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We learned yesterday that the Steelers final offer to running back Le’Veon Bell was worth $70MM over five years. While that deal is plenty lucrative, it may not have been as good as it sounded.’s Ian Rapoport tweets that the deal only contained $10MM in guaranteed money. Similar to last season’s offer, Bell would have made $33MM over the first two years “in a rolling guaranteed structure.” This number would have been increased to $45MM over three years.

As Jason Fitzgerald of points out (via Twitter), the deal would have been “virtually identical to the cash flows of the last contract.” The boosts in value would have been based on the increase in value of the running back franchise tag.

There’s been plenty of news pertaining to Bell and the Steelers over the past few days, which naturally led to a number of reactions and observations. We compiled all of the relevant notes below:

  • While reports indicated that the Steelers had offered Bell the $70MM contract, Bell’s agent, Adisa Bakari, seemed to imply that that wasn’t actually the case. In fact, he seemingly backed the above report that the deal didn’t include much guaranteed money. “I am certainly not saying that what has been reported is accurate because it’s not quite frankly,” Bakari said (via SiriusXM NFL Radio on Twitter). “The most important element is the guarantee.”
  • Yesterday, Bakari said this will likely be his client’s final season in Pittsburgh. If Bell does end up going elsewhere, he’ll be the eighth player since 2013 to leave his team after being tagged (via Rapoport on Twitter). The list of players includes quarterback Kirk Cousins, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, linebacker Brian Orakpo, defensive end Greg Hardy, offensive guard Branden Albert, defensive end Michael Johnson, and defensive tackle Henry Melton. Rapoport did not include cornerback Josh Norman nor tight end Jimmy Graham, who both had unique defections after inking the franchise tag.
  • Mark Kaboly of The Athletic writes that neither the Steelers nor Bell’s camp are to blame for the lack of a long-term deal. The writer understands that the organization isn’t in a hurry to pay a running back more than $14.5MM per season. On the flip side, Kaboly believes Bell has established himself as one of the best players at his position, and he deserves to have a contract that matches his standing.
  • Could the Steelers end up rescinding Bell’s one-year, $14.5MM franchise tender? While it’s unlikely, Mike Florio of explains that it’s a possibility. The writer opines that the organization may not want to pay that kind of money to a player who will only be with the organization for one more season, especially if Bell decides to sit out regular season games. Plus, the Steelers seem to have a solid backup plan in James Conner, and they could also choose to pursue any of the available running backs still sitting on the market (a grouping that includes Adrian Peterson, Alfred Morris, or the recently-retired DeMarco Murray).
  • Fitzgerald took a look at the current “plight of the running back,” noting that Bell and his peers can’t expect to earn the same kind of money that running backs earned five or six years ago. Ultimately, even if Bell does somehow manage to snag a record-breaking contract, Fitzgerald doesn’t believe it will have a lasting impact on the running back market.
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12 comments on “Latest On Le’Veon Bell, Steelers

  1. SilvioDante

    Yawn! Let’s move on. Every year there’s a contract beef with this guy. Adios!

      • captainchaos55

        That’s TSpoon for you –

        He has a fetish for Mr Bell. Constantly avoiding the truth .. I’m glad he sees now what I’ve said all along .. he ain’t worth it , he’s a product of the system and Oline. Great back but not what he thinks he is. Now you have professionals telling you the same thing TSpoon

        Can we put it rest now ? Oh, yep sorry forgot, this is where you dig deep for a joke about my mother you’ve never met. Your a joke

    • ChiSoxCity

      The lack of guaranteed money for top-tier NFL players is just plain stupid. The NFLPA needs to get their act together.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Not sure why you blame the NFLPA. Football is far more violent that other sports so owners are understandably concerned about committing big dollars long term. A further complication is defining exactly what quantifies a player as being “top-tier”. I agree that there is probably far too much posturing in contract negotiations these days and the process is often drawn out too long but ultimately market forces of supply and demand will dictate player value.

        • seth3120

          Supply and demand plus the salary cap lol. So yeah that’s on the nflpa

  2. madmanTX

    I’d be happy if the Steelers dumped Bell now. Then we won’t have to hear about him in the team feed anymore.

    • kenly0

      I call BS. Because without Bell, no way the Steelers win anything. They have a real shot at a title with him. FACTS

      • captainchaos55

        I think they did fine with Deangelo Williams in his absence.. his ego and pride is going to cost him millions. He’s great but not what he thinks he is. Did Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Jerome Bettis, Walter Payton.. none of these guys were worth the salary of a top running back + a #2 receiver .. it’s so selfish and anti- team-player to make such a statement and to consider yourself above and beyond the prior names I mentioned when he has a long way to go before he can every be considered in that class.

        • tsolid

          Why did you get banned?? Obviously you said something STUPID as usual? “You forgot you had this Username” I’m sure had something to do with your redneck tendencies.

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