Antonio Brown Submits Trade Request

Is this the end of the line for the Steelers and Antonio Brown? On Tuesday, the wide receiver bid farewell to the Steelers, via Twitter.

Thank you SteelerNation for a big 9 years…time to move on and forward……….✌🏽 #NewDemands,” Brown wrote.

This has been building for a while, with Jeremy Fowler of tweeting Brown is tired of being scapegoated for the Steelers’ problems and seeks a new start. Although Adam Schefter of adds (via Twitter) Brown has submitted a trade request to the Steelers, the ball will still be in the team’s court. It will cost the Steelers to trade the disgruntled superstar.

If Pittsburgh deals the soon-to-be 31-year-old wide receiver before March 17, it would tag the franchise with just more than $21MM in dead money. That number rises to $23.2MM after St. Patrick’s Day, because of a $2.5MM bonus due that day. A trade after June 1 would allow the team to avoid absorbing that cap hit all at once. No trade can be finalized until March 13, when the new league year opens.

On Tuesday, Brown was also found guilty for reckless driving after failing to appear in court, per Fowler (on Twitter). In November, police cited Brown for driving over 100 mph through a Pittsburgh suburb. Although it will only cost Brown $426.00, it adds to his list of off-field developments.

If the $20MM-plus in dead money were not enough of a deterrent for the Steelers to unload their four-time All-Pro first-teamer, Brown’s more significant off-field issue may well lower teams’ demand. One of the mothers of Brown’s children accused him of shoving her to the ground. Brown has denied any wrongdoing. Still, considering the other off-field trouble associated with Brown, it will be difficult for the Steelers to come close to getting market value in a trade.

Art Rooney II had gone from expecting Brown to be out of the picture by training camp to softening that stance. It appears Brown is trying to force the Steelers’ hand. This saga appears far from over.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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53 comments on “Antonio Brown Submits Trade Request

  1. 2012orioles

    Steelers need him. Running backs are replaceable, but wide outs as talented as brown aren’t. I hope they can make it work

    • Senioreditor

      LOL are you serious. They missed the playoffs in a horrible division last season and need to move on. Some Steelers fans are so myopic.

      • 2012orioles

        When Ben retires in 2-3 years the run is over. Juju had a great year, but brown was beside him getting double teamed. We saw what happened week 17 when it was only juju. Not to say he can’t be a great number one, but it’s no guarantee. And what weak division you talking about? Browns are decent to good now and the Ravens have one of the best defenses in the league.

        • Senioreditor

          The division was terrible. 2 Rookie QB’s and Driskel. The fact that Pittsburgh couldn’t win that division is telling. The AFC had 3 decent teams NONE in that division. Wake up and realize that they made a mistake with Bell and will make another one with AB. They hitch they’re wagon in Big Ben and and it’s not a winning recipe anymore.

          • 2012orioles

            3 decent teams. Patriots, chiefs, chargers. You know who played all three of those? The Steelers. Not to mention the saints and panthers when they were hot. You know what the Steelers went in the division? 4-1-1. Why don’t you know what you’re talking about before you troll everyone

            • Senioreditor

              The division sucked period. 4-1-1 against garbage is nothing to celebrate. I’m hardly a troll and I took a crap this morning with more football knowledge then you maintain. You conveniently failed to mention the humiliating losses to Green Bay, Denver, RAIDERS and tie to the Browns. The truth is they were lucky to be in the division they were in else they’d been eliminated 10 games in. Get ready for the 7-9/8-8/9-7 seasons for a shiley.

              • 2012orioles

                Packers game was preseason son. Maybe if you held that turd in you would’ve known. Come better prepared. You’re not a very good troll

              • deal1122

                Lol “senioreditor” your football knowledge is a bit off. They never lost to Green Bay in the regular season.

      • joeyrocafella

        I’m a Jets fan and hate the Steers but it would be a huge hit to lose AB for PIT. You can’t replace a guy like him and I guarantee Juju’s production will significantly drop as the #1 with double coverage

    • gameofdegroms

      If anything, the Steelers are a perfect example of how top wide receivers ARE replaceable. They’ve already done it twice in the last decade with Holmes and Wallace. And considering the strides that Smith-Schuster has made, I think he can step into the top role.

      • 2012orioles

        I think juju can too, but having brown is a big help to juju. But if brown doesn’t want to be in Pittsburgh then obviously it’s best he goes

      • TheTruth12

        This is the thing I don’t get how can Juju step up? He got shut down by Cin without Brown and I’d understand if that was the only game he didn’t show up but there were several other games too! There’s not a clear number 2 WR if they trade AB and Juju becomes the 1 which means teams are gonna be able to double team him and shut him down stats are gonna nose dive.

  2. dust44

    I would take a second, swap thirds and a 4th and say peace out. 49ers seem to want him. And I don’t thinks that’s an over pay at all. Trading 2 picks and dropping 15 spots in the 3rd isn’t horrible

  3. JJB0811

    Trade Brown, let Bell walk, and don’t re-up Ben. It was a nice run for Ben, but its time for him to leave as well.

      • JJB0811

        It would be an ugly season, but you’re clearing a ton of cap space and will have plenty of picks for the next generation. I believe Ben is a 1st ballot HoF QB, but he can’t get by NE, sorry that’s the truth.

    • dust44

      I have no problem letting Bell and Brown go. But u don’t with ur QB. Who takes over Rudolph? Conner and Samuels replaces Bell. JuJu replaces Brown. Plus u have Washington they just drafted. And u draft a 3/4th round WR in a fairly deep class for a depth/developmental player… Ben should stay. There were a lot of distractions this season for the Steelers and getting rid of 2 of the main ones should help out. Rudolph will eventually replace Ben but doing it this season will turn them into a last place team in that division. U reload with that roster not completely rebuild

      • troll_smasher

        Who’s Ben gonna throw to when they double team JuJu? You gonna blame it on JuJu when he tries to force him the ball and throws INT’s? Can’t wait to see all this easily places roster.

    • 2012orioles

      Ben is so disrespected. Ben and the oline lead this team. If bens not there and being protected by the line, they would be terrible, because the defense for sure isn’t saving the day. I hope you’re not a Steelers fan. If so you don’t realize how good we have it with Ben at qb

      • TheTruth12

        He deserves it though, he’s got away with much over the years, biggest baby in the league talked about retirement the past couple off seasons, is not a true leader. I mean he’s basically a glorified Eli Manning, Eli has won the same amount of Super Bowls without the same amount of talent that Big Ben has every year. Plus it hasn’t been 10 years since Eli’s last super bowl win

      • troll_smasher

        Ben has done NOTHING with all of that talent he has been blessed with. If He was a LEADER of men, guys would blindly follow him and run through walls for him. BTW….. BLAH BLAH BLAH with the “He has Super Bowls”. He won those Super Bowls when they had real leaders like Hines Ward/Polamalu on the team. He’s been the guy for last 6-7 yrs and there’s no coincident that he’s always the cause, or in the vicinity of the Drama.

        • 2012orioles

          You’ve got to give him some credit. Statistically he’s having the best years of his career. The defense hasn’t helped, I’d say Brady makes it tough but I don’t think they’ve faced in the playoffs other than his rookie year. Lost to Rodgers in the super bowl, lost to manning in Denver with a banged up arm/no ab. Put up over 40 points vs a dominant jags defense and lost, lost to Tim tebow, missed the playoffs 3-4 years?, lost to Baltimore 1x I believe. Im just throwing playoff stuff off the top of my head. I’m not saying he’s the greatest qb ever, but he’s been a top 5 for years now. They’ve been an offensive team for a good amount now. Give him some credit. They’ve won a ton of big games with him at qb. Why don’t you get on drew brees, Philip rivers? And all the talent around him, he makes players better. How did Holmes and Wallace do when they left? He has had great players around him. But give him his share of credit, which clearly you aren’t

          • troll_smasher

            You know why I/people don’t get on Brees/Rivers? After the games are over you NEVER hear anything negative from/about them. You NEVER hear teammates leave and take shots at them, because, even with their shortcomings, they’re LEADERS. Never said Ben wasn’t talented, or hasn’t won Big games over the years. I’m saying he’s not a guy that’s gonna bring out the best in guys WHEN it counts. He’ll find someone to put the blame on when things go bad.

            • 2012orioles

              And again, I’m not denying he’s not the best leader, but it’s been blown up by the point is he’s disrespected, and you are making it clear that he is. If you could have any qb over the last 15 years, you’d take Brady, manning, brees, Rodgers, and next is Ben. You wouldn’t say that though. There’s a reason that other than flacco the afc has been represented by manning, Brady or Ben since 2003

          • BostonFan

            Brady played Ben in 01,04,16 and beat him every time. Ben has been a good QB over his career there’s no denying that. There’s also no denying everything that’s wrong with him that everyone up here is saying. He is very much like Eli Manning right now where his best days of “elevating a team” are way behind them and the team hasn’t realized it yet.
            The true problem though is Mike Tomlin, he has no control over his players and as a coach that’s obviously a must. It’s a shame LB and AB and even BR get the blame for this when Mike Tomlin is a joke now

            • the reaper

              Special teams had a lot to do with 01. Wasn’t there a punt and kickoff return for touchdowns

            • troll_smasher

              You blame Tomlin cause the team and Bell couldn’t reach a deal? You’re reaching on that one.

    • TheTruth12

      Lmaooo what? I don’t know any Vikings fans that would want AB, offensive line needs to be priority 1, 2, and 3 but hey it’d be easier to address o-line and possibly get AB if they didn’t severely overpay for a average QB.

  4. TheTruth12

    You know what’s crazy there’s a chance that he wouldn’t have requested the trade if the org didn’t play favorites and actually put Big Ben in his place and not allow him to openly trash AB just a thought.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls


      If only they didn’t let Ben show up minutes before gametime when the rest of his teammates were already in pads.

      Or if they made Ben stay at the dorms in training camp with all of the other players instead of living off campus.

      Or if the coach hadn’t come out and openly admitted that he has a different set of rules for Ben than the rest of the team because of how talented he is, etc.

      Oh wait…

  5. PeterDipersio

    Steelers need to unload him as soon as possible! He is almost 31 years old and he will be in a decline talent wise soon!

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    I regrettably do have to wonder how much of a fine I would get for driving over 100MPH in a suburb…

  7. dwilson10

    AB for Jalen Ramsey. Both have expressed interest in playing for another team and are top 5 talents at their respected positions.

  8. Wolf Hoffmann

    Brown will never be as good as he once was. Trade him now and get rid of his bad attitude.

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