Poll: Should The Browns Try To Trade Tyrod Taylor?

On Thursday, Browns head coach Hue Jackson told reporters there have been no discussions about trading quarterback Tyrod Taylor before the Oct. 30 deadline. When pressed further, Jackson shrugged off the notion that Taylor would not finish the year in Cleveland. 

I do [expect him to be with the Browns all season], until someone tells me something differently,” Jackson said. “He is our backup quarterback.”

For his part, Taylor admits that he’s frustrated with his No. 2 QB role, but he refuses to complain to management or demand a trade. It’s not hard to read between the lines and see that Taylor would prefer to be a starter elsewhere rather than Baker Mayfield‘s clipboard holder in Cleveland.

Taylor has just one year to go on his deal, which would make him a logical rental for another club. The Browns would also save a bundle by moving him. Taylor has already collected on his $6MM roster bonus, but a trade would allow them to escape the prorated portion of his $10MM base salary.

The trouble is, there may not be a robust market for Taylor’s services. The Dolphins will be without Ryan Tannehill for an unknown period of time, but they have every reason to stick with Brock Osweiler after last week’s OT victory over the Bears. The Bills, in theory, could use a QB while Josh Allen heals up from a UCL injury, but it’s hard to picture that reunion going down.

If the rest of the league would utilize Taylor as a strong backup quarterback rather than a starter, it’s hard to see the Browns getting much of a return. The Jets got a third-round pick for Teddy Bridgewater in August, but Bridgewater had a first-round pedigree and a much cheaper contract. Moving Taylor might not yield much in the way of draft compensation, and it would mean losing out on one of the more talented backups in the NFL.

With all of that in mind, do you think the Browns should trade Taylor before the deadline? Click below to cast your vote and back up your opinion in the comments. (Link for app users.)

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23 comments on “Poll: Should The Browns Try To Trade Tyrod Taylor?

  1. partyatnapolis

    Poll: Should Pro Football Rumors link the poll for app users like MLB Trade Rumors does?

  2. He’s an awful QB. He has no business being a starter in this league. Why is this even a story?

    • elscorcho the marlin
      elscorcho the marlin

      He’s average, not awful. That being said, it’ll be hard for him to be a starter again. I think the same thing will happen to Ryan tannehill once the dolphins draft a quarterback that shows promise.

  3. Skullking

    What’s wrong with having a top backup qb to help the young qb get his footing, and step up to fill in if he gets hurt? Worked pretty well in Philly

  4. acarneglia

    They have Drew Stanton behind Baker. I personally think Stanton is a more than capable backup. Trade Tyrod rather than losing him for nothing.

  5. Michael Chaney

    The only way they could trade him would be if they basically gave him away, so I’d just keep him as veteran insurance at that point

  6. Trade him. It’s best for Tyrod to showcase his talents (potentially) if he’s shipped elsewhere. His veteran presence is great, but the browns also have Stanton. So why pay $10MM+ for two “veteran presence QBs” for the rest of the year? Knowing full well that if the browns make the playoffs it’s because Baker is the starting QB. Tyrod looked awful as the browns starter this year and will probably be a bridge qb next year (perhaps for the giants?). So if they get a 6th rounder for him, great, it’s a win win for all involved parties… sucks the browns gave up #65 overall in last years draft for him.

  7. wellyou'rewrong

    Maybe if they can get a 3rd but it’s not like they need the cap space. He’s good insurance.

    • Jaguars, Titans and maybe the Vikings. Thinking strong defensive teams that are contenders who want a qb that doesn’t turn the ball over… and yes, I’m not sure if the titans consider themselves contenders or what, but their QB options suck.

      • winston714

        Giants need a qb, but better to see if Lauretta has any talent. And next year draft an

  8. crosseyedlemon

    The Browns have only had 30 different starting QBs since last winning a playoff game so why would they be thinking about trading Taylor?

  9. mitchrapp

    Why would the browns trade a competent back up when they have a rookie how could get injured on any play? Who’s the back up then? And what would they get a 6th rounder?

    • crosseyedlemon

      Someone must think your in Canada where everything has to be stated in both official languages.

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