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One of this decade’s biggest blockbuster NFL trades came together in part because of something another team accomplished Friday.

Aaron Donald‘s $22.5MM-AAV Rams extension helped set up the Raiders’ choice to trade Khalil Mack to the Bears, Ian Rapoport of reports (video link).

The Raiders spent recent weeks and months pondering what Mack’s contract would ultimately cost them at least that, with Rapoport reporting Mack was not going to take anything less than what Donald received. Once the Donald deal occurred, the Raiders “certainly” knew they weren’t going to be able to authorize that kind of contract, per Rapoport. No progress had occurred on this front for months.

Teams then began contacting the Raiders about Mack again, despite previously being told he was not available. Upon receiving a Bears offer that included “at least” two first-rounders, the Raiders believed they “had to” accept it, Rapoport reports.

A two-first-rounder offer occurred within the past 24 hours, Tom Pelissero of reports (video link). Another offer involving a first- and third-round pick, and one including a player, occurred earlier this week. But once teams heard the Raiders received a proposal including two first-rounders, other teams dropped out, per Pelissero.

Mack’s fifth-year option salary of $13MM-plus is now off the books, and the Bears have a lead pass rusher to anchor a Leonard Floyd-fronted supporting cast. As for the Raiders, their prized 2014 draft class splinters. They agreed to a then-record deal with Derek Carr and signed Gabe Jackson for eight figures per year in June 2017, but because of Mack’s fifth-year option, they waited on an extension for the 2016 defensive player of the year. And they ultimately decided they were better off with the draft picks and cap space than paying Mack.

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11 comments on “Latest On Khalil Mack Trade

  1. Kenleyfornia74

    Raiders are an absolute mess. They overpay for so many bad veterans in the past decade but dont keep the 1 HOF lock and give 100 million to a over rated head coach. What a mess.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The autumn wind is a Raider
      Blowing both blind and dumb
      They dealt away Mack
      Now have money for crack
      But the fans are weary and glum

      • WubbaLubbaDubDub

        Kudos to Crosseyedlemon for adding some poetry to the TradeRumors discourse.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I believe the original Raiders Theme was written by the legendary John Facenda who worked with Ed Sabol and Sam Spence for NFL films. The man had an incredible voice.

  2. Rondon

    This was a bold move by the Bears. Knowing it may take awhile for Trubisky to really grasp the new scheme, they strengthened an already top 10 defense to take some pressure off the offense. 2 #1’s is a high price, but they went for it. Not gonna happen overnight, but what a message it sends to that team. Ownership is goin’ for it.

    • ray_derek

      It’s more the cap than anything for Chicago. How much is he going to cost? He’s soon to be the highest paid defensive player in the league either way. The draft pick… I’d trade those every day of the week for a stud like this. Plenty of high picks that never make it, guaranteed stud and kept him out of GB.

      • twinnb15

        I agree, if you can get one of the best defensive players then you do it every time. Those linebackers in Chicago will be exciting to watch!

  3. 2bbige

    Raider fan for life, please don’t mix fact/fiction and disproportionately apply logic to Raiders vs other teams.

    The only reason this is an issue is because the 2014 draft was FABULOUS ( Carr, Mack, Jackson etc).

    Has Reggie missed sometime? Sure he has- what GM hasn’t (see Kevin White, Jay Cutler and others)?

    Mack is an awesome player ( and teammate it appears) but the price is not palatable

    RM assumed salary cap deficit from PRIOR regime and dutifully extricated and infused a sustainable, economic model.

    Please do not interpret as a jab at the late Mr.Davis… he was a GREAT man and he was influential in the success the league is now.
    On a personal level (I know many things he did away from field for former players that isn’t publicized), next to my dad the greatest man I have ever known.

    So, committing (est) $150M + guaranteed to 2 players is not sustainable

    I hate to reference this franchise ( for obvious reasons “ the snow job”) but Belichick has made moves like this (Jamie Collins, Chandler Jones, Ty Law etc) and has been praised for “sticking with his system”.

    Raiders are working towards sustainability and moving in right direction

    Its a shane Mack has to be the loss, but it has to be done

    Watch, if Rams/Goff have success they will be facing similar issue when Goffs rookie contract approaches expiration

    Please think responses through and spare me the partisan or mindless rants

    Constructive dialogue is welcome

  4. unclemike1525

    The way Pace drafts in the first round this is a good trade. So the Bears don’t have 1st or 2nd round picks next year. They will still have plenty of cap space to sign something they need next two years. Most of the new talent is signed now for at least 3 years. If the 2 first round picks going to the Raiders are White and Floyd, Steal of the century. LOL

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