Cardinals Re-Sign Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald will return for his 16th season. On Wednesday, the Cardinals announced that Fitzgerald is back in the fold with a brand new one-year deal. 

No player has meant more to this franchise or this community than Larry Fitzgerald,” said Cardinals President Michael Bidwill. “In my discussions with him, it was clear that he is as driven and passionate as ever. We are thrilled he’ll be back for 2019.”

Fitzgerald was once again on the fence about retirement, but it appears that the team’s hiring of Kliff Kingsbury helped convince him to continue playing.

Hell of a coach. … Look at his resume,” Fitzgerald said this week. “He’s innovative offensively. That’s the wave of the future right now, so I’m excited for the chance to meet him.”

Fitzgerald, 36 in August, was held to just 69 catches for 734 yards and six touchdowns last year as the Cardinals’ offense sagged. If the Cardinals are able to get back on track and balance things with David Johnson, Fitzgerald will likely be able to get back to his old form. In 2017, his age-34 season, Fitzgerald managed 1,156 yards off of 109 catches with six TDs.

Fitzgerald, in theory, could have tested the open market, but he has repeatedly stated that he’s only willing to play in Arizona.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Cardinals Re-Sign Larry Fitzgerald

  1. Rocket32

    He should’ve just went to the Patriots and got himself a ring before he retires. Really no point in him sticking around another year or two to play for a losing team like the Cardinals.

    • jessethegreat

      Except that he loves the game and is fiercely loyal to the cardinals and the community. His legacy is already cemented as a hall of fame football player and an even better person off the field. Perhaps he wanted to help right the ship and to be a mentor to his younger teammates?

      Just because some players chase rings by going to a better team later in their careers doesn’t mean all players have to. Leaving isn’t bad by any means but it’s not a requirement.

    • jawn

      You talk as though joining the Pats guarantees a ring. How’d that work out last year?

      • PeterDipersio

        For a guy that’s never seen the NFC championship game or a Super Bowl, it probably would work out well!

        • PeterDipersio

          Oh my bad he did see both ! But lost to the Steelers in the Super Bowl! Sorry , I forgot about that

          • itslonelyatthetrop

            Nice recovery. He didn’t lose. The Steelers won. You don’t put up that effort and get called a “loser”.

      • Rocket32

        @jawn Does it guarantee it? You’re right, it doesn’t. They’ve been to 8 straight AFC championship games though so at the very least it’s extremely likely he would at least get a deep postseason run for his final year as long as Brady and Belichick are still there.

        • zenopsu

          Would it mean a lot if they just gave him a ring? No. Why join the winning team just to get a ring when it’s not because of you ?

  2. PeterDipersio

    This will be his last year and the cardinals know it! He will be traded at the trade deadline to a contender so he can possibly go out a champion! Kind of like what the Boston Bruins did with Ray Bourque when they traded him to the Avalanche and he won a Stanley cup! Plus it will fetch the cardinals a decent draft pick

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Cardinals could have traded him at the deadline last season but didn’t so why would they do it this year? No team is going to offer a draft pick for a guy on a one year contract that they can get as a free agent.

      • myaccount

        Golden Tate fetched a 3rd round pick this season and hit free agency 9 games later. A contender very well could try to acquire him at the deadline. He isn’t going anywhere though.

  3. Guest617

    lost a step and should of used his last step to sign with the patriots – just sayn

    • crosseyedlemon

      There are plenty of track star type receivers who have brick hands. Larry drops about one pass a season.

  4. MillCity

    Would be awesome to see him elsewhere but gotta respect the loyalty and the fact that he just wants to play for one team. Best player ever, wish football had more like him.

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