Cowboys To Acquire Amari Cooper

The Cowboys and Raiders have reached an agreement on Amari Cooper, with’s Josina Anderson reporting (via Twitter) the fourth-year wide receiver will head to Dallas. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports tweets this transaction is indeed happening.

The compensation is big. Dallas will send a first-round pick to Oakland for Cooper, Adam Schefter of reports (on Twitter). It’s a 2019 pick, per’s Albert Breer (on Twitter). The Oakland/Las Vegas rebuild is in high gear, with the franchise now holding three first-rounders in next year’s draft.

Oakland received an offer for a pick expected to be in the high second-round range, per La Canfora (on Twitter), and turned it down, to the surprise of many around the league. But Gruden has recouped a first-round pick for a wideout whose value doesn’t appear to be what it once was.

While this marks another Reggie McKenzie first-rounder dealt, Breer tweets the Raiders GM handled the trade calls for Cooper and was holding teams to a first-round pick for the 24-year-old receiver’s services. The now-Jon Gruden-led Raiders have traded both of McKenzie’s top first-round acquisitions — Cooper and Khalil Mack — in a two-months span.

Cooper was at Raiders practice earlier on Monday, per’s Paul Gutierrez (on Twitter), but has been the subject of trade rumors for several days now. The Cowboys are swooping in, doing so after their record dipped below .500 after a Week 7 loss to the Redskins.

While Cooper has not shown the consistency he displayed during his first two seasons — both Pro Bowl campaigns — the Raiders wanted a first-round pick for him and will receive it. The Colts and Redskins were also rumored Cooper suitors, but he’ll head to a team with a dire need at wide receiver. Cooper is signed through the 2019 season, with the Raiders having picked up the 2015 No. 5 overall pick’s $13.924MM fifth-year option.

The return is surprising given Cooper’s performance over the past two years.

He has one catch in Oakland’s past two games and has finished four of the Raiders’ six 2018 contests with two or fewer receptions. After he posted a career-best 1,153 receiving yards in 2016, the Alabama product’s 2017 total (680 yards on 48 receptions in 14 games) was a considerable disappointment.

But Cooper will step in and be a key player for a Cowboys team that cut Dez Bryant this offseason but did not, until Monday, make a big move to replace him. Third-round pick Michael Gallup and UFA addition Allen Hurns represented Jerry Jones‘ Bryant-replacement efforts. Cooper will join a receiving corps currently fronted by slot man Cole Beasley. Only Beasley and tight end Geoff Swaim have more than 200 receiving yards for Dallas. Hurns has only caught 13 passes for 158 yards, and Terrance Williams is on IR.

Cooper’s season will now have back-to-back bye weeks, and he’ll have two weeks before debuting as a Cowboy. Dallas faces Tennessee in Week 9.

While the Cowboys have shown intermittent promise this season and play in an NFC East that’s seen the favored Eagles stumble to start their title defense, a 3-4 team trading a first-round pick represents massive risk. The pick Dallas is sending to Oakland could be in the top half of next year’s first round. With the Raiders’ own first-rounder in contention for No. 1 overall in 2019, they will have prime real estate to bring in potential cornerstones for their Vegas start.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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47 comments on “Cowboys To Acquire Amari Cooper

  1. acarneglia

    Derek Carr and Karl Joseph will be the next guys gone.

    • Michael Chaney

      Joseph for sure, but I’d still be shocked if they traded Carr…although at this point you can’t really rule anything out with them.

      • acarneglia

        If Carr does become available I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Giants make a deal. They need a QB, the end is near for Eli

        • AngelsintheTroutfield

          Nah. they’ll have a high draft pick next yr. can probably nab a franchise QB then and for much cheaper.

          IMO those are the two teams that make the most sense but a Carr trade is pretty damn unlikely. Raiders will probably build around him in hopes that his contract becomes less burdensome

          • Kenleyfornia74

            The QBs in the draft stink this year. Carr by far is better than all of them

            • AngelsintheTroutfield

              Do they? TBH I’ve only hear about the Duke guy and Herbert (if he declares). Regardless, don’t think the G-men want to pay Carr and OBJ.

        • CubsRebsSaints

          Jax has a very good defense. Their offense is not good. And eventually that affects the defense. Which is what we’re seeing. They would be wise to send their 2019 1st rd pick and 2020 6thrd pick for a very good QB.

  2. sovietcanuckistanian

    I think this is a slight over pay for this guy. but if it makes teams respect the passing game and opens it up (even just a little) more for Zeke… hard to not like it in principle.

  3. adshadbolt

    I think they will move one oh either Hudson or oseleme because they are not gonna win and both are expensive and getting older

  4. cjbay

    1st rounders? Doesn’t this type of player usually go for a 6th or 7th? I’ve seen 3rd but very rarely. Ughhhh!!!

  5. baseball10

    A possible top 15 pick? If the Raiders can draft well this is a good get. Cooper needed a change of scenery

  6. dust44

    Crazy the Raiders really could end up when all is said and done with 3-1s 3-2s and 2-3s. If they don’t Sashi Brown this upcoming draft. Maybe Gruden isn’t as bad as everyone was thinking

  7. Thronson5

    Raiders are setting themselves up nicely. People can criticize all they want but they should be able to land a pass rusher and receiver with one of their first round picks Id imagine. If they wanted. I mean if they wanted to they could focus solely on defense which is where they really need help more than anywhere else. Their defense is terrible. I think Mack is a beast, no, I know he’s a beast but he’s just one player. They can get multiple players on defense and they definitely need it. And Cooper wasn’t performing so why not trade him and get someone that can help the team.

    • Thronson5

      The only problem I really have with this trade is Dallas giving up a first round pick for a WR that isn’t even going to really help them when they have Dak at QB.

  8. fwitt58

    I agree gruden could trade carr. And he would have 4 first round picks next year.

    • tharrie0820

      I can’t see Carr bringing back a 1st rounder. He’s an average quarterback making top 10 money. Then again, maybe a team desperate like Dallas was will come along

  9. captainsalty

    Breaking news: Jon Gruden has traded owner Mark Davis to the Tennessee Titans for a 2019 first round draft pick

  10. Bill Jasper


    Nothing like the ongoing Cowboys circus. They could’ve nabbed the kid from SMU in the draft, heck they could’ve brought back Bryant. Instead, a classic mortgage the future move for a guy who was just in concussion protocol.

    The biggest problem is Prescott. Taking too long to get the ball out, even when his receivers are getting separation.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      Couldn’t agree with you more Bill. When I heard OAK was seeking a 1st rounder my thought was they were posturing, hoping to land maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder from a sucker, for a WR that can no longer catch a cold. NOBODY will give OAK a 1st rounder (and by the way it will be a top 15 pick) for Cooper. But wait…. there is a man, a man so desperate to grab headlines from the NE’s and KC’s of the NFL he’d trade for a WR despite the fact his QB can’t throw outside the numbers. That man is the owner of my beloved Dallas Cowboys. Jerrah saw value in Cooper, because he once traded 2 first rounders for Joey Galloway! The only mistake Gruden made was not asking for an additional 2nd rounder, but when that sucker who’s born every minute comes along it’s hard to hold your water I’m sure. Our problems are solved! SB here we come! Jerrah to the rescue! HOF Owner, Piss Poor GM. Our SB runs ended 25 years ago and the only constant since has been you, sucking as a GM and mediocrity. As a fan the only enjoyment I get is the draft nowadays, because the playoffs are out of the question, and now you’ve ruined day 1 of that for me too. Thanks lots…. way to not trade for a HOFer’ in Earl Thomas, who could’ve taken the defense to the next level and pull the trigger on the dumpster fire that is Amare Cooper.

  11. Z-A

    Correct me if I am wrong… Calvin Ridley was on the board when the Cowboys came up to pick….

    • Bill Jasper

      Cowboys don’t have a clue. They thought they could toss some scrubs out there when Witten and Bryant moved on. Now they’ve spent a first-round pick on a WR in concussion protocol.

  12. MathTeacherSDSUAlumni619

    Trade carr to the jags for bortles and a 1st and 4th. Trade Joseph for a 3rd. Let it roll gruden

    • tharrie0820

      Would you believe me if I said bortles had 50 less yards than Carr, more touchdowns, and an equal # of TD this year?

  13. mitchrapp

    To early to tell about Mack and Cooper trade but that’s a lot of first round picks in time for a new stadium which seems to boast teams, ahla LA Rams. Gruden did screw up the press conference last week when he said Cooper was going to be a Raider. That could cause him to lose face with locker room

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