Poll: Should Broncos Draft A QB At No. 5?

Having missed the playoffs the past two seasons largely because of quarterback play, the Broncos face one of the draft’s most interesting decisions. Do they attempt to use their rare top-five real estate to invest in the kind of quarterback not usually available to them, or do they try to help Case Keenum this season with a best-player-available choice?

While the 2016 Eagles and 2017 Bears used a top-five pick on a quarterback despite having authorized a starter-level contract earlier in those years, the Broncos are operating on a different timeline since the cornerstone players on their team are the veterans held over from their Super Bowl team three seasons ago.

It would help the Von Miller-, Chris Harris– and Demaryius Thomas-fronted contingent this season if Keenum’s breakout 2017 was legitimate and not a product of what he was working with in Minnesota. The Broncos receiving improved quarterback play and selecting an instant starter/early contributor at No. 5 overall would help their veteran group. But Keenum’s pre-Minnesota career makes it difficult to judge what the Broncos are getting.

Of the players potentially worthy of this pick, only Quenton Nelson would qualify as filling a dire Denver need, but Bradley Chubb, Saquon Barkley or even Denzel Ward would be an improvement for a team that could use additional talent to help climb back to AFC contention.

However, if Keenum is merely a modest upgrade from Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler, thus a placeholder rather than a long-term answer, it may look bad if the Broncos bypassed Josh Rosen or possibly Baker Mayfield because they signed a journeyman quarterback instead. Previously pegged as Rosen fans earlier in this pre-draft process, the Broncos may now have eyes for Mayfield. But so do the Jets, it appears.

Broncos trade-down noise emerged this week, and that would give the franchise better odds at landing multiple 2018 starters in this draft. Denver’s only held a top-five pick twice in the past 35 years (2011 and 1991), and depending on how the Giants proceed at No. 2, the Broncos could have a chance to take the best or second-best non-QB in the draft. That would help a veteran team.

However, being the Bills’ or another team’s vehicle to trade into the top five could as well. Although, it’s possible teams will see the Giants’ pick or the Browns’ No. 4 spot as better trade-up targets rather than the Broncos’ slot. If the pre-draft buzz is an accurate indication, a team considering a trade-up decision may only have Rosen on the board to target by the time the Broncos pick. If just one quarterback is there at 5, Denver’s leverage shrinks.

Keenum’s contract guarantees him $25MM over the next two years. That’s $6MM more than the Bears guaranteed Mike Glennon but $1MM less than the Eagles guaranteed Sam Bradford. That wouldn’t necessarily stand to prohibit another quarterback addition, although the Broncos — with Paxton Lynch, who has made just four starts, still on the roster — would join a short list of teams to have selected a first-round passer twice in three years.

But with the Broncos’ core on the verge of the “aging” label, and the team coming off a 5-11 season, they need to come out of this draft much better than they entered it in order to maximize the latter portions of their championship nucleus’ primes.

So, is the best way to do that to select a quarterback at No. 5? Or is the Broncos’ $18MM-AAV investment in Keenum sufficient enough for them to take the best player available? Should John Elway be hoping a team calls with a viable trade offer? Which is the best route for the Broncos? Take PFR’s latest poll and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section!

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25 comments on “Poll: Should Broncos Draft A QB At No. 5?

  1. Michael Chaney

    For what it’s worth, if the Giants pass on a quarterback at 2, the Broncos would likely get the third best (instead of the first or second best) non-QB unless the Browns traded the 4th pick to a team picking a QB

  2. Dalton1017

    they should draft the best player in the draft… G Quenton Nelson

  3. Z-A

    If they stand pat, and Nelson is there, should be an easy decision. Groom Lynch another season, worst case, they are terrible next year, high draft pick but have a better OL. Giants, Broncos, Colts, and Bears should all be slotting Nelson atop their board. It’s not a sexy pick.

  4. CubsRebsSaints

    Keenum for two years and then Chad Kelly for the next 8-10 years. Trade down.

  5. sportsfan101

    Elway had done nothing for Denver since Peyton left.. hard to say he is good at running a team when his only successful years came with a qb with better stats then him himself. Gonna be hard for them when we all know he doesn’t wanna give up his legacy in den while he’s in charge.

  6. Big Poison

    I hope they take a qb and he refuses to sign with them demanding a trade.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Is he going to do this because wants to play in the XFL for far less money or because he wants to find a place where he can kneel at his leisure?

  7. Connorsoxfan

    I would take Barkley if he’s still available. He could really boost that offense and I think that Keenum is competent enough at QB that they can wait until next year to take one. With that defense, and considering the weapons Denver would have on offense, plus Barkley, I think he’s the best choice if he’s there. If not, I’d take a QB over Nelson. As good as Nelson is, I would rather have an impact talent at the most important position in the game.

  8. playicy

    Cb Denzel ward is my choice after losing aqib talib to the rams! Draft the next best thing

  9. jacobsigel1025

    They just released CJ so I’m wondering if Saquon is on their mind

    • Z-A

      If you’re the Browns – Chubb/Barkley are there that’s a touch choice. Hard to pass up 2 elite pass rushers. It’s not like you can get comparable talent in the 2nd round – not in this draft, you’ll need to really draft well and get lucky. Whereas, you can get a running back in the 2nd or beyond, and they have Hyde.

  10. Arnold Ziffel

    Chad Kelly is the wild card in this. Forget Allen, while he has a strong arm his accuracy is way off, I would pick Nelson if it was my decision.

  11. Thomas Bliss

    I say trade back with Buffalo. Trade 5th for 12th and 22nd. (Would love a 3rd pick from the 2nd) but very unlikely). Pick up Marcus Davenport with the 12th. Hayden Hurst at 22nd. Sony Michel at 40th.

  12. maxorange33

    If Chubb or Barkley are there at 5, take one, if not there trade back (Buffalo?)

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