Offset Language Holding Up Top 10 Picks

There are 15 unsigned rookies left, and seven of them are in the top 10. The holdup for this year’s highest selections is offset language, a league source tells Mike Florio of PFT

Players with offset language who are cut before the end of their rookie contract have the remaining guaranteed money reduced by whatever they earns elsewhere. Without offset language, players get to double dip. Top 10 picks expect to complete their rookie contracts, but it’s an important issue for agents nonetheless.

The following top 10 players are without deals and there’s a common thread in the representation for most of them:

As Florio notes, CAA also represents No. 6 overall pick Quenton Nelson. The new Colts guard agreed to terms back in May on a deal that contains offset language, but also includes large guaranteed training-camp roster bonuses in 2019 through 2021. The presence of those bonuses effectively offsets the presence of offsets and could be a good middle ground solution for the agency’s remaining unsigned top 10 picks.

There’s no sign of real acrimony between any of these players and the teams that drafted them, but Joey Bosa‘s situation in 2016 serves as a reminder that offset language can become a real issue that can lead to a training camp holdout.

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11 comments on “Offset Language Holding Up Top 10 Picks

  1. Brad

    Do your job. Earn your money. You want to make the millions that you are getting? Prove your worth. If I suck at my job, I won’t have a job. Do I get paid still? Nope.

    • Vedder80

      They don’t either. The NFL doesn’t have guaranteed contracts. They also are one injury away from the team paying them nothing more and losing their ability to earn any more. The guaranteed money is the only thing they can count on.

      • noraj9

        There’s still the idea of why guarantee money when performance is not. Fine line and I totally understand both sides.

        • It’s also the only multi year deal in the entire league that is fully guaranteed.


    • justinept

      Comparatively, you do suck at your job. Professional athletes are in the top 1% of all the people in the world that try to do what they do… Are you in the top 1% in your entire industry? My guess is no. Because if you were, you 1) wouldn’t care about things that have no effect on your life and 2) you wouldn’t have time to post on a message board.

  2. Armaday

    If you get hurt on your job, you collect disability…Why can’t they just collect disability like everyone else? Why do they need to be paid millions if they can’t contribute anymore?

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