Reuben Foster’s Marijuana Case Dismissed

Reuben Foster has now seen both of his offseason arrests lead to dismissed cases in a span of three days. The 49ers linebacker is no longer facing a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge after that case was dismissed, Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee tweets.

On Wednesday, it was determined Foster would not face a felony domestic violence charge. On Friday, the Tuscaloosa, Ala., district attorney’s office announced the 24-year-old defender’s second-degree marijuana possession charge was being dropped because Foster completed a diversion case, per Barrows.

Foster was arrested for drug possession shortly after his rookie season concluded. He’s now in the clear for this lesser charge as well. However, while Foster has navigated some significant hurdles this offseason, he could still face discipline from the NFL. The Alabama product could be subject to suspension for the January arrest under the league’s substance-abuse policy.

Weeks ago, the 49ers barred Foster from offseason workouts, and the 2017 first-round pick’s future with the team looked bleak. But the tide turned swiftly for the talented linebacker, who now has a clear path back to the 49ers. They will surely plug him back into their first-string group after he’s missed extensive offseason time.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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11 comments on “Reuben Foster’s Marijuana Case Dismissed

  1. Ironman_4life

    So what do you guys think. Basic 4 game suspension or is Roger gonna paper rape dude?

  2. ric7744

    I am not saying he is a good dude or will not do something else stupid but he shouldn’t get any suspension at all. He had the charges dropped and I don’t smoke weed but it should be legal everywhere. The gun Charge he is facing should be dropped to. He wouldn’t have been doing anything wrong anywhere else except the communist state of CA. If he does get a suspension I would say 4 games max to send a message you are done if you mess up again.

    • Weed should be legal too, IMO. However, this guy signed a contract that pays him based on meeting the obligations of that contract – he decided to ignore that and break the rules anyway. He should be punished.

      • marijuasher

        California law may supersede personal contracts, especially those written out of state. So maybe the football owners who take money from tax payers to cover their precious billion dollar stadiums should have to pee in a cup? That’s what I’m thinking.

    • marijuasher

      The Communist state of California contributed, among other politicians, Russians like Nixon and Reagan, not to mention other GOP stalwarts as George Deukmajian and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Also, as we all know, those California Commies also recalled a governor (Gray Davis) for having the audacity to increase DMV rates. Fun political talk on football page!! Yay!!

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