A Look At Every NFL Team’s Cap Room In July

The majority of this year’s top free agents have been signed, but there are still plenty of big names left on the board. You may also be surprised to learn that there are plenty of unspent dollars left in the league. According to the NFLPA, there’s $520MM left when accounting for unspent dollars and the players outside of the Top 51 on each roster.

As we noted in our look at Johnathan Hankinsfree agent market, there are still 19 teams with at least $10MM in space, according to this metric. There’s an average of $16MM available per team and six clubs – the Bears, Browns, Texans, Colts, 49ers, and Titans – with over $25MM to burn. The overwhelming majority of this year’s draft picks have been signed, so these dollars largely available for extensions and free agent additions.

Here’s the rundown of every team’s cap room as of this writing:

  • 1. Browns – $66.8MM
  • 2. Colts – $51.1MM
  • 3. 49ers – $44.6MM
  • 4. Titans – $33.6MM
  • 5. Texans – $28.9MM
  • 6. Bears – $25.7MM
  • 7. Jaguars – $20MM
  • 8. Jets – $19.5MM
  • 9. Bills – $15.1MM
  • 10. Cowboys – $14.8MM
  • 11. Bengals – $14.4MM
  • 12. Buccaneers – $14.2MM
  • 13. Cardinals – $13.9MM
  • 14. Redskins – $13.2MM
  • 15. Packers – $10.8MM
  • 16. Patriots – $10MM
  • 17. Broncos – $9.3MM
  • 18. Ravens – $9MM
  • 19. Dolphins – $14.2MM
  • 20. Vikings – $14MM
  • 21. Seahawks – $10.6MM
  • 22. Lions – $9MM
  • 23. Chargers – $8.7MM
  • 24. Chiefs – $7.4MM
  • 25. Saints – $7.2MM
  • 26. Giants – $7.2MM
  • 27. Falcons – $7.1MM
  • 28. Eagles – $6.1MM
  • 29. Panthers – $5.2MM
  • 30. Steelers – $5.1MM
  • 31. Rams – $1.9MM
  • 32. Raiders – $1.9MM
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6 comments on “A Look At Every NFL Team’s Cap Room In July

  1. whereslou

    Isn’t there a penalty if you don’t spend a certain amount of your money for a couple years in a row? Seems the Browns always have a ton of money left in cap money. Maybe keeping the $68 mill and paying the fine is cheaper. Maybe that is why the Browns are the worst team in the league. The owners keep all that money instead of investing it in players. It is not fair to a fair fan base.

    • I believe it’s a rolling 3 years you must spend 90% of your cap space or get fined. The browns still don’t have Mayfield signed or Denzel Ward signed. Joe Thomas retired, they signed Jamie Collins, Christian Kirksey and Joel Bitonio to pretty big extensions last year as well as trading for Landry (plus huge extension) and also trading for Tyrod Taylor ($13MM on his last year of his deal)… they were taking the moneyball approach and pooling assets/resources before what should be massive spending in the future… so all that being said, their owner isn’t very good. But their crash was designed (the last couple years only only, just garbage the previous decade)

  2. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    The penalty for doing what the Clowns do is that they have to award bonuses to the players to get back up to the salary floor over a rolling three year period.

    Which, yeah, you’d think a team would rather use that cash on better or more players instead of rewarding the lousy ones they have, but this is what has made the Browns what they are over the past two decades. Worst ownership in sports. Puts the Wilpons ownership of the Mets to shame.

  3. wrigleyhawkeye

    Are Dolphins and Vikings typos? List goes in descending order, but these two.


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