Sashi Brown Releases Statement On Firing

On Thursday, the Browns sacked top decision maker Sashi Brown with four games to go in the season. In his farewell address to Browns fans, Brown took the high road and also took ownership of the team’s poor performance: Sashi Brown (vertical)

I want this to be real and clear, the way I know Cleveland and Browns fans can appreciate: Our win-loss record since I became executive vice president isn’t going to cut it.

We worked hard. I am so grateful to the people I worked with throughout my four-plus years with the Browns, particularly the people I worked with the past two years. We embarked on a mission to rebuild the Browns for long-term, sustainable success. We were committed and aggressive in our approach, even if unorthodox at times. We made dramatic changes and put in place a foundation on which championships can be built.

Obviously, the Browns have not yet achieved the turnaround we wanted for a franchise and the best fans in the NFL, who deserve it more than any other in sports. I know that turnaround is coming.

I thank Dee and Jimmy and the rest of the Haslam family for taking a chance on me. And when that turnaround happens, wherever I am, I will smile – more than a little bittersweetly – and say, to myself, “Go Browns!

Part of Brown’s unorthodox approach to team-building included a heavy focus on analytics. The team’s next GM may or may not follow in the same path, but we do know that Moneyball guru Paul DePodesta‘s job is safe – for now – along with Vice President of Player Personnel Andrew BerryJohn Dorsey – who leaned on some advanced statistical analysis while with the Chiefs – is said to be among the early candidates for the vacancy.

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6 comments on “Sashi Brown Releases Statement On Firing

    • yoyo137

      They are a terrible team, but Brown was part of the team that started stockpiling 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks, tanking, and receiving high draft picks. If the Browns are able to field a competitive team in the next 2-3 years based on the picks they make these upcoming years, we may look at Sashi the same way NBA fans see Sam Hinkie. Masterminding a complete tanking rebuild and stockpiling assets only to take the blame and not be around to reap the benefits or to claim the success as his plan.

      • Polish Hammer

        Overlooking obvious needs right in front of you to stockpile pics is not exactly masterminding anything. It is the front office that is just totally inapt.

  1. Braves Homer

    NFL teams can often turn around a bad team to competitive in usually a 2 year timeframe. I don’t think the Browns will reap the benefits from anything Sashi did cause he simply wasn’t getting it done. Passing on guys like Wentz, Deshaun Watson and even Goff, plus drafting 6 receivers in one draft to only get one good one in Coleman are the type of moves that have even set the Browns back even more. I’m just an outsider looking in but seems like way more bad choices than good in those 4 years.

  2. Strauss

    Sashi didn’t know his ass when it came to football and we all know the Haslems don’t know their ass either!

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