Raiders Trade Khalil Mack To Bears

Khalil Mack is heading to the Windy City. The Raiders have agreed to send Mack, a 2020 second-round round pick, and a conditional 2020 fifth-round pick to Chicago in exchange for a 2019 first-round pick, 2020 first-round pick, a 2020 third-round pick, and a 2019 sixth-round pick.

Furthermore,’s Ian Rapoport Rapoport adds (via Twitter) that the Bears have permission to negotiate a long-term deal with Mack. They’re expected to ink him to a deal that would eclipse the record-breaking deal that Aaron Donald signed with the Rams yesterday.

We heard late last night that the chances of a Mack deal were “very real,” with the Jets and Browns among the teams connected to the defensive end (SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano confirms that the Jets called about Mack). However, it sounds like there was a difference in opinions among the Raiders staff, with owner Mark Davis apparently in support of keeping the disgruntled 27-year-old. On the flip side, head coach Jon Gruden was “far more open” to the idea, believing the financial commitment would be far better used on multiple players (via SI’s Michael Silver on Twitter).’s Tom Pelissero tweets that several potential suitors dropped out of the sweepstakes last night as the Bears seemingly ramped up their pursuit, with the Raiders telling other teams that they had at least two first-rounders on the table. Rapoport tweets that the reported asking price was two firsts and a player, a price that only Chicago was willing to pay.

Mack was engaged in a contract dispute with Oakland throughout the preseason, and it was expected to last into the regular season. One of the NFL’s best pass-rushers, Mack is scheduled to earn $13.846MM in 2018 before hitting free agency next spring. If Chicago is going to make him the highest-paid defender in the NFL, then the contract would need to exceed the deal that Donald signed with the Rams yesterday. That contract is worth $135MM, including $87MM in rolling guarantees. The deal represents the richest defensive deal in NFL history.

Mack has been a wrecking ball since entering the league as a first-round pick in 2014. A three-time Pro Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro, Mack has totaled 40.5 sacks over his first four NFL seasons. In 2017, Pro Football Focus graded Mack as the NFL’s seventh-best edge defender. A deal for Mack certainly indicates that the Bears are ready to win now, as no team would give up such a haul if they weren’t eyeing the playoffs. Mack will slide into the starting lineup alongside either Akiem Hicks or Jonathan Bullard.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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125 comments on “Raiders Trade Khalil Mack To Bears

      • brewcrew08

        I honestly feel Mack is a guy who could put a legit contender over the top but can’t turn a mediocre team into a contender..just ask Oakland

        • JT19

          I agree, but that has more to do with his position moreso than his talent or anything else. In the NFL you either need a good QB or an elite defense to turn a team from mediocre to contender.

        • Rondon

          If I was you, Packer boy, I’d pray your glass QB stays healthy because without him, GB is a “mediocre team”.

          • twentyforty

            As is every team in the NFL. That’s a convenient line of thought for rubes that don’t have Rodgers. It’s lazy and shallow too. Can’t you do better?

            • pullhitter445

              I mean the eagles just won a super bowl with a back up qb so…….

              • Rondon

                With arguably one of the best offensive and defensive lines in the game. No comparison.

                • nrd1138

                  ..and whose ‘backup’ QB was a high draft pick for the Eagles in the first place

          • brewcrew08

            I guess I can’t argue that. Bears fans sure do know what mediocre looks like. Oh and I’m pretty sure the bears lost to Hundley last year?

          • brewcrew08

            I love all these bears fans talking like they are magically going to be relevant. Your fate is in the hands of a guy who threw 7 TD’s in the 12 games he played. Not to mention he had 10 turnovers. Mack might add a win so you’re looking at 6-10

            • Rondon

              Most Bear fans I know don’t overstate what the Bears will do this year- But if Mack and Smith help their top 10 defense from last year improve- Fangio’s defense (the guy the Packers tried to hire), and If Nagy’s offense and better receivers help Trubisky- They will be better. Maybe not “magically relevant”, but better.

            • Bryzzo2016

              I love all these Brewers fans pouncing on this link to troll. Very telling. BTW, brewcrew08, what would a Brewer fan know about being relevant? Like getting booted out of the AL, relevant? Like NEVER winning a championship, relevant? Like making the playoffs 3 times in your entire, pathetic existence, relevant? Hahaha, it would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

                • Bryzzo2016

                  Hahaha, 108, seriously? When was the last time the Brewers won a World Series? Oh, I know 190…. NEVER. Come on amateur, if you’re gonna be pathetic enough to troll… at least be good at it. Oh, it’s “ONE WS win” in the last 2 YEARS. Including 3 straight trips (and counting) to the NLCS with a team built around a core that hasn’t even peaked yet. So, let’s see here, we’ll do simple math so you can keep up. The Cubs have made the post season, just in the last 3 years, the same amount of times that Brewers have made the postseason in their ENTIRE, IRRELEVANT existence… WOW. So the Cubs, just in the last 3 years have won more post season games than the Brewers have EVER won. (see, I can use CAPS too)

                  • brucewayne

                    By the way moron, I’m not a Brewers fan! I’m a Cardinals fan for over 55 years

                    • brucewayne

                      and know a thing or too about WS championships ! I’ve forgot more about sports than you will ever know. Now give Mommy back her tablet

                      • Bryzzo2016

                        A Cardinals fan, trolling a Bears board? Hmmm, why do St. Louis fans even care about the Bears? Worry about your own NFL team… ooops, my bad. That dump of a town couldn’t support/keep an NFL team even with multiple chances. Lol, talk about transparent.

                        • Bryzzo2016

                          A card fan for over 55 years? Let me spare you the suspense, Batman is not real, Bruce Wayne… not real, Santa Clause… not real. Go away old man, there are kids playing on your lawn right now, better go chase them away w/ a rolled up newspaper.

                          • brucewayne

                            By the way little boy, it’s my real name ! I don’t hide behind fake names on the Internet! You know like all you so-called tuff guys who would crap their pants

              • brucewayne

                I love all these bandwagon Cub fans who are suddenly life long fans

                  • Bryzzo2016

                    I love all these lil nerds living in their mom’s basement desperately hoping to meet a girl someday while pretending to be superheroes, especially the ones w/ Bruce Wayne in their names….lol

                    • brucewayne

                      Nerds? Ha! Girls? I don’t mess with little girls like you chesters in Chi town! I I’m sure when you get your 1st woman, you will understand ! Cuz you Havnt had it since Mommy had you pansy!

          • Mack83

            Really, Rodgers is glass? come on now. We get it, you’re jealous that Rodgers is a Packer, but don’t be ignorant about it.

            • Rondon

              You’re right. Glass was the wrong word. He’s tough. But the point still holds true.

    • dray16

      I really though Milwaukee was going to get him to play SS. Don’t get all pissy because the Bears stole your guy.

    • dray16

      Cue all the Packer fans saying he’s not that good. Last week GB couldn’t trade enough for him but now he’s a bum.

      • Bryzzo2016

        My 9 year old nephew’s little league team, (the Hornets) are more relevant in Chicago than the White Sox.

    • ray_derek

      You’re a solid prognosticator for sure, you were right about the Brewers owning the NL Central after the trade deadline. I’m sure you’re right about this as well.

      • Bryzzo2016

        Lol, the second year in a row that Brewers fans starting planning a parade in July. You’d think they woulda learned their lesson from last year. I guess too much cheese can kill brain cells.

        • brucewayne

          Hey Gayzoo2016; the only parades you need to worry about are the ones you march in with the rainbow colored flags! I’m sure you are right in front taking the rest of the marchers from the rear !

        • brucewayne

          The only parade you need to worry about is the one you lead with all the brightly colored flags that you wave!

    • JKB

      Oh its called playoffs baby. Here come the Bears. Packers reign in the Division is over and Brewcrew knows it

      • ChiTownFanTilDeath

        Statement is instead of being a top ten defense they r now in the top 3 !!

        Great job Pace!!

          • cubsfan2489

            You obviously don’t follow football. Their defense was top 10 last year genius.

            • stug14

              And they were 5-11 with that D. Don’t think that any single player, especially on defense, is going to singlehandedly gain them 3-5 more wins.

              • Bryzzo2016

                Again, if you’re gonna be pathetic enough to troll, at least be good at it. Try reading. The answer is right above. This is not a 1 year move or a rental. No one is saying the Bears are Super Bowl bound after this move. Mack is a young stud that will be locked up under his new contract for years to come. Adding him to an already strong defense is a great move.

                Same DC, Fangio, that has done a great job. On the other side of the ball, they have a lot of young and talented players running a new offense. So the arrow is clearly pointing up. This isn’t a signing, or trade, for some washed up has been that used to be great, on his last leg… that’s what the Packers do, so I get your confusion. Mack will be here for a long time. It’s not a move just to go for it in 2018, rather another piece to the long term puzzle.

                It’s obvious that you Packer fans aren’t happy about the Bears acquiring this kid, otherwise all of you wouldn’t have swarmed to the news. It’s ok, it’s fun to see ya squirm.

            • augold5

              The Bears are not a top 3 DEF in the NFL, that’s a borderline laughable statement… Lets see how terrible my football knowledge is when Rodgers puts up 30 against the Bears on opening weekend.

  1. padam

    Going to be interesting to hear what the return is going to be. Really surprised the Raiders are moving him – disappointed is more like it.

    • Polish Hammer

      Good for them, they shouldn’t be held hostage by a disgruntled player already making a fortune.

      • crosseyedlemon

        It was a Homer Simpson move by the Raiders. They might as well tear down the Al Davis banner and replace it with one that reads COMMITMENT TO MEDIOCRITY. How can they hope to attract supporters in Vegas when they dump all pro talent because they might have to actually reward them.

    • JaySHAWks

      Oh puhlease! The Packers gimmie a break overrated Pack! Pffffbttt!

    • dray16

      GB can’t afford him.

      Rodgers’ deal includes a $57.5 million signing bonus and $66.9 million paid out during the entire 2018 season.

      • Bryzzo2016

        WOW! That’s massive! I guess the Pack had no choice. For their sake, they better be able to protect him, keep him healthy and productive. I didn’t realize it was that much guaranteed money.

    • the packers just got done blowing their load on their 34 year old, often injured QB. From 2019-2021 Rodgers is going to roughly account for 17% of the packers payroll, assuming they push the limits of the salary cap every year. adding Mack would likely mean they’d have about $45m wrapped up in just 2 players for the next 3 years….. yeah. as a bears fan….. I would’ve loved to see that, haha. about 25-33% of the cap spent on 2 players…… and then having to get 51 other players on the team with like 130-140 million left in cap room.

      • twentyforty

        You have zero clue how the cap works. Actually less than zero. Stay in our lane of fantasy football.

    • justinept

      The Packers might have two picks next year. But those picks are both trash. If Mack had gone to GB, the picks realistically could’ve been picks 30 and 32. I always thought the mentioning of their draft capital was vastly overrated because of the likely position of those two picks.

    • pullhitter445

      Packers don’t make big moves like this. They bring in players on the tail end of there careers, Julius pepper, jimmy graham, etc

      • Kenleyfornia74

        Bears are trading 2 firsts for a guy that makes them a 7 win team at best.

        • Bryzzo2016

          Profound. So, you’re predicting 7 wins for this team, every year, for life of Mack’s contract. Or, do you just have trouble reading? Do you think they’ll complete the trade without an extension?

          • Kenleyfornia74

            I actually love the deal from a value standpoint but the Bears are not going to win until that offense drastically improves. Tribusky is the 4th best QB in the division. They are still 2 years away from the playoffs.

            • Bryzzo2016

              You’ve seen enough of a sample size of Tribusky to make that assertion? With a new head coach and a completely new offense. WOW! That’s amazing, I apologize for thinking you were an ignorant clown, it took me a sec to recognize your brilliance… hahaha.

  2. Kwflanne

    And just as quickly as that arrow appeared to be pointing up for the raiders a couple years ago….. it’s is pointing right back down…. Gruden thinks that money is better used on multiple players, per this article…. wonder if he thought that when he was getting his massive contract? Haha. The gruden disappointment era has begun!!!

    • tharrie0820

      I’m pretty sure coach contracts don’t count against the salary cap

      • Kwflanne

        Nope, they don’t. Just count against the owners wallet….
        Raiders aren’t in any salary cap trouble. It’s isn’t that they don’t have the salary cap room to sign mack…

    • Bryzzo2016

      Honestly, I predicted the Browns would beat out the Jets and acquire him, with the Bears being a distant 3rd in the sweepstakes. This is not the typical MO for the Bears. I was pleasantly surprised that they stepped up and went for it.

    • justinept

      Time will tell on offense. It all comes down to Trubisky. I feel more confident in him this year than last since he now has more proven offensive-minded coaches and significantly better receivers.

    • I wouldn’t say NO offense. More like “a ton of question marks” offense. Or an “IF” offense. By that I mean, IF Trubisky builds off last season and has a sophomore season reminiscent to Goff or Wentz….. they’re looking pretty good. IF Robinson bounces back from his ACL injury and Trubisky is at least decent he could be a top tier WR. IF Anthony Miller can be a shorter version of Alshon Jeffery and the Bears struck gold in the 2nd round on a WR (like Jeffery) he too could be a solid secondary WR….. or IF Kevin White finally….. FINALLY stays healthy and most unexpectedly performs like that 7th pick overall…. they could have a solid receiving corps….. Javon Wims could be a 7th round wild card/underdog too. Needless to say…. their WR corps is most definitely interesting.

      As far as RB goes…. they have one of the best in the league in Howard….. no worries here. Cohen is also one of the most fun players to watch when he’s on the field.

      As for the OL….. right now I’d say it looks decent. Could be worse. Long when healthy is a pro bowler. With their 2nd overall pick they took C James Daniels. This allows Whitehair to slide back to his drafted position of guard opposite of Long. he’s already an above average or at the very least average lineman. I think him FINALLY playing at the position he was intended to play since day 1 could possibly mean he performs better in 2018. Leno and Massie at the ends at the tackle positions aren’t exactly going to wow anyone with their play…. but they are definitely…. “OK” at their positions. Fact is, no one on this line rates lower than “average” on pro football focus accept for Massie. But Massie has had years in the past where he’s the stronger Tackle than Leno. So at WORSE…. I’d say their just average at the tackle position. Overall, with a healthy Long and Whitehair at the guard positions and the new addition of 2nd round pick Daniels at center…… I’d say this could be a pretty solid OL. COULD BE. Again…. lots of “IFs.”

      As for TE…. Burton. He’s more of a defacto WR, but he was touted as one of the top free agents. I personally am not overly impressed with him, at least not to the level the Bears were judging by how much money they pissed away on him. But… he was one of the highest touted free agents this past offseason…. and not just free agent TE…. but one of the most talked about/hyped up free agents – period. We shall see.

      To me the offense is there….. if they’re up to the task of performing like they have in the past and can stay healthy in the case of Long. The only MAJOR concern and question mark is… of course…. Trubisky. I did NOT like the pick when they drafted him, and last year he was most definitely underwhelming, but that was with defensive minded, “bro” of a coach in Fox at the helm. Again, Wentz and Goff were most definitely no prizes themselves in their rookie seasons and look at what they did last year. It’s not even like Trubisky has to be a top 5 QB in the league. People LOVED to hate on Cutler and exaggerate on how “bad” he was, but if Trubisky can be just as good as Cutler was…… this offense could be pretty decent.

      As for the defense….. I actually think people are overrating the hell out of it. The addition of Mack helps…. but at what cost (how many 1st rounders did they just lose). Fuller and Amukamara don’t exactly have me convinced they are solid/reliable CBs….. yet the Bears are paying them to not only be that but be EXCELLENT corners. Amukamara hasn’t had an INT in how long? I think September 2015…. and it’s not like he was injured all 2016 and 17. He is an average CB at best. While Fuller is cheap this year, his average salary over the length of his deal makes him a top 5 paid CB….. what about Fuller screams “top 5 CB?” Amos and Jackson are their safeties. Meh. Jackson had flashes of brilliance last year, but nothing consistent. Amos…. is good, but I wouldn’t say great.

      Their defensive line just got ridiculous though. Mack< Goldman, and Hicks….. geez louise.

      Roquan Smith and Trevathan will be the ILBs and Floyd (when healthy) and……. Sam Acho?? will be the OLBs. Floyd is solid… not great….. when healthy. But he's always dinged up. Trevathan is good….. when healthy, but he too is also on the shelf A LOT of the time. Sam Acho…… no thanks, haha. The Bears were what…. the 10th-15th best defense last year? People are acting like they were a top 5 defense.

      Bottom line is….. I have NO CLUE what to expect from this team this year. It should be VERY interesting. They were 5-11 last year. But they lost 6 games by 7 points or fewer….. 3 by a field goal or less. What's my point? They were close to being 11-5 last year….. at the very least 8-8. IF the defense doesn't take any steps backwards, and the addition of Mack pushes them forward that much more – they should be pretty decent on defense. IF Trubisky performs to the level of at least Jay Cutler I think this offense could be sneeky good. Their RBs I'd grade as top tier. Their OL I'd grade at least as average… if not above average. Their WRs….. who knows….. but a lot of dudes with high ceiling potential. Should be an interesting year. Way I look at it…. if Rex Grossman can lead the offense to a super bowl….. Mitch Trubisky can too, hahaha. It's why I never understood the hate over Cutler. Cutler was INSANELY better than Grossman ever was yet people think this team NEEDED a better QB…. as if that is what was holding this team back. Grossman…. for the love of God…. GROSSMAN was good enough to get to the super bowl. You don't need a Brady, Brees, or Rodgers. Why people think if you don't have a top 5 QB as your starter you're in dire straits as a team is ridiculous to me. I mean case an point look at the Giants. Eli Manning has ALWAYS been a fringe top 10 QB. Only recently, as the team….. TEAM around him gets worse is he exposed as an average QB. His career numbers are almost identical to Cutler's. Ben Roethlisberger is another QB who I'd say doesn't exactly light the world on fire but is "good enough" to win it all.

      If Trubisky can through for, say, 3,500-3,700 yard and toss about 20-25 TDs while keeping the INTs to a minimum, under 10….. I'd call him a ROARING success. But I KNOW there are people out there who wouldn't be satisfied with that. Nowadays it seems people think you're nothing if you don't throw for 4,000+ yards – if not 4,500 yards, 30+ TDs, and have a passer rating over 100.

      All I want and think is necessary is to have a 2015 Jay Cutler-like season. In 15 games he threw for just under 3,700 yards, 21 TDs, and 11 INTs with a passer rating of 92.3. I'll take that all day every day. Trubisky's 2017 was actually about on par with Carson Wentz' rookie season. Only difference was Wentz in his rookie season he threw the ball 277 more times than Trubisky did….. again, you can likely blame Fox for that. I mean I am NEVER going to forget that Carolina game in which Trubisky played the entire game but threw the ball a whopping 7 times…. yeah. And despite Trubisky notably having A LOT of games with barely 200 yards passing last year, his yards gained per pass attempt was 6.6 yards. While not INCREDIBLE it is better than what Wentz averaged his rookie campaign with 6.2 y/a.

      2018 IMO lives and dies with whether or not Trubisky builds off 2017 or if he stays the same or god forbid…. does worse. Again….. just be as good as Cutler and I'll be happy. I mean the Eagles just won a Super Bowl with Nick friggin Foles at QB….. beating the "immortal" Tom Brady.

      • brewpackbuckbadg

        I didn’t read it all but I did read this: But they lost 6 games by 7 points or fewer….. 3 by a field goal or less. What’s my point? They were close to being 11-5 last year….. at the very least 8-8.

        How many close games did they win? Fans (myself included) always talk about the close losses as if just a few plays could have changed them into wins but that same situation could have happened for close wins. I see they had two overtime wins so they easily could have been 3-13. Both are teams have things to prove this year.

      • Roll

        What you want is for Trubisky to have Jay Cutlers best year in his career with a team that does not have the weapons he had that year.

        The way Trubitsky is going, realistacally i think of him as a better Mark Sanchez than Carson Wentz. Its eerily similar when you think about it. They have a great defense that can carry them to the playoffs with a coach having a kids gloves qb. They also have similar averages as well for rookie year and almost drafted in the same spot with teams trading up to get them.

        While i think he will be mid pack qb and he will be better than sanchez i dont think he will be as good as you are hoping for.

        • Bryzzo2016

          Chapter 4 ; Sad lil St Louis fan has to troll a Bears board because St Louis is too pathetic to keep a NFL team.

          • brucewayne

            I’m not sad! I retired at a young age with plenty of $ ! I don’t spend my days

            • brucewayne

              and nights trolling sports boards . Maybe one day you can get a date with one of them big boy. Since you seem so engrossed in them all the time!

              • Bryzzo2016

                Hahaha, clown. Nahhh, you don’t spend your time trolling sports board, YET here you are… on a sports board…. trolling as a Cards fan…. on a Bears board. Well, I’m done making you look stupid, you’re doing a good enough job yourself. Lol

  3. chicity312

    Ok Now Trade Mack to The Packers for Rodgers so we can really be excited

  4. akaydn

    This feels like one of those ‘lose-lose’ trades at face value. Maybe after seeing what goes back to Oakland I would feel differently, but Oakland gets worse short term for two ‘chances’ at a good player (for a front office that didn’t seem to work the draft boards all that well this year). Chicago isn’t an LB/DE away from a Super Bowl and now would lose that same chance to get cheap starters via draft picks when they need more talent. Plus, going to Vegas with Gruden as the headliner for your team just feels like the wrong way to go.

    • justinept

      The Bears only had two question marks this year. The pass rush. And the QB.

      Mack 100% solves the pass rush.

      And if Trubisky doesn’t solve the QB question, then no amount of cheap players acquired through the draft would really matter.

      • Mack83

        So opponents double team Mack, does the rest of the DL step up? or is still a hole for Chicago?

        • Rondon

          Well, whenever he’s double teamed, there’s a hole somewhere else, right? Still a win. And I’m fairly certain Fangio would scheme for that as it will undoubtedly happen.

        • justinept

          That’s a win. Guys like Hicks and Floyd are good pass rushers. But neither is elite. Double teaming Mack opens it up for them.

      • brucewayne

        They could always waste another $15 million for a backup QB like they did last year with Glennon! Since that worked out so well ! LoL

  5. frankchitown

    Correct me if you m wrong, but is it possible that the Bears plan to play him on the outside opposite Leonard Floyd?

    • crosseyedlemon

      They will look even dumber if they use those first round picks to acquire more Aldon Smith’s.

    • Bryzzo2016

      Yeah, it’s a bit of a head scratcher trading a proven talent like this just entering his prime, BUT I trust Gruden and his ability to build a winner. He’ll make the most of the assets coming back in the deal.

  6. acarneglia

    Bears are a serious sleeper pick. They’ll be similar to the Eagles and Rams last year.

  7. midway_monster85

    Mack! Mack! Mack! Details aren’t out yet but it looks like they gave up a lot. In Chicago especially the pressure to win is gonna intensify. Looking at their schedule it’s a tough road. I applaud Pace for never being scared to make a big move, he just needs to hit more often. This may hurt him if Trubisky struggles. Chicago fans aren’t going to grant the same amount of development time, after a move like this they expect to win now. That being said I’m glad Mack! Is a bear. GO BEARS!

    • crosseyedlemon

      Fans in Chicago gave the Cubs 108 years of development time and they have the option of following the Blackhawks and Bulls when the Bears struggle.

  8. jeb39999

    I wonder if Roquan Smith is part of this deal? That and a first would probably be enough for Gruden

    • CubsRule08

      Roquan just barely signed his deal with the Bears, and as far as I heard, he cannot be traded for the 2018 season. Idk if that’s true, though.

  9. leprechaun

    The Bears will be 9-7 and in the hunt for a wild card spot. What they will also do is put one of Rogers, Cousins or Stafford on IR at some point this season

  10. ray_derek

    Cue all the Packer fans saying we didn’t really want him or he’s not that good.

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      Some could say that. Something slightly intelligent to say for a change Ray_Derek. Glad to see you have finally ended that Brewer infield thing.

      I would take him but I don’t think the Pack could afford him. Bears can since they have a QB on a draft pick contract. Just’s make the NFC north that more interesting.

      • brucewayne

        Oh he’s still doing it, but under the moniker of dray16 ! Same old BS

  11. Bearmeat

    Crap. :( Good grab Bears fans. The NFCN just got more interesting….

  12. darquee

    Two first round picks *sounds* like a decent return but given the Raiders awful draft history (Mack is the only decent 1st round pick they have made in the last decade) that is quite a gamble when giving up an elite defensive player who is in his prime. The Bears should be around an 8 win team so those picks are going to be in the mid first round which is always hit and miss territory. So welcome to pain of being Raiders fans, Las Vegas.

  13. crosseyedlemon

    Wondering if the Bears made this move in part to retain Vic Fangio who would be a hot commodity if he left Chicago. The Bears also busted with Kevin White and that may have influenced their decision to deal away first round picks.
    I also have to wonder how the Raiders are going to attract talent now because the message they are sending by dealing Mack is that regardless of how good you perform you will not be rewarded at the same level as your peers.

    • JKB

      There is no way the Bears traded 2 first round picks, in any part, to retain Fangio or any coach. And by the way Fangio signed a new deal with the Bears months ago. Thus he cannot leave.

  14. bear down

    Love all these packer fans trying to troll. But the last 20 years you had 2 top QBs in football but only 2 rings to show? Brady alone beat that. Rodgers is a great qb yes but he can’t win it alone either could favre. So I wouldn’t get to cocky.

    • Bryzzo2016

      Have you been to Green Bay… or Wisconsin in general. These sad pathetic trolls can’t even get their family trees to fork, they have to desperately hold on to whatever they can get.

  15. nrd1138

    The any team can finish 8-8 and make the play offs as long as they win their division. The Bears are better, but only if their D Coordinator can finally figure out that playing in a prevent defenses late in a game only prevent you from winning games.

  16. hill

    The quality of comments and discussion on this thread are an embarrassment to humankind.

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