Bills Release WR Kelvin Benjamin

The Bills released wide receivers Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes, according to a team press release. The release of Benjamin is particularly shocking given his resume. 

Benjamin came to the Bills in a blockbuster trade deadline deal last year. Since then, Benjamin has logged just 40 catches in 19 games, including the team’s low-scoring playoff loss to the Jaguars.

Because this year’s trade deadline is in the rear view mirror, both Benjamin and Holmes will be subject to waivers, even though they are both vested veterans. Benjamin is likely to find a new home whether he’s claimed or not, and that will mark his third team in 13 months.

Any team claiming Benjamin off waivers would be responsible for the remaining prorated portion of his base salary, which comes out to a little under $2MM. It’s a high price to pay, but Benjamin could make for an interesting rental since he is due for unrestricted free agency in March. Of course, if he is not claimed, the Bills will be on the hook for that cash.

There was no weird behind the scenes incident to prompt the release of either player, Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) hears. Rather, the Bills simply wanted to get younger and audition players who factor into their plans for 2019 and beyond.

Benjamin, 27, has just 23 catches for 354 yards and one touchdown in 12 games this season, numbers that are a far cry from his best seasons with the Panthers. His conditioning has been questioned by many, his route running errors been glaring, and he no longer appears to be on the path to superstardom. A change of scenery may help Benjamin, but he’ll have to really explode down the stretch in order to position himself for a lucrative free agent deal.

Holmes, 30, was barely involved in the offense for Buffalo. In his 12 games, Holmes had just 12 grabs for 157 yards and zero scores.

In related moves, the Bills also promoted defensive end Mike Love and cornerback Denzel Rice to the 53-man roster from the practice squad.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 comments on “Bills Release WR Kelvin Benjamin

  1. acarneglia

    Kelvin Benjamin. The next in season addition to a Bellichick team that will help them get to the superbowl

    • billykent

      Fat chance…Unless they can put some fire in his belly, a TON of stick’em on his rocks for hands, and somehow make him want to play and get open…He cant catch diddly when he does get open…

      • Benjamin is a huge discipline problem. So much talent and so little desire. The Panthers look clever now dumping him before he dragged Cam Newton down with him (Benjamin was a buddy of Newton). On the other hand, with the hot mess at quarterback over the last two years in Buffalo…no receiver is going to look good with Nathan Peterman throwing to him.

        Very interesting case. The Redskins are short-handed at wide receiver but playoff hopes are over there too with two quarterbacks down and Sanchez starting. Perhaps there’s another team on a playoff path who could use a tall target for end zone throws.

    • gronk

      I could be wrong but I believe he’s a free agent after this season. So he would only be due what’s left of his contract this year. There’s a lot of teams before the Pats that could use a receiver. Plus do the Pats really need him rite now? With Edelman, Gordon, Hogan ? Plus Patterson playing well. Not to mention they throw mostly to RBs anyways.

    • Decius

      Lots of teams would have to pass on him before the Pats would even get a chance to sign him. While he won’t be a star, he still has the potential to be productive. I will be surprised if the Pats get him. If pressed to pick a team off the top of my head, I could see the Seahawks or Colts taking a shot on him.

      • Carolina can take him back for free. Cam Newton just needs to kick Benjamin’s butt around a bit and he’ll be back to catching balls again. Carolina is probably fed up with Benjamin too after his silly trash talking about Newton post-trade (conversely Newton found some kind things to say about Benjamin post-trade).

    • fieldsj2

      Yeah, Belichick is real big on guys who give have effort and can’t run routes correctly….

    • bostonbob

      No fn way. Pats don’t need this stiff. Complete waste of God given talent

  2. Begamin

    The Benjamin release is shocking?! Are you sure about that? He is pretty terrible and I’m surprised the Bills kept him that long.

  3. Binks

    They literally call every trade a “blockbuster” lol. A chunky & lazy player gets traded & because he was a 1st round pick 6 years ago, it’s a “blockbuster.” Gtfo

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