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4 comments on “NFL Practice Squad Updates: 1/16/18

  1. sascoach2003

    Again?! Seriously??!! I hope the Saints do the right thing and give JT a playoff share.

    • phenomenalajs

      This is just pure insanity! What the F are they doing with him? I thought he had signed a 3-year UDFA contract with them. Maybe he has an agreement that whenever they need the spot, they’ll release him from the practice squad, but as soon as there’s an opening they’ll bring him right back. I remember reading that people were impressed by his maturity level and leadership skills in camp last summer.

  2. PeterDipersio

    Lol! If I was J.T Barrett, I would refuse to sign with the saints anymore!

  3. saintsfan41

    Like honestly this must have broken some kind of record for practice squad transactions

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