Raiders WR Martavis Bryant Banned By NFL

Raiders wide receiver Martavis Bryant has been suspended indefinitely by NFL, according to Michael Gehlken of the Review-Journal (on Twitter). Bryant has been fighting a substance abuse suspension for months, but a lost appeal means that he will be out of the game until further notice. 

The Raiders have feared this news for quite a while, though team execs have been mum on the subject. It’s fair to say the Raiders regret sending a third-round pick to the Steelers for Bryant earlier this year.

The Bryant trade occurred after the Raiders moved down from No. 10 for the Cardinals’ No. 15 pick, plus third- and fifth-round selections. That third-round choice was shipped to Pittsburgh, bringing Bryant to Oakland. UCLA tackle Kolton Miller has potential and may prove to be a quality first-round selection, but the Raiders effectively threw away a Top 100 selection when they acquired Bryant.

Before the deal, Bryant spent his entire four-year career with the Steelers. His tenure was tumultuous, as he missed the entire 2016 season for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. The 26-year-old (27 next week) showed flashes of brilliance early on, including a rookie campaign where he caught eight touchdowns, but the red flags have been long apparent.

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26 comments on “Raiders WR Martavis Bryant Banned By NFL

      • darquee

        Nope. Gruden has had final say on all the moves that were made since he was hired. In the coming years as Mack and Cooper establish themselves as Hall of Fame players I’m sure Gruden will blame those trades on McKenzie too. And gullible people like yourself will believe him.

  1. 2012orioles

    I’ve been rooting hard for him to turn it around. It may be too late but I loved seeing him play in Pittsburgh.

  2. TJECK109

    He won’t get another shot in the NFL. He doesn’t have the talent of Josh Gordon to offset the baggage

    • tylerall5

      I truly believe he does have as much as Gordon. The man has immense athletic ability, shown by his freakish combination of height, speed, and jumping ability. He just doesn’t have the work ethic Gordon does and that’s 90% of being a good player.

  3. Bill Jasper

    A shame the NFL takes smoking pot more seriously than physical assault.

      • ahale224

        They paid attention in school and to commercials. Marijuana is a gateway drug that directly funds terrorism and will immediately ruin your life if you try it once. Just ask Martavis Bryant.

    • Thronson5

      Couldn’t agree more. Absolutely mind boggling. Then there’s people who bash guys for smoke pot and talk about how they hope their team signs the guy who beat a woman once they are eligible to sign and their suspension is up. Pretty crazy to me. The NFL is ass backwards

      • pt57

        Especially considering that taking pain-killing pharmaceuticals must be a way of life in the NFL. Pot’s a no, but Vicodin washed down with beer is A-OK??

  4. madmanTX

    Bryant has amazing talent but he’s just throwing his career away. We have enough distractions in Pittsburgh without him. Glad we got good value for him in the trade. Sorry, Oakland.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    So now Martavis and Dez can create Bryant & Bryant a career counseling service for NFL athletes?

  6. Alexsports

    Don’t EVER mistake or compare Martavis to Dez. Martavis can’t hold a candle to Dez

    • DuffManCometh

      Does it matter? They both will be forgotten about in ten years and have not used their talents to the fullest extent.

  7. ahale224

    Well that’s gonna do it. This team will be awful for years now. We’re all gonna look back at this as the moment that franchise went to shit.

  8. Steezy

    Being banned from the nfl and indefinitely suspended are two very different consequences

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