Cowboys Leaning Against Jason Garrett Calling Plays?

With Scott Linehan now out of the picture and a potential first-time offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore the frontrunner to succeed him, Jason Garrett has by far the most experience on the Cowboys’ current staff calling plays.

A recent report indicated the longtime HC was in line to reclaim those responsibilities. Not so fast. The Cowboys like the setup of Garrett serving as the game-day overseer, Ian Rapoport of tweets. It is now expected Garrett will not call plays for the Cowboys in 2019.

The expected offensive-staff hierarchy is Garrett presiding over a team of Moore as OC, Jon Kitna as quarterbacks coach and tight ends coach Doug Nussmeier gaining influence, per Rapoport.

Nussmeier, 48, served as OC for Fresno State, Washington, Alabama, Michigan and Florida from 2009-17 before joining Garrett’s staff last year. Kitna has been a head high school coach since his 16-year playing career ended in 2012. Moore, 30, spent 2018 on Dallas’ staff after retiring following the ’17 season.

It would stand to reason Moore would act as the play-caller, as the assumed OC, but that may not be sorted out just yet. Regardless, it will be interesting to see where the NFC East champions go here given the less experienced staff they plan to assemble to run their 2019 offense.

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10 comments on “Cowboys Leaning Against Jason Garrett Calling Plays?

  1. JJB0811

    You could have easily said Jerry will call the plays going forward. When a 8 year, offensive minded HC can’t even be in charge of the offense, is pretty telling.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      Great point JJB. I can’t think of any NFL HC’s with offensive backgrounds that don’t call their own plays. Can anyone name more than 2-3? This dude is almost 10 years in, former QB and Daddy Jerrah still won’t let him drive the car. I’m guessing Jerrah looked at the scary production last time he called plays and thought Howdy should just stick to clapping. Why couldn’t Jerrah just wear a headset in the owners box?

  2. Guest617

    “let the cowboys marketing dept call whatever they want” beasley

  3. jeb39999

    I sure hope they can decide who will tell Dak to hand off the ball off to Zeke every play before the start of the regular season…

  4. halofanatic

    How is this man still the HC of the Dallas Cowboys? He’s Marvin Lewis 2.0.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Fans in the Browns “dog pound” are eagerly counting the days until the Puppy Bowl.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    I can hardly wait to see the Cowboy’s version of the “Karate Kid” with Jason Garrett as the wise sensei master passing on his great wisdom to the young grasshopper Moore. “Today’s lesson Kellan-san is how to ice your own kicker”.

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