49ers Accepted Patriots’ Jimmy Garoppolo Offer “In 10 Minutes”

Kyle Shanahan said he met with Bill Belichick at the 2017 Combine and asked the Patriots’ top decision-maker about Jimmy Garoppolo‘s availability, and the then-rookie 49ers coach was told the then-Pats backup quarterback was not on the block.

The 49ers did not have a quarterback on their roster at that point and were pessimistic about former Shanahan pupil Kirk Cousins‘ availability as well.

At that time, the only guys we thought were franchise quarterbacks that were being mentioned were Kirk and Jimmy,” Shanahan told Albert Breer of SI.com in an expansive interview. “And I knew Kirk wasn’t going to be a possibility. And I remember asking Bill personally down at the combine about Jimmy, and very quickly he told me that wasn’t a possibility. So we moved on from that. He told me he wasn’t going to trade him.”

However, Shanahan confirmed to Breer the Patriots contacted him on Oct. 30 with a Garoppolo offer. The Patriots’ trade-process timeline is murky, but on the 49ers end, it didn’t take long to finish this agreement.

Shanahan went to John Lynch and the duo decided to accept New England’s proposal of a second-round pick for the contract-year passer, Breer reports. Shanahan indicated to Breer he was shocked when informed Garoppolo was now available, and while he was concerned about having to make a decision about a long-term contract based on a small sample size, Lynch reassured him they would use the franchise tag to buy them time if necessary.

There really was,” Shanahan said when asked if there as a moment of shock when the Patriots called him. “We were 0–8. We’d just gotten our asses kicked by Philly. I came in on a Monday and that was the last thing I was thinking about. And that ended up popping up. It’s different, because it’s a big deal; we want those draft picks. We know have a ways to go; we want to build this organization the right way. And what worried me was having to decide long-term on a guy in just a few games.”

The 49ers did not need to use their contingency plan, signing Garoppolo to a record five-year, $137MM extension. The Patriots’ about-face on Garoppolo ended up being a franchise-changing moment for the 49ers, who may not have been as quick to match a Browns would-be offer of the Texans’ first-round pick. But Cleveland did not have a chance to deal for Garoppolo during the small time window he was available, with the call coming to Shanahan and the first-year San Francisco power structure deciding in minutes to pull the trigger.

Shanahan’s Cousins exploration did not deter a Garoppolo deal, with the 49ers having moved on after their new quarterback’s 5-0 start. But they were interested in Cousins last offseason. Now that Cousins is expected to be available, the 49ers are set at sports’ marquee position.

The now-second-year HC, however, told Breer they hadn’t closed the door on Cousins even after trading for Garoppolo. This extension will close the door on the Cousins-to-San Francisco rumors, likely for good.

Yeah, of course, it was there,” Shanahan told Breer about the franchise’s Cousins interest after the Garoppolo trade. “Everyone knows how I feel about Kirk. And for anybody who knows how I feel about Kirk, I think this shows how I feel about Jimmy, the fact that we ended up doing this. I’m not a guy who’s going to get excited and just go with the momentum, at all. I usually do the opposite, question it to make sure I’m absolutely confident, and not go with the momentum or the excitement.

Talking about Kirk, understanding where he could be in the next year, for me to feel this way about Jimmy? It says a lot about Jimmy.”

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8 comments on “49ers Accepted Patriots’ Jimmy Garoppolo Offer “In 10 Minutes”

  1. bravesfan88

    Who cares if it was previously reported or not, it’s nice to have its own article. It provides us with the chance to discuss the topic more, provides those who possibly missed the article another chance to read the quotes, and it ultimately provides more insight to how the negotiation process went down and the road taken to the completion of the extension.

    Not to mention, it basically restarts the comments section..

    Anyways, love the deal for both Jimmy G and the 49ers, and I also like the 49ers new, two-year deal for Cassius Marsh. He played extremely well for the 49ers, after they picked him, after the Patriots released him.

    I was suprised to see the Pats released him, after witnessing what a solid D-Lineman he was for the 49ers..You would think they could have used him, especially considering, their D-Line was one of the Patriots’ biggest weaknesses. Marsh seemingly could have helped along the line, providing pressure on 3rd downs, and helping stop opposing team’s rushing attack. Oh well, just like with Jimmy G., to a lesser extent of course, the Patriots loss is once again the 49ers gain!!

    Also, it may not be too long, before the 49ers acquire another player the Patriots really could have used in the Super Bowl, Malcolm Butler..

    Butler would be a huge addition, and coupled with Witherspoon, Tartt, Colbert, Ward, Williams, and another early draft pick, they’d all combine to help form a solid, reliable, and up and coming secondary for the 49ers..

    It’s definitely, FINALLY, an exciting time to be a 49ers fan again…Since Harbaugh left, and since all the retirements, it’s been a rough go of it lately. Although, now with Lynch and Shannahan at the helm, the 49ers future is bright, and their own fans aren’t the only ones taking notice. Jimmy G. has already come out and stated that he’s been contacted by other players with interest in joining the 49ers!! Jump on the Bandwagon people, it’s going to be a wild ride these next couple seasons!!

    • bbcatt

      The guy has played a total of 7 games in the NFL and already he’s being touted as a first year H. O. F. Pick. Slow down folks. Slow down.

  2. sports is life

    Nick Foles was spectacular in 2013 and then a bust for 4 years the yes he was very good in 2017-18 but if he had Jimmy’s contract those bad four years were really expensive.

    Truth is Jimmy in the life of football is unproven. DC’s haven’t game planned for him specifically so he might struggle in a big way next season.

    • bigz51

      Jimmy was also playing on the fly not really knowing the offense he was in that works both ways

    • Dretorade

      And walked into a team with 1 win and went undefeated. And DCs game planned for the opposing QB. Wtf you saying, they don’t Game plan the most important position???

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