Raiders Hire Mike Mayock As GM

We heard yesterday he was getting an interview, and now the Raiders are making the hire official. Oakland is making Mike Mayock their new GM, according to Adam Schefter of

Mayock will be replacing Reggie McKenzie, who was fired earlier this month. While Mayock will get the title of general manager, coach Jon Gruden will still have final say over all personnel decisions, meaning Mayock will be working under Gruden. Gruden’s second stint with the Raiders has already been sullied by frequent reports of internal discord, and it will be interesting to see how the new power structure gets along.

Mayock has worked with the NFL Network since 2004, and he’s currently serving as a draft analyst. The former safety has spent time as a commentator, analyst, and reporter for the NFL, CFL, and college football. The Redskins considered Mayock for their GM opening last offseason, but this will be Mayock’s first time working in a front office. While it’s an outside the box hire, it’s not unheard of. Two offseasons ago the 49ers hired John Lynch from the broadcast booth to be their new GM.

The Raiders are in the middle of a rebuild, and facing an extremely important offseason. Thanks to their 4-12 record they own the fourth overall pick, and they also have first round picks from the Cowboys and Bears thanks to the Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack trades. While Gruden will have final say, Mayock will play a large role in a draft that the Raiders must hit on.


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31 comments on “Raiders Hire Mike Mayock As GM

  1. Hen1CHC

    Hate Gruden all you want but with Mack and Cooper the Raiders still would’ve been like 6-10 while far below the Chargers and Chiefs

    • TrollHunter

      I don’t hate Gruden, I just think he made a mistake trading away 2 young great talents!

      That would be 2 less things they needed and could build around!

      • bowserhound

        Rebuilding with 2 humongous contracts is a lot more difficult, especially with only 1 first round pick. Great players but keeping both would have hurt the team in the long run.

    • BAINES03

      Nobody hates on Gruden because he’s rebuilding, they hate on him because he’s bad at it. He completely missed calculated the Mack situation, waited until after the draft to trade him, then didn’t get get as much as he could have for him. Then does stupid things like trade a 3rd round pick for Martavis Bryant.

    • JJB0811

      If they would have been 6-10 w/ them, then he’s a bad coach.

      The Cowboys offense really opened up w/ Cooper. They were under 500 before the trade and now have a division tile. Same for Chicago. No one expected that D to be in the top 5 before the trade.

      • bowserhound

        Brandon Marshall would’ve had the same effect. Cooper is a drop machine, but can also make spectacular catches. All he is doing is drawing coverage to open up other WR’s.

    • JKB

      Ok 6-10 and with two building blocks in place. Sorry you can love Gruden all you want but he did his best to destroy the franchise in his first year with terrible moves

  2. tharrie0820

    wasn’t he one of the many people saying Josh Allen > Baker Mayfield?

    • TrollHunter

      Not really that outrageous. Sure Baker is better, but it’s not like Allen is bad. There is almost as much buzz in Buffalo over Allen!

      • darquee

        Allen is a running QB who is an interception machine. That is a recipe for more losing in Buffalo. But go ahead and enjoy the Buzz

  3. dust44

    As weird as this sounds. It’s a really good hire. He’s been working on the draft prospects for months. And this is an important draft they must nail to solidify there rebuild. The only huge question remains is if Gruden sticks with Carr or goes with rookie QB like a Daniel Jones who kind of fits his system alittle better then Carr. And moves Carr for some picks for next year.

    • highplainsdriftr

      People who think Gruden is going to dump Carr this year are literally idiots. Gruden does not want a rookie QB. Especially this year’s crop which lack any blue Chip types. Besides, Carr and Gruden looked pretty good together this year with a shit oline and no playmakers. Say what you want about the Amari trade, but he clearly wasn’t invested. Gruden made stupid choices. Not a vote of confidence in him or the organization. But the Carr talk is all sad internet theories for losers who like to have opinions without facts or knowledge #maga

    • JKB

      The could have just downloaded his prospect lists and mock drafts for free and saved several million dollars.

  4. Brad

    This is a good hire. Yes he is a big college guy and loves his draft, but what’s wrong with that? What needs to be done is can he reel in Gruden when he needs it? Not sure if that’s possible. Hopefully he’s not just a puppet.

  5. afannaz

    The 49ers desperately need some expertisetype help with their draft. Great hire by Gruden!

  6. leprechaun

    The Mack trade will go down as one of the worst most lopsided trade in NFL history. The Bears gave up 2 numbers 1’s. Figure this year is Mack so he is the Bears first round pick this year. Next year Oakland sends back its second so in actuality all Raiders get for Mack is moving up maybe 5-10 spots for Chicago first in 2020

  7. darquee

    FWIW. Mayock had Manziel and Bortles rated ahead of Carr in the 2014 draft.

    • SmittyFubar

      from what I’ve seen from Carr he might be correct. All jokes aside Carr isn’t a good QB

  8. Ramon Garciaparra

    These former announcers like Matt Mullen Jon Gruden and John Lynch look good. Sound good, have a nice platform for their opinions, speak to naive owners, get the fan base excited. Then they have to actually do a difficult job they have no experience doing. And usually fail miserably.

  9. So they hired an ESPN color commentator to be their coach, another color commentator to be their GM, and are moving to the Entertainment Capital of The World in a couple years. Jeez, is Al Davis still alive and running this team? Haha. This seems like it would be his wet dream. Big names through their entertainment careers running the team and moving to Sin City….. Al Davis would love this. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The Raiders….. what a hopeless franchise. If I was Carr I’d be itching to get the hell out of there ASAP. And with Gruden calling the shots… and Mayock apparently along for the ride, because I’m sure the pay is good so why not, haha, I’m sure Gruden is just waiting for the right deal to come across his desk for Carr. He’ll pull the trigger in a hot minute. I couldn’t believe my Bears got Mack for what we gave up for him. Khalil Mack is essentially the Bears 2019 first round pick…. you guys can actually have that pick, we’re cool with that. Going to be hard to find a player the level of Mack with what right now is the 27th pick.

    So the Mack deal pretty much actually cost the Bears the following.

    2019 6th round pick
    2020 1st round pick
    2020 3rd round pick

    But in addition to Mack the Bears got the Raiders 2020 2nd round pick (which is looking like it’s going to be a pretty high pick unless the Raiders do an about face in 2019… playing in a yet announced location, haha, good luck…. they’re going to essentially play 16 road games next year). AND the Bears got a 2020 conditional 5th round pick.

    So essentially the Bears move out of the 1st round in 2020 and gain another (likely high) 2nd round draft pick. I’ll take that. If the Raiders are as bad or worse than they were this year, next year, and the Bears build off this year and Trubisky matures even more next year the team could potentially go deep into the playoffs. Even if they just make the playoffs and the Raiders are again one of if not the worst team in the NFL…. it’s pretty much the Bears moving out of the 1st round with a late pick somewhere around the 30th overall and move down to the 33rd or 34th pick overall…. oh no, haha. Then they traded their 3rd round pick in 2020 for the Raiders 5th round pick….. meh. Not too horrible. And then they lose their 6th round pick this year….. I can live with that too…. 6th round picks are more likely to not even make the practice squad. All in all…. they really didn’t give up much for Khalil Mack. He’s pretty much the Bears’ 2019 1st round pick. Then next year they lose what will likely be a late 1st round pick for what will likely be an early 2nd round pick…. so sliding down only a handful of spots. Then they toss them a 3rd rounder and a 6th rounder, and the Bears get a conditional 5th round pick…. which makes up for that lost 6th round pick. So long story short and really looking at the trade…. Mack only cost them a 3rd round pick, haha. And he already had a “defensive player of the year” like season for them some could say, but definitely a Pro Bowl season for them. So I guess what I’m saying is….. Thanks Gruden, haha. I’ll take a 27 year old Mack for essentially just a 3rd round pick all day.

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