Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg To Raiders

Christian Hackenberg is headed to the opposite coast. The Jets have traded the quarterback to the Raiders for a conditional seventh-round pick, coach Todd Bowles announced. 

Hackenberg was considered to be an extreme longshot to make the Jets’ final cut following the re-signing of Josh McCown, the free agent addition of Teddy Bridgewater, and the drafting of Sam Darnold with the No. 3 overall pick. The waiving of Bryce Petty gave the former Penn State signal caller some reason for hope, but the Jets probably saw little need to keep Hackenberg around after Bridgewater took the practice field on Tuesday with no ill effects from his surgically-repaired knee.

Hackenberg, the No. 51 overall pick in the 2016 draft, has yet to throw an NFL pass. In an effort to get his career on track, Hackenberg recently revamped his throwing motion – without first consulting Jets coaches.

“[Hackenberg] hasn’t talked to me about it,” Bowles said earlier this month. “He’s just worked on it and I learned about it after the fact.” 

Hackenberg’s odds of making the Raiders’ final cut are stronger than they were in New York, but it’s far from a guarantee that he’ll be in Oakland come September. The Raiders already have EJ Manuel and Connor Cook battling for time behind starter Derek Carr.

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19 comments on “Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg To Raiders

  1. Z-A

    Potential can land you in either the penthouse or the outhouse. And this kid has all the pieces, but can he put it all together? I don’t play for potential, I play for production. …. This aint no freakin vacation.

    You start doing that Tom Brady Alert Thing, the back shifted over, you maxed the protection, and there’s that dog-gone Allen Robinson, and you shred em. I mean that’s awesome right there. That’s the kind of Quarterback I’m looking for.

  2. Begamin

    Good luck to Hackenberg. He wasnt given a real chance to show his worth on the Jets. After he held the clipboard for a year they gave up on him. Surprised they only got a 7th out of him but I guess its better than nothing.

    So, since the Jets are content with Bridgewater, McCown, and Darnold at their QB corps; who starts? Bridgewater? Apparently he is looking good. Darnold? He might still be having issues turning over the ball. McCown? You’d at least know what youd get out of him.
    Personally, I think Bridgewater is worth trying out unless they see a good trade opportunity. Then I would go Darnold, then McCown.

    What I am wondering is what should one do if Bridgewater starts and starts playing better than any Jets QB before him? Just ride out the wave until the season ends and then let him walk? Resign him? Trade him at the deadline and then hand the reigns to Darnold? Maybe this a good problem for the Jets to have but its still a problem nonetheless.

  3. xabial

    Biggest 2nd round bust in Jets’ franchise history — maybe NFL history.

    Rich Cimini Jets’ beat writer writes: “In two seasons of inactivity, Hackenberg became a historical footnote — the first quarterback in more than 30 years, drafted in the first two rounds and didn’t play a snap in his first two seasons… It happened to Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, a first-round pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1983, but his situation was a technicality since he opted to start his career in USFL.”

    “…The only other quarterback since the 1970 merger who falls into that category is Gene Bradley, a second-round pick of the Bills in 1980.”

    Hackenberg’s accuracy was so terrible anonymous sources said: “couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean”

    Hackenberg was traded hours after essentially trashing Jets’ coaches saying They DIDN’T DO enough to FIX his TERRIBLE, cringe-worthy mechanics. (?)

    Christian Hackenberg: “I think there were some times when I threw it really good throughout my first two years here. That was the frustrating part for me, is the ups and downs and not knowing why — and not really getting any information from anybody on how to fix that and how to address it.”

    He was traded hours after making (above) statement.

    Good luck, Hack! You were a reach then, and pick looks even worse now. Thank you for teaching me a 2nd round draft pedigree gets you a conditional 7th rounder these days, I’m impressed!

    • Begamin

      Hackenberg wasnt even given the opportunity to bust. I think that speaks more about the Jets mishandling of him then it does his talent level. He was limited to the scout team for a while now and got zero reps in practice yesterday. They didnt care about him the moment Fitzpatrick threw his 15th TD of the season.

      • Z-A

        I was gonna say, someone had to mention that failure. Literally the worst pick in NFL history, 1st b/c it was a Kicker, 2nd b/c they traded up for him, and 3rd b/c he’s bagging groceries before his rookie deal is up.

        • cka2nd

          “Literally the worst pick in NFL history”

          Do you really mean the worst pick in ANY round in NFL history, or just in the second round? If you mean any round, hell, I can name two worse picks in Vikings history right off the top of my head: Leo Hayden (Rd. 1, 1971) and Dimitrius Underwood (Rd. 1, 1999).

          And the worst draft pick ever spent on a kicker or punter was the Cardinals’ first round pick in 1978, 15th overall, on K/P Steve Little, whose three-year career ended with 48.1% of field goals made, 80.4% of extra points made, and a gross – NOT net – punting average of 38.5 yards. Unfortunately, tragedy followed failure, as Little would break his neck in a single-car accident only hours after being cut by the Cards, and would live out the remainder of his days – he died at only 43 – as a quadriplegic.

    • brucewayne

      How can you label him a bust when he hasn’t even had a chance to produce ?

  4. connfyoozed

    I’m kind of annoyed that I didn’t see this match before. Hackenberg has reportedly looked so hopeless in practices as a Jet that some think he’ll get on the field, and Gruden thinks that he can improve or fix any QB out there.

  5. bradthebluefish

    Patriots could have used a good 2nd round QB to convert into a veteran backup QB. Guess we’ll stick with Brian Hoyer.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Especially if the price was a conditional 7th next year. The Pats already have picks coming out their rear end next year I don’t see why they didn’t offer something up.

    • Kenleyfornia74

      I thought the same thing. Its a division rival tho so the Jets would not want to help the Pats in any way

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