POLL: Should the Cardinals Explore A David Johnson Trade?

As the Cardinals have started the season 1-4 and are in the midst of a rebuild, there’s been a lot of trade rumors surrounding the team. Arizona is reportedly shopping former first-rounders Deone Bucannon and Haason Reddick, and now a more surprising name has emerged as a potential trade candidate. 

Over the course of the week, David Johnson‘s name has been a frequent subject of internet discussion, with many speculating the team could look to deal him as they aren’t in win-now mode. The Eagles, who have also been linked to Le’Veon Bell after Jay Ajayi‘s ACL tear, have been suggested as a possible destination for Johnson.

Johnson has been having a down-year by his standards, and Cardinals offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has taken a lot of flack for not getting Johnson involved more. Johnson thrived in now-retired coach Bruce Arians’ system, where he was often utilized as a receiver. McCoy’s scheme has turned him into more of a between-the-tackles runner, and it hasn’t been a great fit.

Despite the scheme issues, it would still be shocking if Johnson was dealt. Just last month, the team signed him to a huge three-year extension worth $39MM. As former NFL agent and current CBS Sports analyst Joel Corry points out, it wouldn’t make much sense for the team to pay Johnson a massive $12MM signing bonus then deal him months later (Twitter link).

It also wouldn’t seem to make much sense for the Cardinals to trade away the offense’s best weapon as they seek to develop Josh Rosen. Trading away Johnson would take away Rosen’s safety blanket and make life much tougher for the promising rookie.

But as long as the Cardinals continue to lose and until McCoy succeeds in getting Johnson more involved, rumors will likely continue to swirl. It’s likely the Cardinals would seek high draft picks if they did decide to flip him, and it’s unclear if any team would even be willing to play the necessary price.

What do you think? With the team not winning anything this year, should the Cardinals at least listen to offers on Johnson? Vote in the poll below and weigh in down in the comments!

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18 comments on “POLL: Should the Cardinals Explore A David Johnson Trade?

    • Clark K

      They’re by far the worst team in the league they won’t contend for awhile, so it makes 0 sense to keep someone the caliber of Johnson. Putting him on the block gives teams interested in Bell an alternative. Even though Bell is the better player I think teams would be more willing to give up a 2nd/3rd for Johnson because they’re isn’t any concern if he’ll report or not and you know he’ll be on your team for the next couple seasons.

  1. carlos15

    It’s amazing that when there is a David Johnson reference made in an article the link is wrong every single time.

  2. Never a reason to keep a premium RB on a rebuilding team. After the extension Johnson just signed, I think it makes him more valuable. Hopefully the Arizona FO discusses his destination and doesn’t send him to a place he doesn’t want to go so soon after signing the extension. But Johnson doesn’t seem like a jackass like the guy in Pitt.

  3. noodles465

    When you rebuild your team its going to take a couple years you can’t just dump the best players on your team. keeping them as part of the rebuilding process. They just Drafted a quarterback of the future and seem to have the next receiver of the future in Kirk. Buddha baker is a stud as well

    • Bubba

      Build a team?? Who are you kidding. Keim just picks up the bar tab and Wilks is by far a bust of a coach. Hey let’s trade our former first rounders because they don’t fit the scheme of a coach who won’t be here in 2 years. They are a joke. Makes me sad.

  4. ahale224

    Look maybe they get a good return, but without him on that team you might ruin your rookie quarterback. That would put that team on equal footing with the Lions team that drafted Harrington, or the Texans team that got the elder Carr sacked 76 times in a single season. You can literally beat the confidence and competitive edge out of a young QB.

  5. Harry Scout

    The Colts should hop on this right away. Pass catching back, Frank Reich in his pass-catching back offense. It makes a lot of sense. It would give them the weapon they are severely lacking. It wouldn’t help those recovers catch passes though :(

    Another team that should consider the move is the Detroit Lions. They haven’t had a solid running back since I can remember. I’m not sure Keryyon Johnson is the answer. The division isn’t that out of reach. The Vikings are probably the best team right now, with the Bears trending upward. But still, it’s not a situation like it is in say the NFC West or the AFC East where the Gap is large. The Packers are looking like shit and Aaron Rodgers, who knows….that knee is not healed. He might have to sit the rest of the year out. The Lions have weapons. Three solid receivers for Stafford to throw to. Throw in David Johnson and you are looking at a team that would be similar to the Steelers. Not only that but you would immediately have the best running back in your division and really stick it to the Packers who probably should get him too. But honestly I don’t think they are going to compete the rest of the year especially with Rodgers health in question. Become the team in the division with the best running back. Bears are set for the future. Vikings are set for now. Packers future is cloudy. Who knows if McCarthy will even have a job next year. Get Johnson and compete for the next few years while you still have Stafford in his prime.

  6. MattDC3

    This is one of the most asinine things I’ve seen, and anyone saying they should trade him is out of their mind.

    1. He’s still young with lots of years left
    2. He’s their best player on offense BY FAR
    3. Rebuilding or not, you must have good & great players on your roster to ever be successful in the NFL.
    4. This coaching staff probably won’t even last past next season anyways.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Keim doesn’t have the luxury of a ten year contract like Chucky so he better think twice before throwing away a blue chip player.

  8. Michael Chaney

    Good running backs on rebuilding teams are basically the equivalent of good closers on rebuilding teams in baseball, so in that regard it doesn’t make a ton of sense for Arizona to keep him because they clearly aren’t going to win with him. He’d probably also get a decent return, and it’s not like Mike McCoy has been using him well anyway.

    That said, are those factors worth potentially damaging your potential franchise quarterback?

  9. halofanatic

    The Cardinals can’t possibly trade DJ. Rosen would be ice cream for freaks if they didn’t have the running game threat. They keep him to develop Rosen. No question about it.

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