Bears Officially Sign Roquan Smith

Roquan Smith is officially in the fold. On Tuesday morning, the Bears announced that Smith has signed his rookie deal.

The Bears, predictably, did not release the details of Smith’s pact, but per the terms of his slot, we know that the No. 8 overall pick has received a four-year, $18MM guaranteed pact. And, via Mike Florio of PFT, we have the details on his guarantee structure in the event of discipline.

The two sides hammered out a formula that protects Smith against most of the potential incidents that would take place on the field. Smith’s guarantees will void only if the league office suspends him for three games or more for something that would happen during a play, such as lowering his helmet or roughing the quarterback. That’s not a cumulative three games, so Smith can be suspended for one or two games multiple times throughout his contract without forfeiting guarantees.

If Smith is suspended for one game for a post-play infraction in which he’s defending himself or a teammate, he’ll maintain his guarantees. For two games, however, he’ll forfeit them. If he’s deemed to be the aggressor in a post-play incident and suspended for one game, he will lose his guarantees.

Ultimately, the Bears had to deviate quite a bit from the standard language in order to get Smith on the practice field. It’s not ideal for Chicago, but the team is undoubtedly relieved to have its top draft pick under contract.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Bears Officially Sign Roquan Smith

  1. crosseyedlemon

    It’s pretty apparent the league is trying to eliminate as much contact as possible from the game. Eventually, defensive players will have to offer an apology after every tackle or risk having their contract guarantees voided.

    • Dodgethis

      Well we now live in a country where people don’t have to be responsible for themselves. Now people can make everyone around them responsible and sue. It’s really quite pathetic. “Durr , I wasn’t smart like 99.99% of the country, I decided to play an extremely physical obviously punishing game for money, and now that I’ve made a terrible decision and made millions of dollars doing it, someone else is to blame for the consequences of that choice.”

      Give me a break. It’s like all the Hollywood actresses who slept their way into movie roles and then after they get rich and famous claim they are victims… nobody with a brain is a buying that. You’re responsible for yourself, and that includes injuries while playing a game. Unfortunately as long as we have activist judges the entire country will head in this direction. Until nobody can do anything.

        • profhambone2

          True….but he is right on many of his points about responsibility and the avoidance of it by today’s citizens.

      • GuruGray

        The comments on the football pages are crazy right winged lol. That’s a wild and reckless allegation you made about actresses. You need to get laid dude

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