Ravens Sign QB Thad Lewis

The Ravens announced that they have signed free agent quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. To make room, fellow QB Dustin Vaughan has been shown the door. Thad Lewis (vertical)

Vaughan was hoping to make the cut as a third-string quarterback behind starter Joe Flacco and primary backup Ryan Mallett. But, given Flacco’s back injury and Mallett’s struggles in practice, the Ravens are taking an especially look at their reserves. Vaughan apparently didn’t do enough to practice to assert his spot, prompting the team to look elsewhere.

Lewis, 32, signed a one-year deal with the 49ers last year, but a torn ACL ended his season before it could begin. The good news is that Lewis was medically cleared in May and he was able to hit the workout circuit starting in late July. An audition for the Rams did not yield a deal, but the Ravens apparently believe that he is 100% healthy and ready to contribute. It seems likely that the Ravens will allow Lewis to compete with Mallett for the QB2 role, though it could be challenging for him with only a few weeks to go before the start of the season.

The signing of Lewis may not sit well with those around football who were hoping the Ravens would sign Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is coming off of a decent season in which he spearheaded a less-than-decent offense. Lewis, meanwhile, hasn’t seen the field since 2013.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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7 comments on “Ravens Sign QB Thad Lewis

  1. jkbuckets

    For all those saying the league is blacklisting kaepernick and are gonna say the ravens are racist or whatever. No team wants a backup qb that would generate media attention and in other words be a distraction to the team. Besides the ravens system is built on deep passing by Flacco so a run first qb wouldn’t be the ideal fit

    • pukelit

      Also saying the ravens are racist is stupid because Thad Lewis is also black?

      • jkbuckets

        Honestly didn’t even know he was black. I didn’t even look at the picture posted with the article until now lol. My bad

          • pukelit

            Wow good one, you must’ve real smart to think of that one. Cudos, did you ever think of the fact that Kaepernick just wasn’t a good fit? As jbuckets said the ravens are a deep throw pocket passing team and kaepernick doesn’t fit that scheme. End of story.

  2. LA Sam

    Lewis is a pro, from Duke, smart…..smart enough too keep his mouth shut, do his job, be extremely happy for the opportunity, to be part of a team, an organization, the opportunity to make a large sum of money in a very short time, more than most folks earn in years…..n if he has a wife or gf I bet she is happy as well n not casting aspersions upon the Raven’s owner…..Karma Is A Fickle Gal.

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