Peter King On Brown, Clowney, Murray

Antonio Brown has scared off at least one interested team with his tweets, Peter King of NBC Sports hears. The Steelers star hasn’t been shy about airing his dirty laundry over social media and King suspects that other potential suitors are also viewing his outspokenness as a red flag.

Brown’s latest Twitter outburst included shots at coach Mike Tomlin and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, which jibes with reports of serious friction between Brown and key team figures in recent months.

No conflict just a matter of respect! Mutual respect!” Brown said, on Twitter. “He has a owner mentality like he can call out anybody including coaches. Players know but they can’t say anything about it otherwise they meal ticket gone. It’s a dirty game within a game. #truth.”

Over the past 40-plus days, Brown has requested a trade and been involved in a domestic dispute. Meanwhile, he’s denied any wrongdoing in connection with the incident.

Here’s more from King’s column:

  • King is skeptical of the Texans reaching a long-term deal with Jadeveon Clowney this offseason because he’s “not as hard of worker bee some others on that defense are.” However, that could change if Clowney receives the franchise tag and proves himself in 2019. Clowney recently earned a payment of $1.005MM to resolve a dispute over the position designation for his fifth-year option, so he’d earn roughly $17.3MM under the terms of the tag.
  • The Raiders have three first-round picks and there has been speculation that they could target a quarterback early in the draft, despite the presence Derek Carr. The Raiders, King hears, are fascinated with Murray. If that’s the case, he wonders whether Oakland might flip Carr to to the Jaguars, Dolphins, or Redskins and select the Oklahoma star. If that happens, Murray could wind up playing his first home games on the field of the Oakland A’s.
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13 comments on “Peter King On Brown, Clowney, Murray

    • JustDoYourJob

      Come on now, be reasonable.

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  1. tank62

    So let me get this right, the Raiders might dump Carr because he doesn’t fit the system and one of the team they’d trade him to is Washington. Where the coach is the brother of the Raiders coach and runs the same system?

  2. TJECK109

    Brown claims that Ben has owner mentality. If the Steelers relent and keep Brown what message does that send the rest of the team? Who has the owner mentality then? I’m not saying Ben is right by any means but if the Steelers truly want to clean up their locker room then you start with Brown.

    And I believe Tomlin’s lack of discipline is starting to catch up to him. It’s not as if one disgruntled player has mentioned his lack of accountability. Got to start at the top if you want to clean up. No way players will take him seriously at this point if he suddenly wants to start disciplining players

  3. Polish Hammer

    Oh boy, next up will be a collusion lawsuit because teams didn’t agree with a players social media postings which resulted in a limited market and therefore earnings…

    • Black Ace57

      “My client has experienced emotional distress that his owner did not like his Facebook status. He doesn’t feel like he is in a safe work environment and we are seeking damages for $100mil.”

  4. madmanTX

    Ugh, if I wanted to read anything by King, I’d read his crap MMQB column. King is probably just butthurt that the Steelers won’t trade Brown to his beloved Patriots.

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