Jets Divided On Rookie QB Class

The 2018 draft will bring one of the more unique quarterback pools in memory, with four passers likely going in the top 10 and possibly all coming off the board in the top five. Only with less than a month until the draft, the pecking order remains wildly uncertain.

One team with a decision to make will be the Jets, and they’re divided about this quarterback class at the current juncture, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News writes. They are not the only team going through the deliberation process, with the Browns — who are visiting with all four of the top prospects this week — finalizing their preference as well.

But Gang Green surrendered a bounty of picks to move up to the No. 3 spot, so some pressure is on Mike Maccagnan to get this pick right. Mehta notes that when the team made the move from No. 6 to No. 3, Baker Mayfield lagged behind the three other high-profile passers. Now, there’s been plenty of buzz about the Jets being ready to pull the trigger on the Oklahoma product.

Several Jets officials “love” Josh Allen‘s skill set, and the team has been connected to the Wyoming signal-caller since before its draft standing was established. The Jets were believed to have done the most work on Allen as of last season. Others in the organization, per Mehta, aren’t certain the Mountain West quarterback is right for New York.

Mayfield’s intangibles continue to impress many Jets officials, but his 6-foot frame and smaller hands are providing concerns, Mehta writes, adding that Mayfield’s footwork has even drawn scrutiny for some. Others point to his dominance in college — 70.8 completion percentage from 2016-17 — as reasons the footwork won’t be an issue. A consensus of sorts, though, points to the Jets preferring Sam Darnold over Mayfield. Although, Darnold is not expected to make it past both the Browns and Giants. Execs expect the Giants, who are not certain to take a quarterback, to pull the trigger on Darnold if the Browns go with Allen.

Additionally, Mehta notes the Patriots are fans of Mayfield. And after their Brandin Cooks trade, they have a major additional resource — the Rams’ No. 23 overall pick — to attempt a possible trade-up to acquire a quarterback. Said passer, investment-wise, would be the franchise’s most significant effort to appoint a Tom Brady successor. Mehta adds the Bills remain in hot pursuit of a trade into the franchise-quarterback sector of the draft. And Buffalo’s stockpile of picks may be enough to outflank the Patriots, whom Mehta does not expect to be able to strike a deal with the Giants for the No. 2 selection.

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12 comments on “Jets Divided On Rookie QB Class

  1. Begamin

    If the Patriots are interested in Mayfield then you know Mayfield isnt just hype. Not saying he cant be a bust but the Patriots being impressed by him is a good sign.

    • BAINES03

      Or it’s just pre draft smoke they’re putting out there to influence their division rivals. Because when has anything ever leaked out of patriot headquarters?

      • I give no fox

        Maybe the patriots of old, but with the way things unfolded last year they are clearly not as tight lipped as before

  2. Chris

    I think the thing is none of the 4 top QBs look like a sure thing. And no one wants to be the team that picks the bust out of the group

    • Brad

      Which is why the Browns should just pick best available at positions. They have Tyrod right now which isn’t amazing but good. They aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year. Wait and see and just keep getting better. Then snatch a qb in the second or whenever and just let it ride. Every year there are “the best set of qbs”.

  3. Armaday

    Pats made such a mistake letting Garappollo go. I never expect a blunder like that from them.

    • runutstoo

      Can’t franchise your back up QB. IMAGINE THE HIGHEST PAID PLAYER IN FOOTBALL NEVER SEES THE FIELD because he’s Brady’s back up…..

    • davidkaner

      And only got a second rounder for him when they were rumored to have been offered more by Cleveland. They did sucker Rams for Colston. He was only worth a 3rd rounder at best!

  4. crosseyedlemon

    In a city like New York you have to take the guy who offers the most marketing potential if all other factors equal out. None of these QBs can match the swagger and charisma that Namath was famous for but the Jets will probably take the closest imitator.

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