D.J. Swearinger Claimed By The Cardinals

It didn’t take long for former Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger to find a new suitor. Less than a day after being released by Washington, the veteran defender announced he was joining the Cardinals in a post on Instagram

The Cardinals had priority for waiver claims and didn’t want to take the chance on the South Carolina product being tabbed by another team.

In the post, Swearinger addressed his release from the Redskins after he criticized defensive coordinator Greg Manusky’s playcalling in a loss at Tennessee.

“I Gave That Organization My Heart And Soul And They Spit In My Face For Giving My Opinion Only To Better The Team!! Right Wrong Or Indifferent I’ve Found My Peace And Learned From It And I Am So Excited To Go Back To The Sunny Desert Arizona Like I Never Left!”

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden addressed Swearinger’s release by saying:

“We made it pretty clear that we try to keep our business within these walls,” Gruden said, “and we’ve had many a talk before about that and unfortunately he chose to go to the media again and talk about his displeasure with some of the calls. I know Coach Manusky works extremely hard, as does the rest of the staff, to put together a game plan, and unfortunately we didn’t get it done.”

By joining the Cardinals, Swearinger returns to Arizona where he spent parts of two seasons before joining Washington. In 2016, the defender impressed with 64 tackles, three interceptions and two sacks, earning him a three-year, $13.5MM deal with the Redskins. The Redskins will save $4.5MM off their 2019 salary cap with the move, and the Cardinals will be responsible for paying his $176K paycheck for Week 17.


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11 comments on “D.J. Swearinger Claimed By The Cardinals

  1. The dude

    When will he grow up he has been ran out of just about everywhere he has played

    • tsolid

      Yet, a team that “sent him packing” claimed. I guess maybe they learned that they were wrong to let him go

      • The dude

        No they didn’t send him packing he actually signed with a new team. They are the only ones not to kick him to the curb. Give him time he can’t seem to mature still acts like a child throwing fits.

  2. Max Jackson

    I thought the Redskins were classless for airing the one of their ex-executive’ drinking as a partial reason for firing.

    For reasons they were in the right for letting Swearinger go. You have to have trust in a clubhouse. Don’t air playbook moves to the media. I know that kind of talk sure as hell wouldn’t fly in New England.

  3. twentyforty

    Yet they trade for Clinton-Dix an unwilling tackler with poor coverage skills. Ha-ha indeed.

    • you can say that again. i’ve never seen a safety miss so many tackles and avoid so much contact. it’s a contract year so he’s trying to take care of himself (no guarantees next year). the only guarantee haha would get out of me would be a lowball contract for this kind of play.

      had he not let that interception late in the Tennessee game through his fingers, the redskins playoff hopes would still be very much alive.

  4. Wayne A Caddell Jr

    I’m from South Carolina just like DJ Swearinger. He’s his problem. He thinks that the world revolves around him. He blames everything on every one else accept himself. Who has he played for? Bottom feeders of the NFL. Nobody that is any good.. He has no concept of team. It’s not in his mind set. There’s nothing wrong with the DC at Washington. Washington was hit terrible by the injuries on the QB side.. No defense can overcome that. DJ thinks with his mouth more than his brain. And if he thinks Arizona is going to be any better than Washington he had better think twice. He only has so many productive playing years. Nobody was trying to fight to get him. Just Arizona. Good luck with that DJ.

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