Reuben Foster Arrested For Domestic Violence, Cut By 49ers

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested at the team hotel in Tampa Bay at 9:10pm last night on one count of first-degree misdemeanor domestic-violence battery, as Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle (among others) reports. The 49ers announced that they will waive the 2017 first-rounder.

Foster was held without bail overnight, but has since been released on $2K bail, as Greg Auman of The Athletic tweets. The judge also ordered that Foster have no contact with the alleged victim, who has been identified as Elissa Ennis. As those who have followed Foster’s brief but troubled NFL career will recall, Ennis is the same woman who accused Foster of striking her last February, which led to Foster’s arrest. The domestic violence charges stemming from that arrest were then dropped after Ennis recanted her allegations and admitted that the injuries she sustained were actually suffered during a fight with another woman or two women.

In a statement, Tampa Police said Foster and Ennis — whom the statement identified as a “female victim” — have been involved “in an on-again-off-again relationship over the past three years.” The statement said the two were engaged in a verbal altercation and that “Foster slapped [Ennis’] phone out of her hand, pushed her in the chest area, and slapped her with an open hand on the left side of her face. Officers observed a one-inch scratch on the victim’s left collarbone.”

Foster’s February arrest — which also included a weapons charge that led to 232 hours of community service and two years of probation — came just a few weeks after he was arrested for possession of marijuana. Though the marijuana charge and the domestic violence charges were dropped, Foster was still suspended for the first two games of the 2018 regular season for violating the league’s conduct and substance abuse policies. Of course, his draft stock fell following injuries and several incidents at the 2017 scouting combine, but the 49ers made him the 31st-overall pick of the 2017 draft anyway. It initially appeared that they would be rewarded for their gamble, as Foster performed quite well in his 10-game rookie campaign, which was shortened due to an injury he sustained in the 2017 opener.

This year, in addition to his two-game suspension, Foster had also missed a pair of games due to a hamstring injury and was questionable for the team’s contest against Tampa Bay this afternoon. Given his obvious talent, and given the fact that the current allegations were made by the same woman who admitted she fabricated previous allegations, it will be interesting to see if any teams put in a waiver claim. He will officially hit waivers at 4pm ET tomorrow.

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31 comments on “Reuben Foster Arrested For Domestic Violence, Cut By 49ers

  1. JoeyPankake

    How stupid do you have to be to get back with a woman who previously accused you of domestic violence? Foster isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and apparently he likes to slap women. Good riddance, and I actually believed him the first time.

    • redbeard87

      Her accusation was proven to be a lie the first time. That doesn’t mean this one isn’t true, but it’s a good reason to be skeptical and reserve judgment until we see some evidence

  2. Chris

    I really breaks my heart seeing a young black man waste multiple chances at success. I hope Mr Foster gets the help he needs before he lets his decisions completely ruin his life

  3. Michael Chaney

    If they both weren’t such boneheads, the 49ers would probably still have Foster and Aldon Smith in the same defense. They both wasted such unbelievable talent, and it’s a shame.

    • ChiTownFanTilDeath

      He just blew his 2 year probation from Feb “issues”. 9 months into it. I think the courts might have a say as to where he plays next

  4. RockHauler

    What an A-hole. First off what are you doing around a woman who previously admitted to fabricating charg again you? it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out you should stay far away from this woman. Second what the he is she doing in Tampa when she’s from Alabama when he is supposedly an abusive (ex)boyfriend? Looks like Foster just blew his career and the GF just made some easy cash in the inevitable law suit aagainst him.
    Hopefully the 49ers have some language in his contract to void out the remaining years and recoup some signing bonus money. But all in all, not smart decisions by all 3 parties involved.

    • darquee

      You’re gullible enough to still believe she recanted the first charge because it was false? More likely she recanted that first charge out of mutual benefit. And that is why the 49ers didn’t want to deal with him any more.

      • redbeard87

        You’re gullible enough to believe an accusation despite a total lack of evidence and the accuser changing her story? Sounds like you’re ready to be fitted for a white hood

  5. TrollHunter

    It’s sad but I’ve seen this type of relationship before. It’s probably not a simple case of she’s lying or he’s a woman beater. Both are probably true! It’s more like a dysfunctional relationship were they both feed of the drama.

    • connfyoozed

      Just about exactly what I was going to post. Both are probably telling some truth and some not, but Foster set himself up for this if he maintained contact with her.

    • redbeard87

      No, he didn’t. You can’t just make things up and report it as fact. Who are you, CNN?

  6. Kenleyfornia74

    Lol remeber when people went nuts about the 49ers two 2017 first round picks. Thomas has been ineffective and Foster needs no explanation

  7. desertdawg

    This is just stupid being stupid, she goes back to this guy, and this guy knowing he was told by the organization that their is no next time. But all is not lost, he has a history of in your face incidents, look at the draft combine incident. This guy has some real issues, that the Niners knew he had before wasting a draft choice, nothing but a gamble. Wonder if he had the same tendencies while at Bama, on Saban would know, and if he did he kept it to himself.

  8. jdubfl

    Bucs. They are used to looking the other way when their Players commit infractions against women

  9. crosseyedlemon

    Rueben and Elissa will be taking their act to the Big Brother house next.

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