Dolphins Open To Offers For Jarvis Landry?

The Dolphins are willing to “seriously listen” to offers for wide receiver Jarvis Landry, according to Michael Lombardi of the Ringer (Twitter links). However, a source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that any trade rumors involving Landry are “zero percent” accurate, although one club did inquire on Landry in the spring. Jarvis Landry (vertical)

Landry, 24, is scheduled to earn roughly $900K for the 2017 campaign before becoming an unrestricted free agent next spring. Miami still hasn’t made an extension offer to Landry, and per Lombardi, the club doesn’t believe it will be able to re-sign the former second-round pick. The franchise tag probably isn’t an option for Landry, as the $16MM+ figure is likely untenable for a receiver who primarily plays in the slot.

While Landry has certainly performed admirably during his three-year run in South Beach, the Dolphins and head coach Adam Gase may not value slot receiver as a position. Since 2014, Landry has averaged 96 receptions and 1,017 yards per season, but that production has mostly been reached through short passes. Miami might prefer outside receiver DeVante Parker, who is eligible for an extension following the 2017 season.

There’s no indication that the two clubs have talked, but the Browns are reportedly searching for wide receiver help, and could be a potential trade partner for the Dolphins. Cleveland has more than enough draft capital to acquire a player such as Landry, as the club owns two 2018 first-round picks, plus three second-rounders, one third-rounder, and two fourth-rouders.

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19 comments on “Dolphins Open To Offers For Jarvis Landry?

      • Patrick N.

        Lucky to get a third? Landry has been outstanding on the field and gets absolutely no love. I think they could easily get a (potentially) high second round draft choice. *Cough* Cleveland *Cough*

          • bravesfan88

            Yeah, unless you are a QB, or unless you’re seen as one of the top 5-7 players at your position, which Landry is neither….Then typically, that player’s trade value won’t be as high as some might probably expect it to be.

            With that being said, personally I think, the only way the Dolphins could net a 2nd round pick for Landry, is if they include their own third round pick in the deal.

            For example, I could see the following:

            Dolphins receive: 2nd Round Draft Pick, 4th Round Draft Pick, and 5th Round Draft Pick

            Ravens receive: 3rd Round Draft Pick and Jarvis Landry

    • CubsRebsSaints

      Not so sure. They may want to ride Cooks and Mitchell. And see if a new name pops up. They value draft capital more than any other team. And they just had their slimmest draft ever, and I don’t think ole Billy Bob cared too much for not having much draft ammo.

      • Mack83

        They do value draft capital, but not so much the early round. Bill does his best work in 3-6 rounds.

        I could see them trade a 2nd and get back a 5th-6th as well as Landry.

        Landry would fill in nicely for JE, but, that all depends if he could pick up the offense well enough. It’s been noted several times how complex it is.

      • mcase7187

        Well it’s happened before and if other teams only offer 3/4 rounders then they could

    • Patrick N.

      No way. Pats already have plenty of depth at WR and I sincerely doubt the Dolphins would make an in-division trade.

  1. CubsRebsSaints

    CLE should offer their middle or last 2nd rounder and either a 4th or 5th RD pick.
    Now the real story here is Jay Cutler…..if I were him, I’d go straight to whomever hired me, and say, “I didn’t get off the couch, and out of retirement, for you to trade one of my big playmakers!” No No No No he stays bruh!

    • tharrie0820

      Calling Landry a big playmaker is pretty misleading. He catches a bunch of short passes… And that’s pretty much it

  2. CubsRebsSaints

    Cleveland, Buffalo, LA(both),New Orleans, (NOLA should be going after him and Desmond Bryant)…New England would be an interesting fit. But they may want to see what they have first.

  3. brandonmarin

    Not sure if they would have have the cap to make it work, but I think the chiefs could make good use of Landry. A ding and dunk QB paired with a slot specialist would make sense to me

    • bravesfan88

      Alex Smith could have an excellent season with Kelce, Hill, and Landry all grouped up as Smith’s offensive weapons!!

      This is the case, especially since the Chiefs just lost Spencer Ware for the year, and since they will be relying on Hunt for their run game…

      Then, next season watching Mahomes throw to Kelce, Hill, and Landry…plus having KC probably draft a guy like Nick Chubb or Sony Michel…The Chiefs could then all of a sudden, quite possibly have one of the premier offenses in the league..

      But that’s alot of what ifs, maybe’s, and alot of hypothetical nonsense…lol…Then again, you just never really know!!

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