Eagles Rumors: Foles, Tate, Graham

Will the Eagles move on from Nick Foles this offseason? It sure sounds like it, based on what head coach Doug Pederson said in a Monday morning radio interview.

I can’t say enough good things about Nick,” Pederson said (via WIP). “For him to come here and be the backup behind Carson and then to do the things he’s done the last two years, like I said I can’t thank him enough. He’s a pro’s pro. He’s a great human being, great leader in the locker room. He’ll always be remembered in Philadelphia for bringing a Super Bowl to this city. So, a lot of great things for him and we’ve got these next few weeks, few months to make some tough decision, but we’ll make them at that point.”

Last April, Foles and the Eagles agreed to a reworked contract with a mutual option for the 2019 season. The Eagles can opt into the deal if they are willing to carry Foles’ $20MM salary, but the QB can instead choose to enter free agency if he repays a $2MM signing bonus to the club.

Right now, it sounds like the Eagles will let Foles fly away while moving forward with Carson Wentz.

Here’s more out of Philly:

  • Wide receiver Golden Tate told reporters that he took the most lucrative offer in his first trip through free agency when he left the Seahawks for the Lions (via Mosher). This time around, however, he says he’s looking to play for a winner. That may bode well for the Eagles’ chances of retaining him, though they are especially tight against the cap. Tate, 31 in August, had 30 catches for 278 yards and one touchdown after joining the Eagles in the middle of the season. He put up a 5/46/1 line against the Bears in the opening round of the playoffs but was largely a non-factor against the Saints on Sunday.
  • Pending free agent Brandon Graham won’t say it outright, but Eliot Shorr Parks of WIP (on Twitter) gets the sense that Graham would be willing to take a little bit less money to stay with the Eagles. Graham, 31 in April, had 39 tackles and four sacks in the regular season, numbers that are down from his strong 2017 campaign. Still, Graham graded out as the ninth-best edge defender in the NFL, per Pro Football Focus, placing ahead of notables such as Demarcus Lawrence, Jadeveon Clowney, Justin Houston, and Olivier Vernon.
  • Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks confirmed that he has suffered a torn Achilles injury in Sunday’s loss to the Saints (Twitter link via Geoff Mosher). He’ll have a 6-8 month timetable for recovery after undergoing surgery, which may allow him to participate in training camp.
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21 comments on “Eagles Rumors: Foles, Tate, Graham

  1. dray16

    Resign Foles and trade Wentz. It’s not even that crazy anymore, there are enough teams in the league that could use Wentz, Miami, Denver, Cincy (maybe), New England??? TB and Tennessee might be ready to move on as well.

      • I give no fox

        Is it that crazy tho? Wentz is in his 3rd year and failed to finish either of the last two seasons. He has ACL and Back issues, not insignificant injuries. He can be the best qb in the world but if he only plays 10 games a year what good is he? Meanwhile, you probably get at least a couple first round picks. Wentz has two years of control left. You feel comfortable paying an injury prone QB $30+ million a year? The eagles cap situation is DIRE and it will only get worse when they have to pay Wentz. When that happens, the rest of the team’s talent will suffer. I’m not saying they SHOULD trade Wentz, just that it is something to consider. It’s not that crazy if you think about it. Most Philadelphians will keep preaching ginger Jesus as the savior of the franchise, but Foles won them the games that mattered most

        • kabphillie

          Alshon Jeffrey had a torn rotator cuff last year and cracked ribs this year, but people aren’t suggesting moving on from him.

          Nick Foles has had an elbow injury, concussion and other injuries in his career, and he didn’t play that well against the Bears or the Saints.

          People who are suggesting getting rid of Wentz are simple spouting hot takes.

          • I give no fox

            You all need to work on your reading comprehension skills, I literally said “I’m not saying they SHOULD trade Wentz, just that it is something to consider”.

            Nick Foles having experienced an injury in his career is not the same thing as a player missing long stretches of back to back seasons because of serious injury.

            Jeffrey, I don’t know why you brought him into this. They signed him knowing he was injury prone and he has continued to miss time…so good point?

            Any fan that says they won’t entertain a trade of a player is delusional. It’s shortsighted and poor business. That’s all my point was. Everything should be considered when running a team.

            Praise be to ginger Jesus, the savior of the eagles

    • zenopsu

      It’s not crazy at all. 2013: 8-2, 2014: 7-2, 2017: 5-1 2018: 5-2. 25-7 in his last 32 games in philly. He’s proven. He’s only 29 (30) this month. Only 4 years older then wentz. You have to at least entertain trade orders for wentz. NFL gms will way overpay for wentz. Would you do it for Barkley and the Giants first round pick? Hell yeah. Nyg would do that. The raiders would give up 2 or maybe even all 3 of their first round picks. I’d rather have Foles, Barkley and the best OT in the draft than wentz, Smallwood and Peters.

  2. IBFarr

    Why not resign Defillipo? He helped Wentz in the past, he could be helpful now.

    • Polish Hammer

      Help Wentz with what? When healthy he’s MVP caliber, only help he needs is staying healthy.

  3. Z-A

    They will have to do him dirty to trade him. Mutual option declines, they franchise tag him and trade him. However is there really a team that’s going to pay him more than a Keenum type contract and draft compensation?

  4. Armaday

    Wentz was not even close to 100% all season. He is their future and will be a damn good franchise QB for years to come. Foles stock can’t be higher. Franchise him and trade him!

    • Mack83

      Will he though? What if he’s not healthy next year again and only plays 10 games?

  5. kenleyfornia2

    Yesterday should have put an end to this ridiculous trade Wentz keep Foles nonsense. Foles was awful after the 1st quater and cost them the game with the dumb 50/50 ball he tossed while up 14-0. The only real argument to keep him is as insurance for Wentz, not because he is better

    • Mack83

      So, where was Wentz yesterday? Oh, yeah, injured. Say what you want about Foles, he brought Philly a SB and he’s like 4-1 in the playoffs w/ them. He stays relatively healthy where Wentz can’t even finish a season.

      • kenleyfornia2

        Dude Foles is an average starting QB. He had his moments but the guy is not pro bowl caliber like Wentz is. He deserves respect for the SB run but not executive on planet earth would take him or Wentz. Its pretty obvious the only ones who would take Foles watch barstool sports and call him “big d#**k Nick”

        • zenopsu

          Why do people think that? His numbers are insane. But some of the throws he makes are unbelievable. Look at the super bowl throw to clement. He gets the ball out way faster than wentz and he trusts his players to go make a play. Look at alshon with Foles.

    • Polish Hammer

      The Eagles have zero running game, then Brooks went down making it worse and Peters out later. Can’t blame that all on Foles. Without a run game or WR that could stretch the field it’s tough to stretch the defense.

  6. DannyQ3913

    Trade Wentz before we dump $150 mil into a guy that gets hurts every year

    • crosseyedlemon

      Are you suggesting Foles has a magic shield that can guarantee he never suffers an injury? The Eagles have the least cap space of any team right now so they won’t be able to dump $150 mil on anyone. They would probably have to take out a loan to get Joe Pisarcik…lol.

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