Bears To Sign Rookie LB Roquan Smith

The Bears and first round linebacker Roquan Smith have finally agreed to terms on his rookie deal, a source tells Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). The agreement means that the longest rookie holdout of 2018 is finally over. 

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Smith stayed away from the Bears as his agents balked at language in the Bears’ proposal. His reps wanted his guarantees protected in the event of league discipline, which spans off-the-field issues as well as late hits and things of that nature on the field. It’s not immediately clear where things landed, but we should know the specifics soon.

Smith, the No. 8 overall pick in the 2018 draft, is believed by some to have one of the highest ceilings of any player in this year’s class. Smith finished in the top ten of Heisman voting in his final year at Georgia as he tallied 137 total tackles, 14 tackles for a loss, and 6.5 sacks.

The rookie projects to start at outside linebacker for the Bears this year, opposite of Leonard Floyd. Smith may be behind the 8-ball in learning every part of the scheme, but the Bears are hopeful that he’ll be able to get on track quickly.

Per the terms of his slot, Smith’s deal will come in as a four-year, $18MM guaranteed pact.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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39 comments on “Bears To Sign Rookie LB Roquan Smith

  1. lgrunner34

    As a bears fan I hope he gets a healthy amount of boos for trying to strong arm the bears into unacceptable language.

    • Steven Juris

      You want the owners to have the ability to void a contract due to a rule that is extremely stupid and not going to be consistently enforced.

      • CubsRule08

        Exactly. I don’t blame Roquan either for holding out for that exact reason. It’s a moot point now, so let’s get him caught up and ready for preseason games

      • tharrie0820

        @steven juris every rookie, except 7, from this year’s class have that exact same language in their contracts

        • Steven Juris

          If those rookies were that dumb to give the team that power that’s up to them. Smith wasn’t and got most of what he was asking for. Pretty sure the 7 rookies that got that power had CAA as their agency

    • JT19

      So he should’ve let the Bears put in language that would allow them to remove any remaining guaranteed money if he was to get fined or suspended for an on the field penalty? Realistically you’d only want that as a team if you think the player is going to be a bust, or at least not worth the money he’ll make during the rookie contract. If that’s the case then they probably shouldn’t have drafted him.

  2. leprechaun

    Wish they had traded his selfish attitude before he becomes a club house cancer. All his teammates know he sat at home around the pool in the shade while they busted there rear ends for the last month. First time one of them has a chance I hope they knock the snot out of him

    • biggame6

      So many things wrong with your comment. 1. Rookies don’t get traded. 2. Football doesn’t have a club house. 3. He has been working out and is in physical shape to play (he may need some catch up time for learning the scheme but he wasn’t sitting around the pool). 4. Their* rear ends. 5. The NFL is a business and this wasn’t some financial holdout. His teammates will welcome him onto that defense with open arms. Also I think the league made it illegal to knock the snot out of a player last year so he shouldn’t have to worry. Maybe read a single article about what this contract dispute was about because you sound like an idiot.

    • twinnb15

      That’s a dumb comment. The bears don’t deserve such a stub linebacker if they’re trying to save a few thousand dollars for him hitting someone too hard.

      • Rondon

        You just doubled down on the dumb comment, (although his was about as dumb as it gets). None of us have the slightest idea about the details of any of it.

    • micawoli

      So you know for a fact that he was “at home around the pool in the shade”? Were you with him at his house? I’m sure he was preparing for the season and wanted to be out there with this teammates just as much as we do.

    • adkuchan

      His teammates aren’t going to care. They understand contract negotiations, especially considering they very unpopular rule changes. The other LBs are probably grateful for the reps!

    • JoeyPankake

      His teammates have a far better understanding of NFL contract language than you do, so they won’t be upset at all.

    • ghostoforsillo

      That’s harsh man. Joey makes a point and there weren’t to many bears players saying what he was doing was completely absurd. They obviously want him in camp but they’ll thank him in the long run if they are able to utilize the same language he was able to construct with the team….

    • JT19

      Bet you wouldn’t say that to his face lol. But what would Roquan Smith know about his own contract? You must have insider knowledge of the whole situation and the Chicago Bears locker room.

  3. Steven Juris

    Do you even understand what this was about or are you a lover of cheap owners

      • justinept

        Selfish… you really don’t understand professional athletes – or unions. One guy getting a better deal opens the door for other guys to get better deals.

        • justinept

          That was in response to Leprechaun.

          Love the content on this site. But the message bird, at least on the app, is very glitchy.

  4. midway_monster85

    He will most likely end up being our best player on the team. PAY THE MAN. It’s about time.

  5. sss847

    hopefully he gets lots of tackles and pro bowls and stays out of trouble off the field. if he’s a good player and a good dude, no one is going to care about him posturing on the contract.

  6. afsooner02

    doubt he lives up to his hype. he’s no urlacher but to be fair, very few are.

  7. Bryzzo2016

    Nice! Excited to see this kid play. Hopefully he’s been all over the playbook while holding out.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Hopefully he took breaks from studying the playbook to stick sharp pins into Packer bobble heads.

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