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On Friday, Antonio Brown, through his rep, declined to comment on prospective trade talks. However, the receiver is reportedly open to either being traded or returning to the Steelers in 2019, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler tweets

According to Fowler, the perennial Pro Bowl pick is “open/eager” to prove he can thrive in any offense, but is fine with returning to Pittsburgh “if things shake out that way.” This comes a day after Steelers president Art Rooney II said it would be “hard to envision” Brown with the team next season.

This has all spiraled out of control fast since Brown’s blowup leading up to Week 17, which led head coach Mike Tomlin to bench him for a pivotal game against Cincinnati. Shortly thereafter, it was reported the star receiver was requesting a trade.

Thanks to the $19MM signing bonus he received in his four-year, $68MM extension and the $12.96MM restructuring bonus he later secured, cutting or trading Brown would result in a $21.12MM cap charge in 2019.

While it could be difficult to deal the wideout financially, the Steelers seem willing to explore trading Brown. Despite the hefty price tag, Brown is sure to find suitors looking to get its hands on the most consistent receiver from the last five years.

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69 comments on “Latest On Antonio Brown, Steelers

      • ThePriceWasRight

        no but Brown would be a great piece. they need more pieces for luck now that he is actually getting protection and having brown on one side and TY on the other would make this offense really dangerous.

  1. captainchaos55

    Another overrated cry baby. I can think of 5 receivers I’d rather have. Julio, Micheal Thomas, D -Hop, AJ Green and Tyreek Hill…maybe Theilen, Diggs or Davonte Adams as well.

    Big Ben made him what he is. Take any of these guys and put them in the same spot and they would have been just as effective. Look what D- Hop has done with that mess atQB before Watson. Look what AJ has done with Dalton….just shut up and play football. Be glad the lord gave you the gift you have and say thank you very much and move on. It’s selfish , self centered punks like this that ruin the game.

    • jessethegreat

      The Lord didn’t give him the gift he’s got. He earned his position among the elites of the receiver position with his hard work and determination. He wasn’t just born an elite receiver. ‍♂️

      • slpdajab55

        God gave him the tools. Sure .. he works on his craft but God have him the tools.

          • slpdajab55

            Thx T .. to be honest .. correct me to your hearts content .. I don’t care .. just like I don’t care enough to worry about spelling on a sports BS thread .. this is a pastime .. I could care less what anyone on this board thinks about spelling. I know it’s important to you tho so I will try and do better for you bud

        • 802mike

          Yea, an almighty celestial being said “I’ll make this one a great route runner.” Hard work and genetics are what’s in play here.

        • of9376

          Can’t mention God on here! All the snowflake liberals will go crazy as seen below.

    • tsolid

      CaptainCuckold at it again. Just shut up and go to your minimum wage 9 to 5. Jealousy isn’t a good look on you.

      • slpdajab55

        Hey T Soft … it’s been a minute. We see how that LeVeon Bell thing turned out didn’t we … no one is bigger than the game. You’d think Baby Brown would see how much the Steelers cared about him … and shut up and play

        • slpdajab55

          Oh .. T Soft .. this is where you resort to something about my mother now. Go ahead, I’m waiting patiently … please don’t disappoint , I’m in need of a Juvenile conversation

          • tsolid

            I Can’t help it if she still misses this Meat Popsicle. Isn’t about time you created another screen name before you get banned again?

            • slpdajab55

              As much as you’d like to think I got banned .. FYI .. that’s not the case. Simple case of forgetting my log on and creating a new one , then later finding the old one. I have them both ..

        • TheTruth12

          Why don’t you take your own advice? Shut up and just do whatever job you have

          • slpdajab55

            Just an opinion. .. just like yours. I don’t like selfish , cry baby millionaires. Never have, never will. It’s all good .. Truth.. I respect your opinion. That’s the spice of life .. man would this be boring if we all thought alike

        • Nolenabs83

          Just to be clear, Bell did exactly what he said he would do….Steelers have pie on their face if you ask me. Steelers missed the playoffs, Bell is going to get PAID!!!

      • madmanTX

        He’s welcome here, tsoiled: you’re not. At least he has a job, while you’re in line for free government cheese and food stamps. Trailer park troll.

        • tsolid

          Ahhh… isn’t that sweet! The TUMMY STICK brothers finishing each other sentences.

    • TheTruth12

      People like you give NFL fans a bad name, you don’t agree with what he wants so it makes him a selfish self centered punk??? WHY is it okay for teams to cut or trade players but the second a player asks for a trade he’s a “selfish self centered punk” or whatever other name? You need 2 parties for a contract so why should one be able to say they want out by trading or cutting but the other can’t ask to be traded? Like I seriously worry about some people on here, you go to mlbtraderumors and for the most part when it comes to this kind of stuff it’s civil.

      • slpdajab55

        You sign a contract .. honor it. When it’s up then go where you want. It’s a privilege to play in this league. When you sign a contract it’s no secret it’s for X amount for X years. Until that’s over .. shut up and play. It’s a business .. he can quit and choose another profession.. however , in the real world I don’t think I can ask my boss to trade me to our competitor tho. Again , it’s selfish and self centered to not appreciate what he’s able to do in life. There’s people on the streets that can’t eat and homeless and this clown feels like he’s slighted because the Steelers won’t kiss his azz .. I hate the Steelers but man do I respect how they handle their business. Him and Bell both can go packing .. could care less. Let someone play that’s wants to play and respects the TEAM game.

        • TheTruth12

          You’re deliusional my guy your argument makes 0 sense!
          1. “You sign a contract honor it” so why not you offer the contract honor it?
          2. Shut up and play? I’m assuming you were saying the same thing about JJ Watt when he was raising money for the hurricane? Or is it only shut up and play when it’s something you don’t like?
          3. You can’t seriously be comparing a job where you make $10 an hour to one where players make millions?
          4. He respects the team enough to tell them he doesn’t want to play there. Lastly did you not read the sentence where it says he’s open to staying or do you only read what you want?

          • slpdajab55

            We can agree to disagree.. what the heck does the hurricane and watt have to do with it. ThTs not a contract. That was a great thing. Any person that puts them selves before the team in any walk of life is in question in my mind. maybe my time in the military has caused my opinion of a team to be different .. but that’s my opinion … like it or not. Thanks for the chat !

      • tsolid

        He just jealous b/c he had no talent. That’s why I only Troll guys like him, not the actual people that have sensible opinions

    • busta37

      I agree with Hopkins and Julio. Maybe Thomas. But the rest you’re just being silly.

            • captainchaos55

              T … conversing with you seriously is like going way back to grade school and those yellow school bus rides. I don’t think you realize how ignorant you come off on here. You never have anything of substance to bring to the conversation. It’s just this 6th grade nonsense about sisters and moms and whatever else. If you ever had anything to say that wasn’t insulting and it was truly about the topic… people would take you serious and might take you serious…but your only recourse is to bring us all back to your juvenile BS.

              • tsolid

                Hey man… why don’t you go read some of the garbage you post before giving advice to others. Enjoy that residency in fantasyland. I don’t think I will be able to sleep knowing that strangers that I will never meet don’t take me serious.

                • slpdajab55

                  It may be garbage in your opinion. I respect that. However , it’s my opinion about a topic on this board. All the mommy, sister BS is ignorant .. there’s no place or reason for it.. it’s just silly. Why does it have to get personal? You feel different about something .. that’s cool , no one has to agree. Your opinion counts just as much as anyone else .. but all the other stuff is nonsense and I don’t see what brings someone to waste their time typing that mess. Peace .. T , no disrespect. Just football talk. God bless you ..

  2. goldenmisfit

    I love people who say big Band-Maid brown what he is today. With brown not on the field the Steelers managed just 16 points against an absolutely dreadful Cincinnati Bengals defense. Been did not make brown but in fact brown made Ben. Go ahead Pittsburgh trade brown and then when he is not on the field next year and guys are doubling the only other receiver they have see what happens just like what happened with bell gone. Anybody seeing a trend? Every time there is a problem in that Steelers locker room it’s always everyone else’s fault but big Ben. Steeler fans need to wake up the problem is big Ben he is the cancer and as long as he is there the locker room issues will continue to surface. First they said the problem was Harrison then the problem was bell now the problem is brown who is going to be next?

    • slpdajab55

      That’s a valid point.. you might be on to something. Ben did a lot of winning before either of them though. I don’t disagree with that. I just feel people should keep their mouth shut while under contract. That’s all .. he doesn’t have to play .. if he’s truly not happy. Quit. Or don’t sign a contract

    • tsolid

      Thank you Golden… Ben is directly involved in the Drama, or he’s in the vicinity. Notice how they said ANYONE run behind that offensive line? Well… they couldn’t run with lead in the 4th quarter when it COUNTED this year. HENCE all of the blown leads. Guess they missed them 400 touches from 2017.

      • slpdajab55

        Ben won 2 rings without either of these clowns. .. so that argument doesn’t work

        • tsolid

          Ben really won 9/21 122 yds and 2INT’s. Yea he really carried them! I wonder what happened when they played GB and they didn’t have that Excellent Defense. Who looked like the clown? FWIW…. I’ll take clowns over a sexual assaulter ANYDAY. I’m not surprise you support him, giving your history of incest.

          • slpdajab55

            I did say 2 rings didn’t I. Twist it however you like. Ben has The rings. Bell and Brown do not. I am glad to see you bring up another part of the team like the defense. So you do know it’s a team sport! I do not like Ben .. I’m not a fan .. nor what he was accused of.. apparently not a lot of substance there tho or he wouldn’t be playing. I’m sad to say I’m a Bengal fan … so truly , I hate anything Steelers .. regardless of the team or player .. I don’t like people or players that put themselves before the team. It’s that simple.

            • tsolid

              So…He was suspend 6 games for no substance? That’s pretty harsh. Ben won titles when he WASN’T the leader of the team. Polamalu/Ward/Keisel were the leaders of those teams. He has been been the so-called “LEADER” the last 7-8 yrs, what have they won? Tell me one time that you’ve seen P Manning/Brady/Bree/Rivers criticize one of there receivers route running in the media? Will they do it on the sidelines? YES! Never in the media. They take all of the blame on themselves, unlike #7. That’s why they will never when with him as a leader of that team.

              • slpdajab55

                Some fair points but the guy will be in HOF.. not that I want him to be .. personally I think Ben is an arrogant azz but that doesn’t change what I think about Brown and Bell.

                • tsolid

                  Think what you want about them… you’re gonna be REALLY disappointed when Bell gets that payday in a couple months. Just watch. FYI… Disliking a person for making a business decision is not a good look. Next time your up for a job/promotion, make sure you let your co-workers or strangers determine WHAT your value is, instead of you.

  3. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    AB is acting like a big baby to try to get what he wants.

    Evidently, it’s very popular these days.

  4. Brackish Hippo

    Tomlin lost control of the team last year. This is just a continuation of that trend in a continually accelerating spiral. Next year will be worse.

  5. phenomenalajs

    I think that since Steeler ownership made it clear it doesn’t see him returning and since he has a huge contract, I could see the Jets getting him by swapping first rounders (#3 for #20) with the Steelers. If that’s not enough, adding the third they got for Teddy Bridgewater or adding Darron Lee to help fill the hole still remaining from Shazier should do it. If Jets get AB, Bell may come too.

    • dust44

      I 100% agree. I think AB is a Jet or 9er by the draft for swapping 1sts and giving up a 3rd and a young D guy. The best way for the Steelers to cover the cap charge is drafting well this year

  6. antsmith7

    The Steelers would never trade him to New England, but man would he fit nice there with Brady.

    • bradthebluefish

      Right!? Tom Brady and Josh Gordon were a great pair. Imagine Brady and Brown!

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Roethisberger better get his own get out of jail free card or he will end up being the fall guy when the offense collapses.

    • padam

      Connor and Smith have filled in quite nicely. I’m sure Ben will be fine without Brown as well. He’s survived Bell, Wallace, Ward, etc.

      • tsolid

        How’d Conner do closing out games in the 4th quarter this year?? All those blown 4th quarter leads a Coincidence? Keep fooling yourself that they “did fine” without Bell & his 500 touches. Laughable

  8. padam

    San Francisco sounds about right. Brown and a swap of first rounders should do it.

  9. bradthebluefish

    Brown just wants Tomlin to stop riding Big Ben. Is that such a bad request?

  10. dalton2green22

    He is like his kind. A snowflake, pout when doesn’t get his way. And angry if you don’t support his beliefs. He has god given talent and good for him. I just hate to see his talent with his attitude. Like the young generation who has never had to sacrifice anything and think they are entitled. They are in their position because others have sacrificed for them. As with former nfl players. Like the young idiot on a college campus who supports socialism and no clue what it means as he stops at Starbucks to buy a drink with daddy’s debit card in his pocket, brown and the snowflakes have never sacrificed anything to get by.

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