Browns Notes: Peppers, Brantley, Gordon

Jabrill Peppers reported to Browns rookie minicamp but did not practice today because, as an unsigned player, the safety did not sign a participation waiver that would have allowed him to work out without a contract, Mary Kay Cabot of reports. Agent Todd France urged Peppers not to sign the standard participation document, per Cabot.

Peppers encountered a setback after a diluted sample at the Combine resulted in the Michigan talent failing a drug test. By not signing this waiver, Peppers can’t yet be drug tested, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who adds this tactic is quite rare. The participation agreement goes about ensuring a player, should he get injured like Dante Fowler Jr. was two years ago during the Jaguars’ rookie minicamp, would receive the same contract he would have if an injury had not occurred. Florio notes Peppers will be in Stage 1 of the NFL’s substance-abuse program once he signs. Should Peppers fail a test on this tier of the program, he would be upgraded to Stage 2, where suspensions and the loss of game checks could loom.

Here’s more from the Cleveland area.

  • A report from a since-fired ESPN Cleveland contributor Sabrina Parr indicated Peppers was already indulging in drugs upon arriving in Cleveland. Specifically, Parr said during a radio appearance that Peppers was “on the Lean and the Molly,” the former a Codeine-fueled concoction and the latter slang for ecstasy. Peppers denied those allegations today. “Absolutely not, never in my life,” Peppers said, via Cabot. “Whatever drugs she said I’ve done, I’ve never done in my life.” Regarding the diluted sample, Peppers told media today he over-hydrated at the Combine due to a history of cramping. Browns executive VP Sashi Brown called Peppers’ mistake at the Combine “a concern” when asked about it at the Browns’ post-draft press conference.
  • A Browns rookie in facing bigger trouble, Caleb Brantley attended rookie workouts today. He has not been charged for the alleged incident where he’s been accused of striking a woman in the face and dislodging a tooth due to conflicting witness reports. The defensive tackle’s attorneys allege “several women” were verbally abusing their client — with one punching him in the mouth, Nate Ulrich of reports. Brantley’s attorneys say as their 22-year-old client attempted to push away the woman who struck him, his hand made contact with her face. The Browns are conducting their own investigation of the events that occurred at Gainesville, Florida, nightclub last month. Brown said after the draft the team wasn’t certain to keep the sixth-round pick, who remains mired in a legal investigation as well. “I’m looking forward to the facts coming out and the truth about what happened that night,” Brantley said today, via Ulrich. “But I can’t really speak on the legal situation.”
  • Hue Jackson said last year he was ready to move on from Josh Gordon, but Brown said earlier this offseason he was open to the embattled wideout returning. Today, Jackson was noncommittal on the still-suspended pass-catcher’s status with the Browns. “He’s not back, so I don’t even want to really get into that right now,” Jackson said, per Ulrich. “I wish Josh well, and we’ll cross all those bridges when we get there.” The 26-year-old Gordon was denied reinstatement on Thursday. He can reapply in the fall.
  • Isaiah Crowell signed his second-round RFA tender this week.
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6 comments on “Browns Notes: Peppers, Brantley, Gordon

  1. sufferfortribe

    Sounds to me like Peppers is cleansing his system. Why else wouldn’t he sign?

    • bravesfan88

      I have to agree with you, this certainly raises a suspicious red flag in Peppers’ direction.

      Previously, Peppers was most likely telling the truth about HOW his sample came back as “diluted.” I am betting he did drink an excessive amount of water before his test. Although, especially now, it moreso seems like he was trying to flush something out of his system, instead of just trying to simply over-hydrate to compensate for his “cramping issues.”

      If Peppers is in fact still worried about having to pass another test, considering the amount of time that has passed since his last drug test, I would guess he has probably been partaking in the use of pot.

      This is all just mere speculation on my part, but trying to read between the lines, isn’t this just about the only scenario that really makes any sense??

      The only other thing I can think of is that, considering his previously diluted sample and the recent news of his client allegedly sipping Lean and taking Molly, maybe his agent just doesn’t believe Peppers can pass a test…So, being cautious, Peppers’ agent wants him to wait things out a little while, until he feels more confident that his client is clean…??…

      I honestly don’t know, but what do you fellow fans think??

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