had him in for a workout two years and didn’t keep him around, shame they didn’t have the vision to work him out as a WR.

  5. ARKScout

    Exactly the kind of young, big play number one receiver the Packers need to give Aaron Rodgers for the remainder of his career, but of course Ted Thompson has to stay stubborn and watch the best years of a Hall of Fame quarterback pass us by, and watch the the rest of the league and the NFL game in general pass him by. It’s beyond frustrating as a packers fan to have an all time great at quarterback be saddled with a GM that insists on not utilizing every means at his disposal to make the Packers better. The profession has passed Thompson by, it’s time for a change at the top in Titletown. Pryor is a sensational talent, if he goes to a team with a solid quarterback he’s destined to become a superstar.

  6. ARKScout

    If Green Bay would release Randall Cobb and use the 10 million plus toward signing Pryor they would finally have a big play weapon on offense, who could pop the top off the defense, theyd have a young legit number one for years to come…they could begin to utilize Jordy Nelson in the slot where he’s better served playing in the tail end of his career, and they’d get the best out of Davante Adams since he’d be the third focal point for opposing defenses. Green Bay has never had a big, fast match up nightmare at wide receiver during Aaron Rodgers tenure. He’s already a big time weapon and he’s only gonna get better as he further learns the position. Just look how dynamic he was last year playing with a different inept quarterback seemingly every week and having never started at the position in his career. just imagine how great he could be with more experience and with the opportunity to play with an elite passer who he could actually develop chemistry with. Having played the quarterback position, Pryor has a unique understanding of the passing game that most receivers can never have. Having been on the other end of the passing battery, he knows what the quarterback is thinking and knows where the passer wants and needs him to be when things break down…You couple all that with his 6’5 230 pound frame, elite down the field skills, and shockingly natural soft, string hands and Pryor has the potential to be one of the top play makers in football, particularly if he can continue to grow as an all around route runner….PLEASE TED THOMPSON..WAKE UP!! Shock the world and finally make a strong move in free agency. Your fans and your quarterback deserve it….Let’s see just how great Aaron Rodgers can be when he has a player to throw to that actually has the tools to make HIM a better quarterback, instead of him having to constantly work with receivers that HE always needs to make better than THEY are

    • myaccount

      He’s good but I don’t know about legit number one. If you’re competing you probably want him to be your number 2 unless you have a top tier TE.

  7. ARKScout

    Terrelle Pryor is the best offensive weapon avaliable in free agency…period…I’m sorry Browns fans, but even if they can offer him more money, he will be better off long term going to a team with a top notch passer… If you need an example, just look at what happened to Greg Jennings career when he left Aaron Rodgers for more money in Minnesota and was forced to play with the likes of Christian Ponder.

    • sufferfortribe

      He did just fine when Kessler was the QB, but not when RGflee was.

    • I completely agree with everything you in response to Pryor. And I’m a Titan fan. If you can’t see it or admit to Pryor is ascending at the most opportune time in his career then something is just wrong with you. He is the best receiver available in free agency right now to me even if it is only one full year play the position. I know about Alshon but he’s a risk given his injury history. I just really believe Pryor gets it now and is will only continue to get better and perfect his craft at wr. You can’t Honestly tell me when watching him he doesn’t remind you of Julio Jones just a little bit. Not trying to disrespect Julio or over hype Pryor but he has the measurables the speed the talent the hands and passion to play the position at this point in his career. Just needs to improve in route running. Tho he can run every route just needs to clean it up.

    • Ram15004x4BadassStrongToughMan

      Any WR ups the game win a elite QB. Look at Dylan Branch he left to Seahawks. Burress left Ben R. TO played for Bengals and Bills and he stunk cause those teams still stink. WRs need QBs more than QBs need WRs. Put Antonio Brown and Julio Jones in Cleveland or SF and suddenly they no good.

  8. Eaagle land

    I think he should come to Philly ,he could be the guy.But if he doesn’t it’s all good we will get somebody.It’s funny how every available wideout that poor up the titans Chime in we want him ,always somebody Birds want that have any thinkers over there or you just gonna jump on everyone we mention.

  9. Slick62

    Browns have over 100 million in cap space. He’ll be in Cleveland. They’ll end up with Romo or a QB with 12th pick. No reason this team shouldn’t be better next year. Have picks and $ to spend

    • browns

      Honestly don’t believe Romo would want to go to Cleveland. I am sure he will want to go somewhere that has a reasonable chance within the next couple of years to go to the playoffs. I think Tyrod Taylor, Nick Foles, Jay Cutler and maybe AJ McCarron are more realistic options (left out Garoppolo because with what the Patriots are wanting for him, that’s not realistic).

      Wouldn’t be shocked to see Cleveland trade down from #12 unless Trubisky is sitting there.

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