Bears To Release Cody Parkey

The Bears will release Cody Parkey at the start of the league year, Ian Rapoport of tweets. Rapoport hears that Parkey is embracing the fresh start and it doesn’t hurt that Parkey is still owed a guaranteed $3.5MM from Chicago in 2019. 

The 27-year-old missed a potential game winner against the Eagles in the opening round of the playoffs, putting him on thin ice. His 43-yard try off the upright was a heartbreaker, though it wasn’t exactly Parkey’s fault as it was tipped by defensive tackle Treyvon Hester. After that, he may have put his job in further jeopardy when he made a guest appearance on NBC’s Today show to discuss the miss. The lighthearted segment rubbed head coach Matt Nagy the wrong way and drew the ire of many Bears fans.

For me, you understand that we always talk about a ‘we’ and not a ‘me’ thing,” Nagy said. “We always talk as a team, we win as a team, we lose as a team. You know, I just, I didn’t necessarily think that that was too much of a ‘we’ thing.”

By discontinuing Parkey’s four-year, $15MM deal, the Bears will be left with a $4.4MM dead cap hit for the upcoming year.

Soon after Parkey’s national TV appearance, the Bears auditioned a group of six or seven kickers including Nick FolkBlair Walsh, and Austin MacGinnis. They wound up signing one of the lesser-known names, Redford Jones, after the tryout.

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45 comments on “Bears To Release Cody Parkey

    • Polymath

      He was not as dumb as Smollett, but still pretty dumb. Alternative facts never work … long term.

  1. troll_smasher

    His Trainer just posted a video of him training about 15mins ago with Chicago Bears hashtag in the caption!

  2. leprechaun

    Was a terrible signing to begin with let’s hope Pace gets it right this time. The guy caused the Bears a legit chance to play in the Super Bowl. JMO they easily beat the Rams the Saints maybe.

    • Polish Hammer

      The miss goes on his stats but ball was tipped and blame should go to the lineman that didn’t do his job better.

    • afsooner02

      Lol….@super bowl….you weren’t beating New Orleans or the rams on the road. He cost you a playoff win….that’s all.

      • Rondon

        Oh, I guess you’re basing that on how badly the Bears smoked the Rams in Chicago? “Lol”

          • Rondon

            Yes, captain obvious, which was kinda the point of this article, don’t cha think? But you spouted about the Bears chances against the Rams… who the Bears throttled.

  3. DuffManCometh

    Matt Nagy should be blamed for the loss. The anemic offense didn’t do it job, and they should have put more points on the board to begin with.

  4. bradthebluefish

    I’d rather have Parkey than a $4.4MM dead cap hit. He was an average kicker with a subpar year after having a great 2017. He’s bound to bounce back.

    • Steven Juris

      Average kickers don’t get run out of town quickly. He’s so good that multiple teams would rather cut him then have him kick.

    • Why is he bound to bounce back? He has had one good year. He was also cut by the Eagles before he was with Miami where he was allegedly so good they let him walk.

      Kicking in Chicago is much different than doing so in Miami.

      You seem concerned about $4m in dead cap money where the Bears are concerned about winning!

  5. muffybear

    Hip hip hooray!!! The guy that’s paid 15 million doesn’t ever practice at Soldier Field because there’s too much traffic!!! Huh? He’s selfish, immature, self centered and subpar. Be gone!

    • crosseyedlemon

      When owners like Jerry Jones could afford to spend $250 million on aquatic play toys.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    As a long time Bears fan I’m still not sold on Nagy. His little speech about the “we thing” sounds like nonsense since he apparently did an end run around Ryan Pace to contact Kareem Hunt on his own.

    • cubfan16

      Nagy isn’t allowed to contact a guy he knows to see if he’s doing ok? Now I get it you don’t trust his play calling but it seems like a stretch to say he did anything wrong pertaining to hunt.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Nagy claims he was just getting a weather report or some such nonsense from Hunt but we all know this was a recruitment effort. Maybe he has the green light to do that on his own but it certainly doesn’t look like a “we thing” from where I stand.

    • leprechaun

      If your not sold on Nagy then you must be some super football genius. Coach of the year and took a 5-11 team to 12-4 and won NFC North.
      After reading your comment I’m not sold on your football knowledge

      • crosseyedlemon

        First of all Nagy has barely developed Trubrisky into a mediocre QB as you yourself stated repeatedly during last September and October. The turn around was almost entirely due to Fangio and the fine job he did with the defense.

    • If your not sold on Nagy than you do not know much about football.

      In addition Nagy has a personal relationship with Hunt. He does not need permission from Pace to contact Hunt to see how he is doing. Explain how that is an “end run”

      • crosseyedlemon

        So Nagy has you convinced that no recruitment of Hunt occurred and they just discussed the good old days? Time to stop drinking the kool-aid.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your typical kicker will be in a position to determine the outcome of 3 games a year. Getting a clutch guy is probably the best investment a team could ever make.

  7. Miami dphins

    Tht is what you get when you pick up a ex dolphins player straight garbage

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