Packers, Chargers Eyeing DeShone Kizer?

DeShone Kizer is still on the board as we head into Day 2, but he might not be available for long. Kizer is in play for the Packers at No. 33, Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) hears. Meanwhile, there’s a “lot of smoke” about the Chargers taking Kizer at No. 38, according to Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News (Twitter link). DeShone Kizer (vertical)

There were three quarterbacks drafted inside of the top 12, but Kizer did not hear his name called in the following 20 picks. The Notre Dame product was once viewed as a top five candidate, but concerns about his field vision and decision making hurt his stock in the months leading up the draft. Teams like the Browns and Saints both passed up opportunities to take Kizer even though they were in search of a quarterback and that’s not a glowing endorsement for him.

Still, Kizer’s big arm should entice someone to draft him in the top half of the second round. If the word around the Packers is to be believed, then they are at least considering the idea of tapping him as Aaron Rodgers‘ understudy.

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12 comments on “Packers, Chargers Eyeing DeShone Kizer?

  1. bleacherbum

    Chargers should take Forrest Lamp or Cam Robinson at 38 if they are available and try to snag Davis Webb in the 3rd round. O-Line is more of a glaring need on that team than a back up QB.

  2. TheMichigan

    I hope the Browns just go with Kessler as their QB if they can sure up that line, they should be okay. I just don’t know why they keep adding on defensive players when their line is their big problem and has since Mack and others have left. That’s why their QBs fail, it’s not the QBs fault it’s the faulty line.

    • signed tretter, zeitler, and extended bitolino?? (never heard of him, but Brown’s obviously like him) to go with Joe Thomas. looks much better on paper.

      • wrigleyhawkeye

        That’s my thought too, but no one in their right mind would believe they need to make that trade or else the Packers might take him, right?

        • Manning and rivers were drafted and traded. I guess kizer could be taken and traded during the draft, but yes its doubtful

        • bdpecore

          Or the plan is to draft Kizer and trade Hundley for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

          • Adam

            A plan to trade down from the first round to the second round, and then waste that first pick in the second round (which is as close to a first round pick as you can get) on Kizer so that they can trade Hundley for a 2nd round pick lower down or a 3rd round pick (even lower yet) would make this idea dumber yet! You give up the guy you know and have been developing for an unknown and get a lesser talent at another position than you could have gotten by just using the Kizer pick on that position instead. There’s no way to spin this one, if that’s the Packer’s plan Ted needs to go NOW!

  3. ARKScout

    If the Packers take a quarterback, the league in all honesty should launch an investigation as to whether Ted Thompson is still mentally fit to be running an NFL organization. Unless there’s a deal in the works that brings a veteran defensive difference maker in exchange for Brett Hundley, but that’s not how the NFL typically works… Theres just such an abundance of talent in this draft…Ted can’t screw this one up too….He….he just CAN’T!!!

  4. If the packers take Kizer, what message does that send Rodgers. I doubt they take Kizer. Just smoke to get more capital.

    Packers are going to end up trading out of that pick. Every packet fan knows Ted loves his mid round picks.

  5. fisher40

    With pressing needs at CB, OG and RB and the Packers… I meant Thompson wants to take a QB? He has lost his way

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